My Bucket List-Two

Second base also took a while. I was patient. Kim’s sixty-four. Willis is fifty-something. There won't be any hormonal urges. Know what I mean? When I could, I put the two of them together. She likes him. He likes her. He’s awkward talking to her when I’m around. I say nice things about him. He does things for her or to be noticed by her. These are all good signs. He’s a good man.

His Gift

He smiled as he handed her the room key – the one that was never given to anyone else.  He said not a word, but left the counter and entered the back room. Cheryl turned, thinking as always of how it had begun.  She’d found the perfect man.  Attractive.  Sweet.  Thoughtful.  Self-sufficient.  Outgoing.  Funny.  Respected.  She’d barely managed to contain herself on their first date, holding

asian-raceplay-humilation:Natural order LOL! Writing the word…


Natural order

LOL! Writing the word ‘urinal’ on her inferior yellow body is redundant. Everyone already knows what the sum nip is the moment they see her sittings like this in the men’s bathroom.

gookchinkslut: slantyslutssavior: Lunch is served The perfect…



Lunch is served

The perfect job for gooks: nasty maid for White cocks

The only problem with lunch being served like this is an hour later and your hungry again!

On the couches of the Seraglio

On the couches of the Seraglio, she offers me a peach, I proffer back a pomegranate, but keep it just out of reach.   She selects for me a melon,  of pinky-coloured hue, and I give to her one of honeydew.   She puts to my lips, a slice of watermelon, and take it and to and suck, slowly spitting out the pips.   She smiles at me, as I give her, my pomegranate sweet, and she