Token Honeymoon — episode 3

The train journey to honeymoon in nudist resort.

After their disturbed night following June’s admissions about her infidenlity, they stay together and journey to Cap D’Agde, the french nudist resort, to start their honeymoon proper. Dan has more time to catch up with what June has done while June indulges in yet more erotic behaviour.

The next morning they woke late. June glanced at the clock and mentally calculated that they had less than two hours to get to St. Pancras. Time enough so long as they didn’t hang around. She wrapped her arm around Dan and kissed the back of his neck, nuzzling him until he stirred. He rolled over to kiss her. “Did you sleep?” “Mmmm.” “No more bad dreams?” He smiled. “Dreams, nothing like before; maybe I did but I don’t remember. Did you sleep?” “Yes, once I knew you were off. One disappointment, I had planned to suck you awake in the morning but you were so face down I couldn’t get near you.” “Nice thought.” “It would have been another first. This is only the second time I’ve woken up with you, or with anyone since I was about two.” “Have we got time?” “No, I don’t think so. We have to pack and get something to eat. Did you bring any more clothes for me?” “No.” “Oh? I thought that was the plan. Almost everything in my suitcase is dirty.” He studied her face for a moment. “You’ve forgotten haven’t you.” “What?” “It’s a nude resort. You won’t need any clothes. I thought we could leave most of your stuff at the station and collect it on the way home.” “You mean we can be naked the whole time?” “It’s almost compulsory.” She started to chuckle. “Oh wow, this is going to be fun.” “So we definitely don’t have time now?” “No. Well maybe, but I think I want to save you up. I fancy sex on the beach tonight. I’m going to tease you all day so that you’re mad with desire when we get there.” He leaned forward and sucked a nipple into his mouth. “It’s no problem for me. I can go two hundred days without sex. You’re the one who needs to fuck every eighteen hours.” “Oh…” “What?” “I promised not to fuck anyone else until you’re happy didn’t I?” “You did.” “So I’m going to be surrounded by naked Frenchmen and I can’t fuck any of them. Did we really plan to go to this place?” “You looked at a brochure — it’s the biggest naturist resort in Europe. You don’t remember?” “No, maybe vaguely, but you obviously did.” For a moment Dan lay on the bed smiling at the ceiling. “What are you grinning about?” “For once I’m one step ahead.” “Is that important?”
She watched as a forced smile meandered around his face. “Sort of, I guess. I’m, um, kind of overwhelmed.” “How bad is it.” He shrugged his shoulders, spread his hands in a gesture of supplication, his face set in a blank expression. “I know I’m being pushy and it’s all my fault but I need to know. I need to know so I don’t make it worse.” “I woke up about two hours ago and I nearly ran away. I couldn’t, I know that, you’d have woken, but part of me, a lot of me wanted to run.” “Why didn’t you?” This time the spreading grin was brighter. “Running is about away, but away is only the first part, you have to run to somewhere. I could run home, it’s the only place I can go.” “There’s your Mum and Dad.” “Yeah, but, well, they’d be no help. They’d be nice, cuddly and all that, but I couldn’t tell them. They like you, I couldn’t tell them what you did and whatever, they’d be all clingy, I’d never get away. Our house is the only place I could go.” He finally looked right at her, locking eyes for a second and the grin got wider, though with a hint of desperation. “You’d come and where would we be? Honeymoon fucked up, money spent and we’d still have to work this out.” “So you’re still here.” “And we’re still going to catch that train. I know this sounds freaky, but where better to work it out than two weeks with no clothes and mediterranean sun.” “Do you want to fuck all the naked ladies down there to get your own back?” “It hadn’t crossed my mind, but I’d only do it if you were happy.” “Touché.” She paused for a second smiling slowly. “A lot of guys would do that.” She waited, seeing if he would rise to the challenge. He rolled over and kissed her. “Come on,” he said. “No time for fantasies, showers, breakfast and all that.” They made it to St. Pancras with time to check in and then find their their seats; single seats facing each other with a pull down table between. “Is this first class?” “It’s called Business Premier, I figured I was only going to have one honeymoon so best to do it properly.” “When did you book?” “Months ago. I looked a couple of times before that to check that the seats weren’t disappearing at a rate.” Dan slid his bag behind the seat and happened to look at her. “What’s the matter? There’s tears running down your face.” “I’m being silly… After last night I’m feeling fragile and knowing that you’d booked something wild and romantic after I’d been away for months.” She clutched her chest, both hands pressing between her breasts. “It got me right here. I think my… behaviour, my… cheating has caught up with me. You’re so precious and I… well, you know what I did. I should have talked to you.” “If you had I would have said no. It’s better this way.” “Better?” she said, leaning forwards and giving him a glimpse of flesh between her breasts. “Some management guru on a course I went on said it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. I keep reminding myself.” “Grace Hopper, Amazing Grace.. Hell I should have remembered that… I wrote an essay about her” “Go on brains, tell me.” “She was a rear admiral in the US Navy when she retired, but mostly she did computers, not shelling people or tearing around in battle cruisers. I read somewhere that she kept track of her old students and stirred them up at intervals so they didn’t forget to take chances. Amazing Grace was her nickname.” “You didn’t need any reminding about taking risks.” “No,” she said slowly, blinking away another tear. “I guess not. Am I going to be forgiven?” “I’ve forgiven you already. The past is the past, but that’s not the same as getting over it. I want to get over it — I want to trust you, but you’ll have to help me.” “Whatever it takes love, whatever I have to do, I’ll do it, but you’ll have to keep telling me.” He watched her eyes look past him towards the door at the end of the carriage and then scanning across at the other seats. She grinned and slowly opened her legs, pulling her dress up a little as she did, so that her knees and then her thighs started to appear and inevitably his eyes were drawn to where her panties should have been. “You’re wicked.” “We’re going to a naturist resort; I thought I’d start early.” Her thighs came back together and she brushed her skirt down. “Something for you to think about. How long till we get to Paris?” “Another couple of hours, then we change trains.” “Do you want to catch up on some sleep?” “I guess, but maybe on the second train; right now I’m feeling a bit wired.” He pulled the table down and sat forward, leaning on his elbows; she was drawn forwards so that they were head to head. “About yesterday with the footballer — why didn’t he use a condom?” She exhaled slowly and laid her head on the table. He stroked the back of her neck. “You said they always did; condoms and tests you said.” She turned her head sideways to look at him. “I screwed up. He had the tests; kind of freaky really, I think he puts it about a lot so he got them done before his holiday. Strange that he was so nervous for someone who knows the ropes.” She stopped for a second, watching Dan’s face. “Yeah, about the condoms, I never thought I’d meet anyone, so I didn’t pack condoms — I was coming home to you, we weren’t going to need them. In the departure lounge I started to feel randy. I was thinking about you from the minute I got in the taxi and then I don’t know what happened.” He stroked her head as she lapsed into silence. “I was so excited about seeing you…” She smiled grimly. “Then they offered the upgrade on the earlier flight. That footballer got the same deal, he obviously fancied me and I think he worked something to sit next to me. I was looking forward to telling you all about what I’d done in New York, you know, learning about sex, perfecting it. I was going to show you how good I was at it, and then somewhere over the middle of the Atlantic I started feeling guilty and thought what if you… well you know.” “If I was upset?” “Mmmm. I dozed off and then when I woke up this guy was coming on to me and I’d been dreaming about you and it got all muddled up in my mind. I thought somehow if I had him it proved something. All the others I got from advertising on the internet. I knew that anyone who replied wanted to fuck, and some were desperate to fuck anyone or anything. So doing two hundred of them improved my skills but it didn’t make me any more desirable. This guy wanted me in real life. From the look of him he could take his pick, so I was kind of proving to myself that I was a great catch. Then I thought that if he fucked me and you didn’t notice anything I’d be able to show you that it was okay to let me fuck other guys. I could show you that even though I could attract a good looking stud, you were the one I wanted. You’d know you were the best. We’d both know we were getting the best.” “Nice thought.” “And then there were no condoms and, well, you’ve seen how fine we cut it. When you opened the door I thought it was him coming back and it was you. So close, and I hadn’t had time to shower or anything.” “So did you make me take you from behind because you were full of cream?” “No, or maybe no and yes. I wanted you to do that. After all the sex I’d had that was the one thing I hadn’t tried, I wanted to save it for you; you were the first man I ever sucked, the first man I ever fucked, you had to be the first there. I’d saved it for you. I wore a plug on the plane to make it easier… that probably made me more horny but that was the idea anyway. Then you arrived and my brain went dizzy. “While you were butt fucking me I remembered and held my pussy closed so I wouldn’t leak, but it was so good, I felt so high when you came in my arse and I came with you and after that I forgot about everything except you. Then I started leaking.” A long sigh escaped as her shoulders dropped, a few tears dropped onto the table. “You know the rest,” she whispered. “All my plans to break it to you gently went out of the window.” “Come on love,” Dan said. “Don’t cry. We’re going to be okay.” Dan looked up to find a woman in a uniform hovering. “Is everything alright?” “Jet lag,” he said. “She was in New York yesterday.” “Would coffee help?” June looked up, managing a wan grin, “Yes please.” The drinks were served from a trolley and the waitress moved on. They watched as the English countryside sped by and then they were engulfed in the tunnel. Once June had regained some of her sparkle Dan dug a neck cushion out of his bag and persuaded her to lie back in the seat and close her eyes. When she looked as though she was asleep he switched on her laptop. A quick check of last night’s history found the file with her notes on each of her New York men, so he settled down to reading them. Watching the videos seemed too risky on a train, so the cryptic notes that she made after each encounter made more sense. He had to admire her methodical approach, not only did she have a picture and a video of each one but notes too. Not just jottings, real analysis as if she was an academic, well maybe she was, she had a good degree, she’d learned how to study and it showed. Dan was dived into a page discussing whether it was best to begin with a hand job before sucking or jump right in with the mouth straight away. If the ‘client’ had come straight from work was it a good idea to have a damp towel handy because sometimes the aroma was overwhelming. There was even a side note saying that this would never be a problem with Dan because: a) he was clean, b) he wouldn’t be offended if she wiped him,  c) because he worked at home he could be persuaded to shower before she got home, or maybe even work nude so that he didn’t get sweaty. That made him smile, he might save a fortune on clothes. Pre-cum was interesting, a hand job would often get it started so that gave a chance of a quick taste to decide if a blow job with swallow would be fun or need some remedial emergency toothpaste. Did she keep toothpaste by the bed he wondered? It came up again in another set of notes, so after a quick look around the carriage and a check to be sure that the screen was not reflected in the window, he risked watching the video. He made the image on the screen as small as he could to further avoid the risk of someone happening to look if he became too engrossed to spot anyone coming near. The answer was obvious – she gave the guy a blow job and then before anything else dashed to the bathroom. Still grinning after watching the video he found himself wondering what toothpaste she used. Wouldn’t the guy be surprised if he was expecting to kiss a mouth reeking with his own cum and found spearmint instead? “What are you reading?” He looked up quickly to find June smiling at him. “It’s obviously amusing.” Dan slammed the laptop shut and for a second was paralysed like a rabbit caught in the headlights. “I was reading your notes. Sorry, I know I shouldn’t pry.” “Read anything you like love. I don’t want to hide anything. What was amusing?” “Toothpaste.” She chuckled. “It’s a kind of code.” “Yes I know,” he said. “I was curious about what kind you used.” “Why?” He leaned forwards to make sure no one could hear. “I thought a guy might be surprised if he’d just filled your mouth with cum and then you tasted of spearmint or something. I wondered if you found a cum flavoured toothpaste.” “Cool idea,” she said. “I didn’t think of that, but you’re right about the surprise bit. Did you see me dash to the bathroom on a video?” “Dash off, yes, but the camera angle lost you for a sec.” “I kept some coffee on the dresser, so on the way back from the bathroom I’d grab a swig. Sometimes it was coffee, sometimes something stronger.” He beamed at her reaching out to hold her hands. “The more I read, the better it gets.” “It makes you randy?” “No, not that, not yet anyway, but it’s so professional. Somehow it’s reassuring. You couldn’t have known that when you wrote it, but it really does come across as research. I can imagine a thesis — ‘Sex with a hundred strangers’ or some such.” “And then another one about the second hundred?” “Yeah, maybe. Or a best seller on Kindle. The more I read the better I feel about it… Oh hell, don’t cry again.” “Sorry,” she said, wiping her cheeks with the back of her hand. “You’re probably right, it is the jet lag, I feel weird, my defences are down. I’ve been on edge since you cried in the bathroom. I suddenly saw two sides to everything. I felt I was standing on thin ice, or in quicksand even.” She sighed. “I think I should find the bathroom and freshen up.” She started to get up, sliding sideways to get past the table. Dan put the laptop back in the bag and swung the table up. “Are you coming with me?” “Um, no I was just making it easy for you to get out.” “You could come,” she whispered, leaning forwards. “Really, you could.” He stood up, clutching the laptop bag. “I’m not leaving this lying around.” As he stepped forward she lurched towards him, clutching him for support. “Hold me as if I was ill,” she mumbled in his ear. He wrapped an arm around her waist, lifting, taking her weight as she shuffled forwards towards the door. Once inside the washroom she hit the automatic lock button and in a second had lifted her dress off over her head.
“I thought you were tired and jet lagged.” “I am, and I do need to wash my face, but you deserve a treat. I threw you the most massive curve ball and you’re still standing.” “I don’t think I can cope with having sex in here.” “Sit on the john and enjoy the show. I want you remembering that I’m naked under this dress. We’ll try doing it standing up some other time.” She half filled the tiny sink with water, dipped a cloth in it and began wiping her face and then spread her efforts to other parts, ending with a swipe between her legs. He reached out and took the cloth from her, smiling and holding it to his nose. “Better not waste this,” he said. “That second train is hours longer than this one.” He threw the cloth back in the sink  and watched as she squeezed the water out. She turned towards him holding her dress. He took it and then held it behind his back, moving forward to press her against the wall, one hand feeling her breast as he kissed her. “You’re so beautiful. Did you work out a lot over there or is the figure you get from sex every eighteen hours?” “A bit of both. I was desperate not to disappoint you.” “Mission accomplished,” he said, dropping the dress over her head. “Shocked as hell, but not disappointed.” “Oh love, you make me sound like some wild woman.” “Wild yes, and a surprising, educated, entrancing and very adventurous woman.” “Can I go on surprising you?” She watched his smile begin to cloud. “It’s okay there’s nothing else, I just like the idea.” “Oh sure, but it can’t be one way.” “You’re going to surprise me?” “I plan to as soon as I can get my bearings.” They made their way back to their seats and watched the French countryside turn into Paris suburbs and before long they were stopped. There was long enough to catch their breath and a filled baguette and then they were on another TGV heading south. * * * Half an hour after they left Paris Dan had fallen asleep. June watched him for a while and tried to sleep herself, but her nap on the first train had refreshed her. By now in New York she would be arriving at work, full of coffee and energy. The thought of coffee began to fill her head. She wrote a post-it note and stuck it to the table in front of Dan.
GONE TO FIND COFFEE She set off to walk through the train, enjoying the stability of the TGV, by now flying through the French countryside at top speed. There was something exhilarating about the outside world flashing past and the sunshine getting brighter as they moved farther south. Strolling through the train her movement allowed her dress to float a little, touching her skin in random places and reminding her of her nakedness underneath; already fantasising about two weeks of nudity by the mediterranean. Standing between two carriages, waiting for the sliding doors to open she whispered to herself, “I’m an exhibitionist as well as a slut.” The words seemed to bounce around in her head. Am I really? Do I want to show off for just anyone? Do I want to fuck just anyone? Is it all for Dan or am I really a slut? She could feel herself becoming aroused and stopped at the next washroom. No panties was a great idea, but not if she ended up with a wet patch in an obvious place. She unbuttoned the front of her dress and dried herself. How many buttons should I do up she thought as she looked at herself in the mirror. She took out her phone and paged through the apps looking for the random number generator that she’d used to play games in New York. There were ten buttons on her dress. How many could she risk. If the thing came up with a ten she’d have to cop out, she couldn’t walk through the train with her dress completely open. She set the thing to any number between one and six closed her eyes and hit the button. She knew before she opened her eyes that it was bound to be a six. Did she dare open her eyes. She could cheat, hit the button again, get a better number, but then why not just choose one herself. The adrenaline came from the risk and if she ignored the phone… of course she could ignore it, she could play any time, but once started she knew she had to do it. She opened her eyes. Five.  Well, she thought, instincts can be wrong. She undid the top two buttons and the bottom three. She spun around a couple of times, one way and then the other, watching the dress float around her torso, exposing her legs. She grinned at the mirror, almost disappointed, six would have been no trouble. Oh well, another time. She strolled through another carriage, the motion of her legs flicking her skirt open with each stride.  She was beginning to enjoy the motion when she found the coffee in the next carriage. There was a queue, two guys, speaking french. She lounged against the wall as she waited, wishing she’d undone another top button. Six would have been breeze. Or maybe seven, the thought producing a tiny surge in her pelvis. One of the guys glanced at her and nudged his mate. She saw the subtle signal and that produced another twitch down below. They picked up their coffee and turned back the way she’d come. She ordered, leaning against the counter, holding her money in one hand and reaching below the counter to her skirt with the other, smiling at the waiter and flicking one more button undone. With a coffee in each hand she turned to walk back, waiting for the automatic door at each carriage. In the second carriage the two guys from the queue were seated at the end, next to the door. They watched her stroll towards them, deliberately taking short strides with her feet wider apart, as though she was being cautious about her balance, concentrating on the coffee cups in her hands, but spreading her skirt a little more than necessary. She knew her knees were flicking her skirt open, but not enough that they could know what was underneath, or more exactly, what was not. She slowed as she approached the door, nodding to the boy who had nudged his partner. She stopped immediately in front of them, as though she was waiting for the door. She was tempted to sit with them. It could be misinterpreted, but it was tempting and wicked. A glance at the seats ruled it out, there were bags scattered around leaving only one place to sit and they’d bought three coffees — there must be another person somewhere. The boy on the left grinned and raised an eyebrow. She swung her hips a little, making her skirt sway from side to side and he noticed. He reached out towards the hem and she tried to give him the subtlest hint of a smile, inclining her head a few degrees to the side and lifting her chin before switching her gaze to the other boy. He got the hint and rather more clumsily grabbed the other hem. She stepped forwards into the range of the sensors making the door open. As she moved her dress was drawn apart. She kept her head high, her chin jutting disdainfully upwards, knowing that they could both see her hairless pussy, smooth from the laser treatment, a treat she’d given herself in New York. That was one thing she had shared with Dan, showing him the progress on Skype as she had repeated treatments. She felt another burst of juice inside as she remembered the woman who’d done the treatments; it had taken until the third session before she’d persuaded the girl to test it, to kiss her, lick her, use her tongue, making certain that when she saw Dan he would have a treat, a permanent treat, always available. Right now her pussy was perfumed and moisturised, looking juicy and totally inviting. There was half a chance that when she moved it would pull the buttons undone. Must get a dress with pop fasteners she thought. The two men dropped the hems as she stepped through the door and at the last minute she turned her head and smiled as seductively as she knew how. They might leap up to follow, she knew that, and there was a slim but enticing possibility that she might get caught between the doors. She stepped forward quickly and the second door opened. She strode forwards into the safety of twenty eyes on her along the length of the carriage. Two more doors and she slid into her seat opposite Dan who woke when she took the lid off his coffee. As he shook the sleep out of his head she undid another top button. Seven. Dan sipped his coffee. “You look pleased with yourself.” “I’m glad to see you looking rested.” He smiled and then slowly his face changed and she found herself on the end of a searching gaze. “No? I think it’s more than that,” he said. “What have you been up to?” For a second he had her stopped, unsure. She hesitated another moment. “I played a little game,” she said. “Does it involve making more notes and astute observations on male anatomy?” “No.” For a second she looked shocked. “I may be good, but…” “You couldn’t pull it off on a moving train. Well good to know you still have something to learn.” He continued to look at her, peering questioningly over his coffee cup, using it to hide his mischievous grin. “Well?” “I got a random number from this phone app to see how many buttons I should undo.” “And the number was?” “Five.” “I’m glad you didn’t get ten.” “I undid two more on the way back.” “Are you going to keep it that way?” “What do you think?” “In an hour’s time we are going to have supper, which means a stroll though a few carriages. It’s a pity the train isn’t wide enough for us to walk side by side. I quite fancy making all the other guys jealous as I walk my slutty wife through the train.” “So you’re okay with it?” “If you’d managed to fuck someone on the way I might have had to do some deep breathing, but games we can play together I can cope with.” “I don’t know why I did it.” “Possibly because it’s approaching eighteen hours since last night.” “That was only an average.” “Why don’t you drink your coffee and think about it while I use the bathroom – unless you want to come with me?” She shook her head, and picked up the coffee. While he was away she looked up and down the train. There was no one in the seats across the aisle. Further down the carriage most passengers seemed to be asleep. She flipped up the table and carefully undid the three remaining buttons and sat with  her hands folded across her lap. Two minutes later she saw Dan come out of the washroom and waited until the door slid open. As he walked through she stood, stepped forward, and let her dress fall open as she wrapped her arms around him, kissing him passionately. He could hardly breathe and struggled, not knowing whether to hold her to preserve her modesty or let go in order to enjoy the view. “Is there anyone behind me?” he said. “No.” He stepped back, gazing at her. She saw his pupils widen and thought there was a hint of a blush. She wrapped the dress around herself and sat down. “Are you going to do up the buttons?” “On my phone there’s an app called random. Hit it and tell me the number.” He picked up the phone, flicked through the apps and pressed. “Eight.” “Start the timer and sit down. You can put the table down if it’s too scary.” As the countdown neared the end she watched him page through again and make another random number. He looked at it grinning. “What’s that?” “How many buttons you can do up when the timer stops.” He sat scrutinising her face, looking for a sign. How far could he push it? Was he invading her space, her fantasies too much? Did she see this as him getting his own back or mocking her or could two really play at these games? She frowned, not a deep frown, a few wrinkles between her eyes and a half smile. One hand covered her lips, the other held her dress together. For a few seconds the watched examined the watcher and then she turned her head to look out of the window and when she looked back the frown lines had gone and the smile deepened. “This is going to be fun. I see the point of honeymoons now,” she said. “It’s not just about fucking. So what’s the answer?” “Weird isn’t it. I can tell you what the machine says, or I can tell you what I fancy. When you did it… you said you got a five but you pushed it up to seven. Is that how it works? or maybe it’s better to stick with the number. We might both hate what comes up, or both love it, but it throws us a challenge.” “Go on.” “Imagine for a moment that I’m more of a prude than you, say, for example. It doesn’t matter which way, but if we were a bit different. Say it comes up with a one. I’m going to be on the edge of embarrassment and you’re going to be turned on. If I pulled it back to a three, I get over my worries, but you lose a turn on.” “Or the other way round.” “Yeah, exactly. So we stick to the number and keep doing daft games like this, right?” “Yeah, I get it,” she said, interrupting. “We learn about each other, we learn from each other, we learn to support what makes each other tick.” “Or we drive each other crazy.” “So what was it.” “Three. Boring huh?” “It’ll do. There’s one more thing.” “Yeah?” “I let two guys see me when I walked back with the coffee.” “Meaning?” “See more than…” She giggled. “This is ridiculous, I feel shy.” “Another first. You showed them your beautiful naked pussy.” “Mmmm.” “Are they still on the train?” “I don’t know. I’ll point them out if they’re still there.” “Is this another game?” For a moment her smile disappeared and her lower lip sucked in. “I couldn’t resist. It was nice seeing someone look at me that way.” For a second a frown crept over Dan’s face.”I was starting to relax.” He ran his hands through his hair, leaning forward with his elbows on the table for a second. “What?” “Every time someone lusts after you they get a freebee? You weren’t joking when you said you couldn’t keep your knickers on.” “They were already off.” “Yeah, I know but the point is every time you’re out of my sight I’ll worry what you’re up to. You could have been fucking those guys in the washroom and I know there’s no condoms in that dress.” “I’m sorry. Is it any sort of  excuse to say that being with you makes me randy?” There was a long pause as Dan watched the countryside flashing by. Lost in his thoughts and clearly struggling for another minute he finally smiled and June breathed again. “We may have to change the exchange rate,” he said. “Huh?” “One token for a flash, two for a kiss, three for a fuck.” “You’d never be able to spend them.” “I could try. I’ve got two weeks of freebees to practice, starting tonight on the beach.” She carefully fastened three buttons. “Sorry. You do make me feel randy but I haven’t gotten used to you being with me. I can’t do as I please and say sorry after. This is different, it’s both of us. I have to remember that we’re both playing, there has to be one set of rules.” “You’re not getting away with that,” he said, trying to fake a stern look. “I have to be able to surprise you.”  
End of episode 3

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