Ten Year Reunion, Ch 4

The strip poker game continues.

After Tanner finished taking his clothes off, we sat on the bed several minutes, all of us wondering what to do next. It was a little hard for me to think with the two beautiful, naked women on the bed. Finally, Adriana had a solution, “I think we just need to do dares, but let’s keep it simple. We each cut the deck and the one with the high card gives a dare to the one with the low card.”

We all agreed so Adriana got the deck for the first cut. It was her idea so she shuffled and put the deck in the center of the bed, then drew first. She had a three, I got a queen and both Tanner and Tanya had cards in between. It wasn’t hard for me to decide a dare for my wife, I’d been hoping for this chance all night! I told her, “I want you to make out with Tanner until I tell you to stop.”

I watched my wife for her reaction, which was a slight smile. Tanner’s reaction was much less reserved, a smile was spread all the way across his face.

Adriana arranged some pillows so she could comfortably lean back on the headboard. Tanner scooted closer to her, and she reached out to him pulling him to her. Their lips met and an inferno instantly engulfed both of them. Lust exploded the instant their lips came together. Adriana clawed at Tanner’s hair and he wrapped one hand over a boob, pinching her nipple between his fingers. This was entirely different than the comparatively chaste kiss in the back seat of the Uber earlier in the night, although, at the time, that didn’t seem so chaste.

Tanner pulled away from her mouth and wrapped his lips around Adriana’s other breast, eliciting a moan of pleasure from her. Her eyes were closed, her head thrown back and sounds of pleasure were emanating from inside her.

It was at that point that I realized Tanya and I were tightly holding hands. From her expression, the sight of her husband making love with my wife was affecting her much as it was me. I was feeling an emotional bond with her as we witnessed our spouses together, renewing their love affair that had lain dormant for so many years.

Adriana wrapped one hand around Tanner’s cock and began to rub him up and down at the same time as he pressed a hand over her pussy and two fingers began stroking inside her. Adriana’s hips were almost uncontrollably humping Tanner’s hand demanding more. When Tanner switched his mouth to her other nipple and sucked it in deep, fulfilling his promise to try and get her entire breast inside his mouth, Adriana pushed his hand away from her pussy and pulled him on top of her.

It was at that moment I decided their make-out session needed to end. I yelled, “Stop!” Both Tanner and Adriana were startled and looked at me with their flushed faces. They moved apart slightly and tried to catch their breath.

The range of emotions I had felt while they were on the very edge of making love ran from extreme fear for our marriage to arousal as I had never felt it before. I knew we had gone further down the path we were on than I had ever imagined. I only hoped it wasn’t a path of destruction, but there was no way to stop or turn back, nor did I even want to!

The feel of Tanya’s hand in mine was so exquisite that I couldn’t even imagine what it was going to be like to go further with her. In spite of everything that had been said and done throughout the evening, I was just now accepting the promise that before the night was over, we would likely be together completely.

Tanner and Adriana took several minutes to recover their composure while Tanya and I sat quietly, each of us absorbing our own emotions after what we’d just witnessed.

Finally, Tanya spoke the first words for the last ten minutes or so, “I’m thirsty. Hon, can you please make us another drink?”

Tanner got up, his cock sticking straight out and swinging back and forth, still in a very aroused state and started making another drink for all of us. I told him I didn’t need one since my last one was still a little over half full but did ask for some more ice. It made me think about rubbing an ice cube over one of Tanya’s nipples!

After Tanner finished with the drinks, we sat back down on the bed to resume our game. It was my turn to shuffle and cut first. Tanner was low with a four and Tanya high with a jack. Tanya giggled and said she knew exactly what she wanted her husband to do, “Sweetheart, we need more ice. I want you to put on the short hotel robe and walk down to the ice machine to get us some.”

Tanner laughed and said, “That should be easy enough.” However, when he put on the robe, he discovered it was way too small and barely wrapped around him. He tried, but couldn’t keep his dong, which had perhaps shrunk a little, but not much, inside the robe.

“I can’t go out like this,” he complained.

“Then is our game over?” Tanya asked him.

Tanner groaned, “What if I get arrested?”

“If you do, call me and we’ll bail you out in the morning.” Then she added, “I suspect Addie might be a little disappointed in you, though.”

He was still grumbling and the two girls giggling when he finally took the ice bucket and left the room. Their room was at the end of the hall and the ice machine in a room next to the elevator near the center of the building, a couple hundred feet down the hall.

After the door closed behind him, Tanya and Adriana were still giggling. Tanya mentioned, “You know he doesn’t have a key. What if nobody opens the door for him when he gets back?” That brought about a fresh bout of giggles. Beautiful, tipsy women are wonderful… especially when horny and acting silly!

It was only a couple minutes until Tanner started knocking on the door wanting in. The two women, still with the giggles, ignored him completely. I didn’t know how long they intended to leave him stranded out in the hall, nearly naked, but after a couple minutes of knocking I sympathized with his predicament and let him in.

His you-know-what was still poking out the front of the robe very prominently. “What were you doing? Why did it take so long to open the damn door?” he muttered. I suspect he got his answer with more giggles coming from our wives. I just shrugged my shoulders.

“At least there wasn’t anyone out there, thank God!” he said.

After he put the ice bucket back on the counter and took the robe off, we sat on the bed to resume our game. This time Adriana had the low card and Tanya the high one. “You’re cheating,” Adriana kiddingly told her friend.

“I wouldn’t even know how to cheat,” she said. “There’s a story that Tanner told me, but you’ve never mentioned it. Your dare, sweet girl, is to tell us all the details of the most embarrassing time the two of you fucked.”

Adriana’s face turned white, “Tanya, no… please don’t, I can’t!”

“Sure you can, we’re all adults, and I’m sure your husband would love to hear about it.”

I told her I definitely wanted to hear about it. I was learning more and more about my wife that I hadn’t ever imagined. What could she tell us at this point?

Adriana sat quietly for several minutes before she finally gave in and started, talking softly, “It was May of my senior year, the weekend before graduation. Tanner wanted to take me for a ride on his motorcycle, so he suggested a really nice beach in Portland on Sauvie’s Island in the Columbia River. It was a warm day so I wore my bikini under my clothes.”

I found that little comment interesting. She never wears a bikini with me, always a one-piece. That is until I bought the bikini a couple days earlier.

She went on, “What my dear boyfriend hadn’t told me before we left is that it’s a nude beach. He still didn’t tell me when we got there, and I took my clothes off down to the bikini. We were both surprised there wasn’t anyone else there, it was such a pretty day. It felt like a really romantic day and I’ll admit I was feeling pretty turned on.”

“When Tanner said he wanted to fuck me I told him no way on a public beach. ‘But sweetheart,’ he said, ‘this is a nude beach.’ I told him we still weren’t going to fuck.”

This was my wife using the “F” word! I don’t think I’d ever heard that word out of her mouth before that night. While she was telling this, she was holding her legs tightly together, but running her fingertips over the area where she’d shaved a little earlier. Damn, it was sexy!

“We walked down the beach a little further and there still wasn’t anyone in sight. We could see both ways on the beach probably a couple hundred yards or more. Tanner pulled me to him and kissed me and while he did, he untied the string on the back of my bikini top. I didn’t want him to know, but I wanted to fuck probably as badly as he did. I guess that was why I didn’t stop him when he untied the strings on my bottom too and pulled me down on the sand with him.”

Both Tanner and Tanya were just sitting quietly, waiting for Adriana to continue her story. While we were waiting, I realized the timing of this event. She said it was May of the year she graduated. We started going together that same June, so this was only a few weeks before we met, damn!

“We lay down on the beach and when Tanner started kissing my tits I was completely gone. He knew he could do anything with me after that. We lay there playing with each other until neither of us could stand it any longer. He rolled me over on my knees and was inside me. I was sooo turned on!”

“We fucked, Tanner was pulling all the way out, and pushing all the way back inside me so many times. I had my eyes closed and was lunging back on him every time… he stopped and I opened my eyes for a moment… there was a couple on the trail just at the edge of the brush only a few feet away from us.” She paused again, breathing deep. Her fingers were rubbing closer to her pussy. I knew that telling this story was turning her on more and more.

“They watched and Tanner started fucking me again. I wanted to hide, cover my boobs, anything but I couldn’t. There wasn’t anything I could do and I was so close to coming… I don’t remember very much about the girl, but the guy’s cock was out and he was stroking himself right in front of me…”

Her face started to turn red, “Tanya, do I have to?” Tanya nodded and Adriana took a deep breath before she went on, “He got down on his knees right in front of me… and I wrapped my lips around his cock… God, I was so turned on! Every time Tanner would push me forward this guy would push his cock further into my mouth… it was like they were coordinated, both pushing a cock into me at the same time. Then Tanner stopped and pulled out of me. I didn’t know what was going on until the other guy pulled his cock out of my mouth and they traded places… a complete stranger was fucking my pussy and Tanner was fucking my mouth.”

My jaw must have dropped open! This was my wife talking, the sweet, innocent girl I had met at that product fair! At least I thought it was, maybe an alien creature had invaded her body in the last few hours.

She’d spread her legs apart enough that she could rub herself. I was really having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that this had only been a few weeks before we had met! Then I saw that Tanner was rubbing her boob, squeezing a nipple between his fingers.

“He was so big, bigger than Tanner… and long. He was stretching me and reaching inside me further than I’d ever felt before… he felt so good and I couldn’t stop my orgasm! I came so hard and I needed to scream… but Tanner’s cock was in my mouth and I couldn’t. My body was shaking… and my pussy convulsing around this guy’s cock made him come with me… he was so deep inside me and I felt every spurt from him… then Tanner came in my throat so all three of us were coming at the same time… I had Tanner’s cum dripping down my chin and the other guy’s cum running down my leg.”

I couldn’t stand it and started sucking on my wife’s tit. The disclosure that all of this had happened so soon before we met had me so turned on! Tanner was still pinching her other nipple. I wanted to make her come, but I also wanted to make her suffer a little bit. I knew how close she was to coming and I didn’t want to let her; later, but not yet. When she started scratching and pulling at my hair, urging me to suck harder on her nipple, I pulled away. She had a hand over Tanner’s hand on her other breast and I nodded “no” to him so he pulled his hand away too. Adriana looked like she was almost in tears from frustration.

She breathed deep, trying to regain her composure a little, then went on, “Later, I was scared. I’d just had unprotected sex with a complete stranger. We never even knew each other’s names, for God’s sake! I don’t even know what he did afterward. They just weren’t there when I put my bikini back on.”

“Monday I called a gynecologist to make an appointment for an AIDS test. She told me I could get a test in about three weeks, but a test at less than three months might not be accurate.” Adriana looked directly at me then, “That was one of the reasons I couldn’t have sex with you for so long, I had to be sure first.”

I was simply incredulous! I hoped my face wasn’t showing the emotions I was feeling. My cock, however, was rock hard. I wondered what she meant by “one of the reasons”, so I asked her.

She explained, “If it hadn’t been for the AIDS, I probably would have made love to you at least by our second date, but after that, I knew you were the man I wanted to marry. I had already fallen in love with you and didn’t want you to think I was easy. I might not have had the willpower if I hadn’t had the AIDS thing over my head.” What could I say to that? I think I knew I wanted to marry her at that first lunch.

She looked over at Tanya, “Are you satisfied, Tawns?”

Tanya looked shocked at what Adriana had said. “Addie, I never knew… Tanner never told me. He said there was another couple watching, but that was all. He didn’t tell me that the guy fucked you.”

Both looked over toward Tanner, who just grinned. “You can’t expect me to tell everything about my girlfriends,” he said.

Tanya frowned at him, “And how many girlfriends are you talking about?”

“Well, if you don’t count the one-night-only girls…” he started counting off on his fingers. When he went through both hands and started a second time, Tanya hit him over the head with a pillow.

That seemed to break Adriana’s spell. She was still breathing hard but she’d stopped rubbing herself and actually laughed. I was still trying to digest this new revelation about the woman I’d married.

It was Tanner’s turn to shuffle and start the next cut. I was almost afraid to take a card, wondering what the hell would come next! Tanya was low with a six and Tanner high with a king. Tanner told his wife, “What I want you to do, put on that purple nightgown; I saw you put it in your suitcase. Then give Matt a lap dance he’ll never forget… Just remember Matt, no touching permitted.”

Oh God, I already wanted to feel Tanya’s body so bad! I was excited at the prospect but didn’t know if I could comply with ‘no touching’. Tanner pulled out the armless chair that was under the desk while Adriana looked on the TV for the music channel she wanted. When she found what she was looking for she yelled to Tanya, telling her to let her know when to start the music. Then she turned out all the lights except a floor lamp that was behind the easy chair in the corner of the room and sat back down on the bed right next to Tanner. They weren’t abiding by any ‘no touching’ rule! Tanner’s hand was on Adriana’s inner thigh and she had spread her legs apart to give him easy access.

We waited probably fifteen minutes or so. All the time, Tanner and my wife looked like a perfect couple; sitting together, both naked and each of them rubbing the other’s inner thigh. Neither went any further than that, but the sexual tension was filling the room completely.

Tanya yelled out, “Ready,” so Adriana turned up the music on the TV. It was some kind of soft rock. I’m not a music expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I guess it was the kind of music for a lap dance. I hadn’t ever been to a nightclub, much less a strip club!

This sexy goddess walked out of the bathroom wearing the sexiest nightgown I’d ever seen and high heels. It was a purple, satiny material hanging down in front and back from below her breasts, open on both sides except for the string of her thong. Her breasts were covered by thin lace, opaque just up to her nipples and transparent above. I wish I could describe it better, it was sexy! My cock was sticking straight up, painfully hard and throbbing, desperately needing to be inside a soft, warm place!

Tanya walked over to me, in my chair, arms swinging loosely, her hips swiveling back and forth like how I’ve seen models walk on TV. She started to do a slow, seductive dance, her eyes glued to mine as she danced right in front of me, running her hands over her body, cupping her breasts and toying with the strings of her thong.

She pushed the front of her babydoll aside, giving me a tiny glimpse of the sheer thong underneath it, then leaned over me and cupped my face in her hands, bringing her lips to within half an inch of mine before she moved away again. God, the aroma of her feminine perfume was so seductive! She was literally driving me insane. I reached out to cup my hands around her hips but she pushed my hands away with a sexy grin and shake of the head. I needed to touch and feel her body as I had never wanted to touch a woman before!

Tanya ran her fingertips up and down my chest and arms while she spread her legs apart and sat on my knees, slowly scooting herself forward until her thong encased pussy was within an inch of my cock. She gyrated there, never touching my cock, but slipped one strap of her babydoll off her shoulder, then the other, letting the front fall open revealing her beautiful breasts and sexy nipples, enticingly tickling my lips with a hard nipple. When I opened my mouth and flicked my tongue out, she let me barely touch it with the tip of my tongue before pulling away.

I hadn’t thought it would be possible for my cock to get any harder, but it was, painfully hard! It was taking all my willpower not to wrap my arms around her and pull her body to mine. I can’t think how to say how badly I needed to be inside her, making love with her! Tanya rubbed her cheek against mine and whispered in my ear, “I can’t wait, I want you!”

Then she stood back up, again right in front of me and lowered her little gown to the floor, stepping out of it. She stood in front of me wearing nothing except her sheer, purple thong and spread her legs several inches apart, revealing the wet stain directly over her pussy lips. She was only inches in front of me when she put her thumbs under the strings on both hips and pushed them down, so slowly, inching her thong down her legs. She never took her eyes away from mine, even when I couldn’t stop from looking down her body and watching that thong being dropped to the floor.

God, Dudley Moore never had it so good with Bo Derek in ‘10’! Tanya wasn’t a ten on any scale, she was at least a twenty! Adriana started clapping gently and told Tanya, “Tawns, you’re a pro. You could make so much money!”

Tanner said, “I know exactly the place where she can go and audition. I’ll be able to retire next week.”

Tanya’s face turned a little red. She walked back over to our side of the bed, sat down and took her high heels off. Then she patted the bed beside her and invited me to join her again. My body was still recovering and I wasn’t certain that I could walk that far without falling on my weak knees. I made it, though and sat back down beside her. God, she seemed even more beautiful than before!

The cards were back to Adriana. She shuffled and put the deck in the center of the bed again. I knew we had to be getting close to the end of this game. I had been so close to coming that I didn’t think I could do much more without it. We cut the cards and this time I was high but it had been a tie for low, with both Tanya and Adriana getting a four. I knew what I had been curious about off and on all evening and now was the perfect opportunity to find out.

“I want you two to kiss.” As far as I knew Adriana hadn’t ever looked at another woman with any sexual thoughts, but this was her best friend, she was beautiful and tonight was different than anything I’d ever imagined before, so why not?

Both women looked at me with bemused expressions, then at each other. Adriana scooted back on the bed toward Tanya, and Tanya turned toward Adriana. They leaned together and gave each other about a one-second kiss on the lips then pulled apart.

“That’s not what I meant and you know it,” I admonished both girls. “This is going to be a real kiss.”

They hadn’t yet scooted apart, so all they had to do was lean back together. This time their lips met and they kissed, I mean really kissed! They were two naked, sexually inflamed women, experiencing something new for the first time. Their mouths opened and each wrapped a hand around the other’s neck at almost the same time, pulling their faces tighter together. Tanya’s other hand wrapped over Adriana’s breast, kneading it between her fingers. I heard moans, from one or both.

Tanner was rubbing his cock up and down. I resisted the urge because I knew that if I did, I’d come in an instant.

The women ground their lips together and Adriana finally followed Tanya’s lead and cupped one of Tanya’s breasts with her hand. Their bodies were writhing, boobs crushed into each other’s hands and Tanner finally said, “Stop.” I thought he had probably come to his limit and didn’t want to come just yet.

Our wives broke apart breathing hard and said almost in unison, “Oh my God!” Tanya’s hand was still on Adriana’s breast and quietly told her, “We’ll finish this another time.”

We allowed a few minutes of recovery time again until it was my turn with the cards again. This had turned into the most magical deck of cards ever made! I shuffled and set them on the bed again. We all cut and this time Tanner was high and Tanya was low again. Tanya rolled her eyes, obviously wondering what Tanner was going to make her do this time.

He smiled at her and told her, “This will be easy. All I want is for you to whisper to Matt what you’d like him to do to you right now.”

Tanya looked over at me with a sexy grin on her face, leaned towards my ear and cupped her hand over her lips and my ear so that no one else could hear and whispered it to me. When I heard what she said, my face must have turned red with embarrassment, not believing what I’d just heard! I glanced at her and she threw me a little air kiss that seemed different than any air kiss I’d ever gotten before.

“Well, that was kind of anti-climactic!” Adriana complained. She took the cards and shuffled them for our next cut. She put them down on the bed for the cut, then put her hands over them, “No,” she said, “no cards this time. I know what I want.” Then she looked across the bed at me and told me, “Do it.”

I was confused, “Do what?”

She glanced toward Tanner for a moment, then back to me and said, “Whatever Tanya just said, do it to her.”

I was incredulous. I felt all the blood leave my face. I know it must have turned completely white. “I can’t,” was all I could say.

I looked across the bed toward my wife, “You didn’t let me out of telling the beach story,” she told me. I glanced at Tanya, she looked excited. She’d already told me what she wanted and her face was saying it all over again. I glanced toward Tanner hoping he’d tell me no. He held his arms up as if to say, ‘not my problem buddy’.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to eat Tanya’s pussy, not by any stretch of the imagination. If we were alone, it’d be right there at the top on my bucket list of things to do, but with an audience? Especially an audience that included her husband and my wife! If someone had suggested that this would be my dilemma a few hours ago when I first saw her across the room, I’d have suggested that someone would be a perfect candidate for a resident inside an insane asylum!

Tanya scooted back against the headboard with a pillow behind her back like Adriana had earlier. I had decided I was going to do this and enjoy it, audience be damned! And on my own terms. I slid across the bed toward her and cupped my hand around one of her boobs feeling her hard nipple between my fingers, then kissed her. This was the first time I’d actually touched her since we’d met, except during that oh-so-brief dance.

Damn, she felt good! Her skin was baby-soft and smooth like I’d imagined it might be, but her nipple was hard and pointed, obviously aroused. I remembered how her lips felt in that brief kiss, but this time we didn’t need to hurry; our mouths opened and our tongues explored each other. The psychological impact on me of kissing and caressing this beautiful woman was simply incalculable! She kissed me back just as amorously as I kissed her.

When I lowered my mouth down her body to consume a nipple she groaned and mumbled out something to the effect, “Oh yes! This is what I’ve been waiting for!” Nothing like stroking a nerdy guy’s ego! She thrust her chest out urging me to take her breast deeper in my mouth and I was happy to oblige her. I completely forgot that our spouses were in the room, on the same bed.

I remembered my goal and kissed down her stomach. This was something Adriana and I did only occasionally, not a part of our normal love-making routines, so I wasn’t particularly experienced. Tanya seemed satisfied, though, especially when my tongue finally felt the sweet moistness inside those smooth pussy lips. It felt so different than anything I’d ever experienced before! Tanya thrust her hips up to meet me and I pushed a pillow under her butt. I felt like I was in heaven; running my tongue up and down her pussy, spreading her pussy lips further apart with my fingers so I could kiss inside her and even wrap my lips around her clitoris.

Tanya was thrashing and moaning the whole time. Especially when I sucked gently on her clit, it seemed to drive her over the edge. Her body tensed up and she began to shudder hard. I felt her legs tighten around my head and her fingers pulling at my hair, then a torrent of wonderful pussy juice enveloped my face. I pressed my lips and tongue as deeply inside her as I could while she shuddered and screamed my name.

Her grip around my head gradually loosened. I extracted myself from between her legs, scooted myself back up her body and kissed her once more. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me back hard, tasting herself on my lips. On the rare occasions when Adriana and I do this, I always love to let her taste her own pussy juices. Tanya seemed to enjoy it as well. I will tell you, hearing such a beautiful goddess screaming your name at a moment like that does wonders for a nerd’s self-image!

We pulled apart and I snuggled up to her naked body. God, I wanted to make love with her!

When someone picked up the cards, I think we’d lost track of whose turn it was, Tanya said, “No more cards. I want to see you two fuck!” Adriana and Tanner looked at each other with a big smile on both their faces. They were more than ready, obviously! Tanya paused a little bit, then added, “Like the last time, how Amber made you do it that night, for two minutes.”

I was snuggled up to Tanya, with my face tight to one of her boobs with no clue what she was talking about, but three minutes sounded better to me for whatever it meant, so I said, “No, three minutes.”

Tanya said, “Okay, your husband has spoken, make it three minutes.”

Obviously, my wife and Tanya’s husband knew what it meant, because they both groaned.

Tanya rolled over, her back to me and pulled my hand around her, over her boob and snuggled back into me. We both watched as Tanner lay down on his back, his shaft sticking straight up at least eight inches or so. Adriana, my faithful wife, straddled him and gripped him, holding him right at her pussy lips. She looked at me one last time for an approval of what she was about to do. I gave her a slight nod and my wife let her body sink down around him, encasing his cock completely inside her all in one motion. She closed her eyes, let out a low moan and gasps as he filled her! Tanner’s next words shocked me, “What a hot, juicy cunt you are!” he told my wife, “Oh God, even better than I remember!”

I’d never have imagined using that kind of language with my wife, the mother of our kids! I’ve never even heard it actually spoken before, much less in relation to my wife. But it seemed to inflame her, especially with his flesh buried inside her hot, juicy cunt! I know it sure as hell did me! She rocked her hips and ground her pussy down harder over Tanner’s cock. I couldn’t believe where this night had led us, Tanner’s cock was fully buried inside my wife’s pussy… and she was loving it! Then Tanya looked at her watch and announced, “Time starts now… no more movement!”

I was starting to understand what the two or three minutes were all about. I didn’t believe that after all the extreme sexual titillation we’d had all evening that two people could maintain that position for three minutes. It wasn’t a very long time, but would be an eternity!

My emotions were running rampant inside me; my wife was actually fucking another man! I had agreed to it and even encouraged her and in those first few seconds, it was killing me!

That is until Tanya pushed one leg back over my body and started fingering my cock, holding it at the entrance to her pussy, rubbing it up and down her pussy lips.

Tanner and Adriana leaned together and kissed a few seconds before Tanner’s lips found my wife’s nipple and sucked it into his mouth.

I pushed myself forward just a little, Tanya pushed backward, and I was all the way inside her! Almost immediately I felt the cum start to boil up inside me. I closed my eyes, plunged in and out a couple times, felt Tanya’s vagina tightening on my cock and exploded inside this sex deity! My body tensed up and Tanya pushed herself against me as hard as she could, literally pumping the cum out of me. I felt like if I had to die, that would be a perfect time to do it, right after I had felt the ultimate pleasure!

But I didn’t die, didn’t really think I would. I did feel a little ashamed that I’d come so fast and apologized to Tanya. “That’s Okay,” she told me, “there will be later…and I loved it, anyway!” My cock softened a little but not enough to slide out of her, and she kept that same position with her leg over and behind me.

We both turned our attention back to our spouses on the other side of the bed only inches away from us. Tanner’s arms were wrapped tight around Adriana and hers were wrapped around his neck, her breasts tight to Tanner’s chest. They were rocking themselves together slightly. Adriana’s face was in a grimace and was covered in sweat. Her eyes were closed and she looked like she was nearly in tears, with an occasional wail escaping her mouth.

I asked Tanya how long it had been, “One minute-forty-five seconds,” she said. I realized then the significance of what I’d done when I nonchalantly said, “three minutes” instead of two. I’d never had an inkling of how long three minutes could be!

The fact that another man’s cock was buried deep inside my wife, who before that night, I’d always thought was nearly as sexually innocent as I was, was still leaving me in a state of shock. I guess that the fact of my own cock being buried inside the pussy of probably the most beautiful woman I’d ever met was also a little shocking.

Tanner’s self-control and his stamina amazed me. I hadn’t been inside his wife more than fifteen seconds before I couldn’t stop my orgasm. Adriana was clawing at his back and he had her nipple inside his mouth when Tanya started a countdown, “Ten… nine… eight… and finally two… one… time!”

Before Adriana could even move, Tanner rolled them both over and started fucking her. He would pull out and slam himself back into her, over and over again! Adriana’s legs were wrapped around Tanner, her heels digging into his back, and her tits bouncing and her hips arching up and thrusting to take him deeper inside her. Her hands were clawing at the bedding. The king-sized bed we were all on rocked back and forth, pounding against the wall.

Adriana’s head was thrown back, her eyes tightly closed and her mouth open, making inhuman noises that I had never heard before. Both their bodies were glistening with sweat, and Tanner’s muscles were nearly bulging out of his skin. Adriana’s orgasm finally hit her and she screamed, “Oh fuck, oh fuck!” while her body was wracked by spasm after spasm, shuddering violently with Tanner continuing to pound into her, his cock glistening wet with her juices. When Tanner came, he pushed himself far into her and let out a roar that would have frightened away a charging mountain lion.

If I hadn’t been intimidated before, I was momentarily horrified then. The difference between the fucking he had just given my wife’s “hot, juicy cunt” and any that she and I had ever done was so different that it was hard to say they were the same act. The same with my ‘performance’ with his own wife a few minutes earlier!

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I was more frightened than I had ever been; would life ever be the same between my wife and me? While this was going through my mind Tanya twisted her head around and kissed me. She wrapped one arm behind my head and pulled me to her. When I felt her tongue invading my mouth my cock started to grow again inside her pussy. God, her lips were soft and felt so good on mine!

After what felt like several minutes of her lips molding to mine and my fondling her body she broke away from our kiss and whispered to me, “Let’s go to your room.”

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