The Switch; Part 2

“I am glad you are as you are,” I whispered to her.

“And why would that be, Miss?” There was something in her voice, that edge, again, which tempted me out, beyond the bounds prudence suggested.

“The changes happen, the narrative continues,” I said, “but the direction remains to be determined.”

“I am happy that we journey into the unknown, together.”

“We are bold pioneers, unafraid to chart the story, or to follow where it takes us – no one else can see that, they lack the perceptivity you have.”

“If you continue to flatter me like that I will become arrogant,” she responded, quickly, fencing again.

I had the choice to stay within the boundaries the narrative had set, but chose not to take it.

“That is a risk I am prepared to take, it that is where the narrative leads – we close no paths to the future.”

“I am excited,” she said, a catch in her voice.

“I suspect we both know why.” It was my turn to sound breathless.

“I really adore you,” she said, softly.

“We both know that, and that it is reciprocated.”

“I am just a girl,” she said, but the sparkle in her eye told more of the story than her words did.

Our eyes met, she held my gaze.

“A very special one,” I replied.

“My arrogance will increase to the point where I shall tell you that you must see me tomorrow evening.”

“Is that an instruction?” I hazarded the words.

“It is.” There was a soft laugh.

“And so, we encroach the narrative onto real life?” I suggested.

“You are too strong,” she said, “but don’t think I did not notice your interest.

“Indeed,” I responded, “nothing I say is accidental.”

“You have chosen intelligence, Cathy, remember that.”

“That, Miss, is why I said what I said.” I smiled.

She smiled back.

“Tomorrow, then, and I shall be on time.”

“Yes, Miss, no Miss.”

So, had we crossed the Rubicon? For the first time, there had been a direct instruction, and an act of obedience. We had not used the third person narrative; the veil had been drawn aside.

The following night my phone pinged.

“I will be with you in a moment. Be ready.”

That was elliptical. It was part of the test.

I put the catch on the lock, so the door would open at her touch.

What would she want? If I got this wrong, then it was over. That would be a shame. An idea came.

I stood, straight-backed, as though to attention.

I heard her footsteps (at least I hoped they were hers).

The door opened. It was her.

“Miss Finnegan seems not to be here?” She smiled as she whispered the words.

“No, miss,” I stammered, “she has been replaced it would seem.”

“By whom?” she quizzed.

“Little Cathy seems to have replaced her, mistress.”

She smiled, approvingly.

“You learn quickly. I like your stance. Remove your clothing until I say stop.”

Trying not to fumble in my excitement, I undid the buttons on my blouse. I removed it, put it on the back of the chair, and then unhooked my bra. She smiled as my tits hung free. My nipples were swollen, puffy.

I unzipped my skirt, letting it fall to my feet, then picking it up and placing it on the chair. My panties followed.

“Stop.” She said softly but firmly.

I stood before her, naked save for my stockings, suspender belt, and three inch heels. My back was straight.

Her gaze wandered over me.

“So, little Cathy really exists? We have created her from the strong Miss Finnegan?” She was smiling as she took in my posture.

“Yes, my Queen.” Was all I could say.

“Yes, I am your Queen, and you will be my Lady-in-Waiting.”

“As my Queen wishes.”

She came closer. She lifted my chin so that I could look up into the intensity of her gaze.

“I have for you a present.”

She pulled from her pocket a box. She handed it to me, then went and sat in my favourite armchair.

“Open it.”

I did. Inside was a golden anal plug with a jewel at the blunt end. I blushed.

“You may crawl over here as we fit it.”

I got on all fours, putting the plug in my mouth like a bone, and crawled to her side. When I reached her I looked up. She was smiling.

“Now suck the plug. You know where it is going.”

I did, and I lathered it in saliva. Opening my mouth, I stuck my tongue out.

She smiled.

“Such a good, obedient girl, so quick to adapt to your new status.”

I blushed.

“Turn, raise your ass and loweyourou head. Open your legs. Use your hands to part your ass cheeks.”

I did as I had been instructed.

“What a sight. Who would have thought it?’

I moaned as she pressed the plug against my asshole. With her foot, she pressed. I pressed back, gasping as it slid through my sphincter muscle, which closed around it.

I felt two hard slaps on my ass. I wiggled it.

“So nice, to see you filled there. You may rise.”

I rose. Stood straight backed.

“You may go to the bedroom now.”

Slowly, straight-backed, I walked away, my ass a bit sore.

I walked up stairs. I felt her eyes on me as I walked.

“You are mine, you wear my mark now, little Cathy.”

“Yes, my Queen,” I said.

The bedroom awaited.

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