Welcome To The Family, Part 3

In an attempt to keep Lisa away from her uncle Bill, events take a surprising turn…

I knew Lisa was fucking around with somebody! Somebody was surely about to ruin her life, leading her down a road to disaster. I was determined to find out who it was, and put a stop to it, quick.

In case you don’t know me, my name’s Lynda. I’m a forty-two year old redhead; I’m proud that I still have a sexy body and sometimes I like to dress up so I can turn heads with my 36C figure. Lisa, my stepdaughter, adopted at the age of four when her own parents were lost in a car accident, just turned eighteen a couple of months ago. Though she has known since she was twelve that she’s not our blood relative at all, we have spent the last fourteen years developing as strong a bond as any mom and daughter ever could. I married my second husband, Jack, about a year ago, and for a while everything seemed really wonderful about everyone in Jack’s family.

Everyone, that is, except his good-for-nothing brother, Bill. Not that I minded that Bill has spent his whole life as a truck driver – I didn’t mind that at all. But I knew what kind of life he led out there on the road. With all the questionable women that I knew Bill must have taken up with over the years, I didn’t want to have anything to do with him. And I sure as hell didn’t want him anywhere near Lisa! A few weeks ago, I started having suspicions. Right after her eighteenth birthday, Lisa spent the entire afternoon hanging around with her uncle Bill. Ever since then, I knew something was going on, much more than what she told me. “All I did was go for a ride with uncle Bill in his truck,” she said. But I saw that look in Lisa’s eye. I was a horny teenage girl myself at one time, and I knew all the signs. Like I said earlier, I knew she was fucking somebody. As unthinkable as it was, I was convinced it was my perverted brother-in-law, Bill. But I knew nobody would believe me if I accused him; I knew Bill and Lisa would both deny it if confronted. But I also knew my husband Jack would kill him if he found out, and I was determined to get proof. I began to listen carefully to the little lies and half-truths Lisa was telling me, and a few days ago I knew I had the chance to finally catch them in the act. Lisa told me that she’d be going to the movies right after school with a friend and wouldn’t be home for a few hours; but she mentioned her movie plans on two different occasions, each time mentioning different movies and different friends. I knew her real plan for the day was to have a rendezvous with her uncle Bill – and at our house, no less! Lisa and Bill both knew that Jack and I never arrived home from work before 7:00. Since Bill always stayed over at our place when he was in town, during breaks from his road schedule, I was sure that this time he’d be coming in to meet up with Lisa. She was obviously lying about going to the movies, so I was sure that I knew their secret plan. From 3:00 to 7:00, she and Bill would have the house to themselves. I left work at 3:00, heading straight home and doing my best to sneak into the house unobserved. Just what I suspected, I thought to myself, seeing the cab of Bill’s truck parked in the street, and seeing Lisa’s car in the driveway. She had obviously come straight home after school and was in the house with Bill, alone. I was afraid that even if I discovered these two fooling around, my husband might not believe my accusations. You know the saying about blood being thicker than water. But there was nothing I could do about that right now.  I would catch them in the act and worry later about convincing Jack that his no-good brother could stoop so low. There was no mistaking the sounds I was hearing – and they were coming from the master bedroom. Bill was fucking Lisa, and doing it in my own bed!  As I rounded the corner, I could see that the bedroom door was open just enough for me to see without being seen. And oh my god, what a sight! There was Lisa, flat on her back on my own bed, her skirt hiked up, legs spread wide. Her panties had been tossed onto the floor beside the bed. Bill, his back to me, was leaning over her, still fully clothed. He was eating Lisa’s smooth young pussy in a way that was obviously sending her to heaven. Her fingernails were digging into the blankets as she humped his face and squirmed ecstatically. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as he brought Lisa off to a screaming orgasm. I knew I should have stormed in and stopped it right then. But I was curious – how far had things gone between these two? What else had her uncle Bill been doing to Lisa? And what had she been doing to him – and with him? I decided to wait, and watch. I was so angry, I could feel myself getting hot. I was spellbound as Lisa helped Bill undress. I had always thought of him as sort of a low-class, rough sort of character. But as Lisa stripped away his shirt and started to unzip his jeans, I started to realize that maybe it wasn’t anger that was causing me to blush. My emotions began to confuse and overwhelm me. I kept debating with myself even as I kept staring at them. Was I embarrassed to see them doing these slutty things? Was I ashamed and outraged that they were family? All these thoughts raced through my mind as I saw Bill standing there, stripped naked by Lisa. She was on her knees, gently cupping and squeezing his balls, her hand wrapped around the nicely swollen shaft of his cock. And as I watched her lovingly licking that mushroom head, sucking on it and opening her little mouth to let him slide his cock past her lips, I suddenly knew what was bothering me. I felt the heat rise in my neck and my face grew flushed. My heart began to race as the realization hit me: I was jealous! I loved what was happening and wished it could be me in there, instead of her! Bill’s body looked so strong; his rough-looking muscles and tanned arms looked so amazing as Lisa’s little hands roamed across his body. I kept trying to convince myself that my jealousy couldn’t be real. I should be outraged! But I was no longer angry; I was fascinated, spellbound, and definitely becoming intensely aroused. I gulped as I saw Bill’s big strong hands pulling at the buttons of Lisa’s blouse. She reached back to unhook her bra; Bill pulled him to her as her clothes fell away, and sucked hungrily at Lisa’s nice full tits. My own nipples were rock hard at this point, just like hers. I could feel them poking through my sheer bra and rubbing against my silk blouse. My whole body was trembling, and my hand reached under my skirt to rub my pussy mound through my panties. I saw Lisa pulling and stroking Bill’s cock as he nibbled lovingly at her breasts. His cock had gotten so fucking big and fully hard by now. I almost gasped aloud as he grabbed the elastic waistband of her skirt and gave a sharp pull. Oh my god, Bill was sucking Lisa’s tits and fondling her naked ass! She giggled and fell back onto the bed – my bed! In no time at all she was getting one hell of a good fuck from Bill. Lisa had already cum once with Bill’s face buried in her pussy. It was obvious that she was going to cum again really soon. But I decided that there was no reason to wait for Bill to do likewise. I collected my thoughts and stopped rubbing my pussy, which by now had completely soaked through panties. My feelings of jealousy returned when I saw how Bill devoted so much care to getting Lisa off as he fucked her. And Lisa’s cries left nothing to the imagination. She was begging to be fucked, hard and deep, and obviously experienced a mind-blowing orgasm with Bill’s hard cock buried to the balls inside her. I took a deep breath and stormed into the bedroom, doing my best to look angry, not excited. Lisa, flat on her back with Bill’s dick still inside her, screamed “Mom!!” almost at the same instant that Bill yelled, “Holy shit – Lynda!” For a few seconds, I stayed silent as I gave Lisa the time to cover herself with the nearest sheet. Curiously, Bill made no attempt to cover himself; his lack of concern was infuriating! It was time for a talk. I don’t even remember now what I said, but I was trying to give the “angry and outraged mom” lecture. But soon I realized that as I was talking, I was just staring at Bill’s cock, still jutting out hard and throbbing. I couldn’t help notice that it was shiny and wet, covered with the slippery wetness from that tight little pussy. The thought of that made my own pussy ache and gush even more. “Lisa,” I said, “you’d better get out – I need to speak to your uncle Bill alone.”  Lisa ran down the hall to her room. “Bill,” I said, “you can’t have Lisa. You’re twice her age, and she’s your niece, goddamit!” I kept getting the impression that Bill was trying to interrupt me, but I kept cutting him off, trying to stay angry and stare at his throbbing dick at the same time. That amazing cock seemed to be getting even harder as I stared at it. Unaware that I was doing it, I stopped talking for a second and licked my lips, still staring at his pulsating erection. “Lynda, please, let me tell you something,” he said as he walked toward me. I stepped back, not wanting him to notice how breathless I was. I backed up and unexpectedly hit the edge of the bed, losing my balance. I fell back into a sitting position on the edge of the bed as Bill walked right over in front of me. My mouth was open and I was having a hard time breathing. Bill’s huge cock was bobbing six inches from my face. I licked my lips again, gulping. “Lisa and I have been fooling around, it’s true,” he continued, “but Lisa was the one who went after me, that day she went riding in my truck. It wasn’t my idea, it was hers! I’m sorry you found out, but today was the last time, we’ve already both agreed that it was just for fun, and we won’t be doing it any more!” He looked down and smiled, my skirt had slid well up on my thighs as I had tumbled back onto the bed. Bill could see that my panties were totally soaked. “You…you won’t be getting together with Lisa?” I stammered weakly. Bill smiled again, his eyes looking up and down, shamelessly checking out my wet pussy and the hard nipples poking through the smooth silk of my blouse. “No, Lynda,” he said, “I think she wanted to learn a thing or two, but she knows that the best thing for a man like me is to have a woman my own age…” his voice trailed off as he reached forward and slipped two fingers inside the neckline of my blouse, just above my cleavage. I was no longer outraged at his total lack inhibitions about his own nakedness. Instead, I was just so fucking turned on that I could hardly stand it! “Oh god,” I began moaning as his fingertips traced a path along my curves. I began to be more and more conscious of the creamy wetness that was pouring out of my pussy and soaking the bed where I sat. “Go ahead, Lynda,” he said gently, “I know how wet you are, go ahead… you need to be touched, don’t you?”  He was driving me wild, because he wasn’t offering to touch me.  He was making me do it myself, that fucking bastard!  My hands slid down into my panties and began probing my pussy and rubbing hard at my throbbing mound. I was so fucking wet by now that we could both almost taste the sweet musky fragrance. Bill began unbuttoning my blouse, sliding his fingers inside my bra and caressing my smooth rounded flesh. As his rough fingertips scraped not-too-gently across my nipple, I let out another “oh god. Oh fuck! ”  Finally I could no longer resist the sight of that throbbing wet cock, so close to my face that I found myself wanting to lean forward and swallow it whole. I reached up with my free hand and grabbed that huge shaft and began to pump it madly. By totally focusing on my body, he was driving me wild. Bill had made no effort at all to get me to touch him. He hadn’t asked me to do anything to him at all. He just kept fondling and teasing me. It made me absolutely desperate with lust, and I grabbed his enormous cock with both hands and squeezed and jacked his manhood as hard as I can. He began to roughly tear away my clothes, making my feelings of shameless desire that much more intense. Soon I was naked and on my hands and knees, sucking his cock as he stood next to the bed. I love to deepthroat a nice hard cock, and Bill’s dick was so fucking thick and amazingly hard. I had to open my mouth so wide, I knew I looked so fucking slutty as my head bobbed up and down. And he had such a perfect seven-inch dick, not too long for me to take all of it. I loved the feeling of my chin meeting his nice full balls as the head of his cock met the back of my throat. I kept looking up at him as I sucked him off; I can tell by the look on a man’s face when he’s about to cum. Soon he began to throat fuck me and I knew he was getting close to cumming. It didn’t take me long to make Bill explode, and I was rewarded with a giant fountain of cum that splashed all over me as he gave out a satisfied groan. As I pumped hard on Bill’s slick shaft with both hands, watching his cock spurting its load, I looked at him again to see how he was enjoying it. When I saw that he was looking right past me at the doorway, I turned to look and saw Lisa standing there! My heart stopped when I saw that she was holding her phone, and I knew what was coming next. “Bill and I were just getting together today for one last party,” she said. “Today was just our way of saying goodbye and good luck! How about if we make a really great souvenir video?” Bill smiled and nodded, and proceeded to lie down on the bed. His enormous dick, my own saliva dripping from it along with his cum, was a rock hard invitation for me to keep on going. Obviously he was going to enjoy this! I didn’t say a word, but just climbed right up on top of Bill and lowered my dripping wet cunt onto his slippery cock. I wanted that thing inside me. I loved that it was still rock hard and I wanted to keep it that way. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. My own step-daughter was moving around the bed, taking a video of me and Bill at all kinds of angles, as I fucked myself senseless on Bill’s amazing cock. I could see now why Lisa had been enjoying herself so much the last couple of weeks. Bill lavished his attention on my whole body. I felt his hands cupping and lifting, squeezing my breasts. His hands roamed down my back and grabbed my ass, helping me fuck him harder as I thrust my tits into his face. He was sucking my nipples as I started to cum. I squealed and started to grind my pussy down hard. Lisa was behind me, filming the amazing sight that I couldn’t see: Bill’s pulsating cock driving deep up into my pussy with repeated thrusts, his balls slapping against my ass as I plunged downward. Bill pumped a second cum load deep inside me as the walls of my pussy convulsed repeatedly. Wave after hot wave of pleasure engulfed me as I enjoyed the feel of Bill’s thick cum oozing out of me and running down my inner thigh. I collapsed in Bill’s arms and tried to regain my composure. Then I noticed that Bill was just staring at Lisa. She was standing at the foot of the bed, two fingers eagerly probing her cunt, her thumb circling madly around her clit. “Lisa, honey,” I said, “go get the tripod. Set the phone up on the tripod and aim it at the bed.” Lisa and Bill both looked dumbfounded for a moment as they realized what I was suggesting. Lisa did as she was told as I motioned for her to climb onto the bed on the other side of Bill. “As long as we’re making a souvenir video,” I said, “let’s make it a fucking good one!” Bill looked a little uneasy at first. Apparently he wasn’t too sure he could keep up with the demands of a threesome. But Lisa and I were having such a good time, he had nothing to worry about. I got on my knees and sucked my own pussy juices off of Bill’s balls and got his cock rock hard again. Lisa was straddling his broad shoulders as Bill grabbed her ass cheeks and reamed her pussy deeply with his tongue. And so things went for an hour, Bill giving both of us all the fucking we wanted. Inevitably, after Bill’s third orgasm, we decided that he needed a break for a few minutes. But Lisa and I were both so fucking turned on that we didn’t want to stop. I knew for years that I had been bi-curious, but of course I never pictured my own step-daughter in any of my fantasies! But as I looked at her lovely full tits, so much like my own, we instinctively reached out for a long embrace. Her beautiful young breasts against mine felt so good! And I saw her, looking in fascination at the neatly-trimmed hair above my pussy. I could tell she wanted to touch my bush, just as much as I wanted to fondle the soft roundness of her naked shaved mound. Soon we were fingering each other’s wetness and licking the taste from each other’s fingers. It felt so good to bring Lisa off with my hands as she did the same to me. We took turns sucking each other’s nipples as we finger-fucked each other. Later, we both agreed that the intensity of those orgasms was the hottest part of the video. We finished our lovemaking session with Lisa lying back in the pillows, her fingertips teasing her own sensitive nipples as she caressed her breasts. I was on all fours, my arms spreading her thighs wide apart, as I licked and sucked at her clit and lapped hungrily at her pussy lips with my tongue. And Bill was behind me, standing between my thighs at the foot of the bed as my feet dangled over the edge. His hands gripped me tightly at the waist as he fucked me deep and hard from behind. All three of us had cum multiple times and had to work hard now to get off one more time. I had never experienced anything so wet, so loud and noisy as the three-way orgasm we shared. As I felt Lisa’s pulsating pussy beneath my tongue, two of my fingers found that perfect spot inside her and she came in a rush. Bill made a few frantic final deep thrusts, my tits swaying beneath me as his cock ravaged my cunt. I loved the sound of his body pounding against mine as my quivering pussy milked his shaft and drained his balls one last time. My face was buried in Lisa’s gushing pussy as her lovely smooth thighs caressed my face. I know that this episode will never be repeated; Lisa will head off to college soon and Bill will move on to something else (he always does). I also know that my husband, Bill’s brother Jack, will never find out about this. Like I said, he would kill his own brother for something like this. He might even kill me! But there’s that video – and oh my god, is it amazing! Lisa, Bill and I are each going to keep a copy, helping us to hold onto a lasting memory. Who knows where this experience will lead us, as we each move on from here? I know that my daughter learned a few things from her uncle Bill, and that she will go through life with a huge sense of self-confidence. She is an amazing young woman, and she’ll let every young man she meets know that they would be lucky to have her. I’m happy to know that she won’t settle for the first guy she comes across when she goes away to college. As for me, my mind is filled with amazement. I can’t believe the excitement I’m feeling as I consider the possibilities. Jack and I have talked and teased back and forth about a lot of things we’ve had fantasies about. Mostly I’ve always thought it was just fun pillow talk. But now I’m realizing that he will be very happy when I start pushing him to turn our threesome fantasies into a reality. For Jack and I, the sky is the limit and I think he’ll be thrilled to find out that I want to experiment, a lot!  Of course, it could never be with Bill. But Jack has more than a few friends that he might be surprised to know figure very prominently in my fantasy life. And then there’s Bill – what a character! He’ll just keep on driving his truck, taking what life gives him. He never seems to know what will be around the next turn in the road, and doesn’t seem to care much. I always thought that this made him seem a little bit shallow, maybe even pathetic. But now I’m realizing that Bill is very comfortable about himself and the way he lives his life. He’s never lonely, and loves to act out his sexuality in a totally uninhibited way. That’s the lesson for me that I will take away from all this. Thanks to Bill, I now realize that there are still plenty of roads to sexual adventure, out there waiting for me to explore. I can’t wait to start down those new roads with Jack. But first, I have to get this video copied before he comes home!

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