Sexy Annie Is Hot – Part Two

Dinner was different when Annie’s mother came home.  Jimmy, her stepfather was in an unusually happy mood.  Of course, Mary, Annie’s mother didn’t really notice.  When Annie came downstairs, she just acted like nothing had happened.  Except, both her and her stepfather knew that something indeed happened.

Annie had made love to her stepfather behind her mother’s back.  Although, her mother was not really into lovemaking anymore.  This is what her stepfather had told her.  Annie really wondered if her mother really did stop having sex.  She thought that her stepfather was pulling her leg.  Annie had thought that her stepfather was just a horny bastard that liked young women.

While sitting at the table, Annie was getting one of those pings in her vagina.  She kept moving around on her chair.  She looked rather uncomfortable while sitting there.  She was wearing a tank top which was showing off her big breasts and a pair of short-shorts. 

Her stepfather was playing footsy under the table with Annie.  She was giggling while the family ate their dinner.  There wasn’t much talking going on.  Annie’s mother was drinking her wine while her stepdad drank his beer.  Annie was enjoying her stepfather’s flirtations under the table.  Her face became flustered while her stepfather was turning her on with his foot.

Annie had to excuse herself and run to her room to masturbate.  She couldn’t wait to meet her stepfather later in the evening down in the basement.  She couldn’t wait for him to pleasure her orally with his tongue.  He had promised he’d give her oral pleasure for an hour.  The thought of her stepfather enjoying licking her for that long, made her horny with pleasure.

Annie took off her clothes and went in front of the mirror and admired herself in her doorway mirror.  She wanted to work on her chant about increasing her bust.  She loved her bust and insisted that lifting her boobs up and down while reciting her chant, made her breasts bigger.  She would say the chant for about ten minutes every day.  

“I must, I must, I must increase my bust.”

She said this repeatedly.  She reached on her bureau for her nice smelling lotion and squeezed the silky cream into her hands.  She rubbed the cream all over her body and gave her breasts extra attention.  She played with her stiff as eraser nipples and felt her pussy getting more and more excited.

Annie walked over to her bed and got comfortable there.  Annie didn’t have a vibrator, but she did have her hairbrush which had a long handle.  She opened her legs and pushed the hairbrush into her sweet pussy.  She moved the handle in and out of her hot cunt.  She had her one hand on her breast while fucking herself with her hairbrush.  She made moaning sounds and dreamed of her stepfather fucking her later in the night.

The hairbrush wasn’t cutting it.  She had a flashlight on her desk.  She got up and walked over to her desk, and took the flashlight into her hands.  She positioned the flashlight into her pussy.  She pushed more and more of it into her cunt.  It was much wider and felt better inside of her.  It didn’t take long for her to come.  She had an explosive orgasm.  She pulled the flashlight out of herself and rubbed the wetness all over her pussy lips.  She brought her hand up to her mouth and tasted herself.  She was a wet mess and needed to clean herself up.  She had many hours to go before meeting her stepfather.

She got dressed and started her homework.  She had a couple of hours of studying to do.  Time went by fast and it was already nearing ten o’clock.  Annie went downstairs to watch some television before getting ready to meet her stepfather.

Her mother was watching a movie and drinking her wine and eating popcorn.  Her stepfather was laying on the couch reading his book.  Annie went and sat next to her mother on the couch.

“Annie, did you finish your homework?”

“Yes.  It’s all done.  Can I watch television with you guys?”

“Of course.  Do you want some popcorn?”

“Sure.  What are you watching?”

“Your mother is watching some sappy love story.  You’ll be bored to death.”

“Jimmy, you were liking it too.  It’s not that bad.”

“Whatever.  I’m just reading my book.  Chick flick movies about bashing men are not my cup of tea.”

Her mother laughed at her husband’s jokes.  Jimmy kept saying funny things that were making her laugh.  He was on a roll it seemed.

“Annie, can you get me some more wine?”


Annie took her mother’s wine glass and walked into the kitchen.  After about a minute, her stepfather walked into the kitchen as well.  He had a weird look on his face.

“Lift up your tank top!   Let me see those gorgeous breasts.”

“My mother is in the living room.”

“Do it!  Show me your tits!  Come on!”


Annie lifted her tank top and showed her stepfather her firm and full breasts.  He smiled at her and licked his lips.

“Put your hands down your panties and rub at your pussy.  Come on do it!”

Annie did what her stepfather asked and played with her pussy for a few seconds.  She took her hands out of her panties and grabbed her mother’s wine and walked back to the living room.  She put the wine down on the table and sat next to her mother again.

“I’m going to take a bath and go to bed.  Goodnight!”

“Goodnight dear.  I’ll be going up after this movie.  I’ve had a lot of wine and need to sleep this off.  See you tomorrow.”

Annie walked upstairs and went into the bathroom and started her bath.  She wanted to clean herself up before meeting her stepdad later in the basement.  She wanted to look good for him.  She was excited to be with him again.

After her bath, she ran into her mother’s room and dug through her lingerie drawer.  She looked through her earlier stuff that was too tight now.  She found a black negligee that fit her just right.  She ran back to her room to get herself prepared for her evening with her stepdad.

She rubbed her silky lotion all over her legs and arms and sprayed her favorite perfume on.  She knew her stepfather enjoyed stockings and heels and made sure to put those on.  She had a pair of thigh highs that she bought at her latest trip to a lingerie store.  Sometimes, her and her friends like to dress up slutty for their boyfriends.  She found all men get excited seeing women in thigh highs.  It makes them look a bit sluttier.


Annie opened her door and saw that her mother’s door was now closed.  She knew that her mother was asleep.  She looked at her clock and it was nearing midnight.  She put on some lip gloss and walked down to the basement.  Her heart was pounding and she felt nervous.  When she got down the stairs, her stepfather was naked and looking at his watch. 

He had his hands on his cock and was masturbating.  Annie looked hot and knew her stepfather would go crazy looking at her.  She was hungry for his cock and wanted to pleasure him orally.

“Jesus!  Annie, you look gorgeous.  Look at you!  My God, I want to rip that negligee off.  Come over here gorgeous.  I’ve been making my dick hard for you.  Show your step-daddy how you like to please him.”

Annie walked closer to her stepfather.  She kissed him on his lips.  Their tongues danced inside of each other’s mouths as he pushed his stepdaughter down to the floor.  She got comfortable on her knees while her stepfather spoke to her.

“Suck my dick!  Show me how you love my cock!  Come on princess!  Do it for your stepdad!”

“Are you sure my mother won’t hear?”

“Baby, your mother drank a bottle of wine and is out cold.  Now be a good girl and suck your step-daddy’s cock.  I made my dick nice and hard for my princess.”

Annie rubbed at her stepdad’s cock.  He was right his dick was hard as a steel rod.  Annie opened her lip glossed lips and fed his big tool down her throat.  She held his warm and shaved balls in her hands while maintaining eye contact with him.

She made all the gagging sounds that turned her stepfather on.  He was so excited and started to fuck her mouth.  He pumped her mouth with his big dick.  He had his hands on his waist while she kept the pace with him.  She could tell he was quite pleased.  He smiled at her while he fucked her mouth.

She was drooling spit down her mouth while making all kinds of sucking noises.  Her eyes were tearing keeping up with her stepfather.  He held her blonde hair in his hand, while watching her go to town on his big prick.  Her mouth was stuffed with his cock meat.  He was happy like a pig in shit.

“Oh baby!  Finger that nice pussy for me.  Make that nice cunt wet for step-daddy.  Your step-daddy wants to fuck his princess.  Stand up and take your negligee off.  Put that nice ass in the air and let me see it.  Does my princess want it in her ass or pussy?”

“Whatever you want.  You promised to lick my pussy.  You said you’d lick my pussy for an hour.  I want to feel your big tongue all over my pussy lips.”

“Step-daddy will lick you now and after he comes inside of you.  I must fuck you now.  Take that negligee off now.  Show step-daddy your ass!”

Annie pulled off her negligee and put her hands on the couch.  She positioned her ass and pussy high in the air.  Her stepdad pulled her buttocks apart and licked at both her pussy and asshole.  His stepdaughter was nice and juicy for him.  She moaned and cooed while he licked at both holes.  He was excited and needed to come inside of her.

He pushed his cock into her pussy hole and began to fuck his stepdaughter. 

“Oh step-daddy.  Fuck me nice and hard.  Your girl loves your dick!”

“Step-daddy loves your cunt.  Move with me, while I fuck you.”

Annie moved back and forth with her stepdad.  He would pull his cock in and out of her tight pussy.  Her cunt was making all kinds of sweet noises while he rammed inside of her pussy.  He could feel her wetness on his prick.  He slapped at each of her buttocks while he made her moan in delight.

“Does my baby want to come now?   Come for your step-daddy.  Make that pussy cream for me.  Oh fuck!  I want to come inside of you.  You go first princess!”

Annie moaned and was rubbing her clitoris while her step-daddy fucked the shit out of her pussy.  She let out a soft moan and came for him.  While she was coming, he shot a nice load into her pussy.  He pulled out of her and got down on his knees to lick at her pussy again.  He promised her orgasms from oral sex.  She stayed in the position while he cleaned his come from her pussy lips.  He tongue-fucked her and made her come several times.  Annie played with her large breasts that hung down.

“Baby, that was so hot!  You’re making me so happy.  I feel so fulfilled now.  Meet me down here again tomorrow.  Step-daddy is going to bring you some toys to play with.  I must keep you happy and only wanting me.”

“Jimmy, I have other guys that I fuck!  We can’t be exclusive.  You’re my stepdad.”

“My baby can have my dick every night at midnight.  She can show him how much she loves him.”

“Only if I’m not busy.  You do have mom to pleasure you.”

“Honey, that pussy is dried up now.  She doesn’t want my dick anymore.”

“If I’m available, we can fuck.  I do have boyfriends.  I can’t just stop having sex with them.  They will know something is going on.  I can’t be your personal fuck toy.”

“Step-daddy will eat his princess out first and then fuck her brains out.  Step-daddy wants to please his good girl.”

“I have to go to bed.  I have school in the morning.”

Annie stood up and put her lingerie back on.  Her stepfather kissed her on the cheek.  Come and see me tomorrow night.  I’ll have presents for you.”

“Presents?  What kind of presents?”

“You’ll have to come and see.  Till tomorrow?”

“See you tomorrow, Jimmy.  Goodnight.”

Annie walked up the stairs and went to her room.  She was hoping she wasn’t going to become her stepfather’s fuck toy.  She wanted to be in control and she was finding out that her stepfather was controlling her.  She wasn’t sure she liked that.  She liked having the boys at school swoon over her and flirt.  She liked the boys at school all trying to get in bed with her.  It made her feel powerful. 

Now she felt that her stepfather owned her.  She wasn’t sure how to feel.  She did like having sex with him.  She was only eighteen and needed to feel loved and wanted by all men.  She didn’t want to be her step-daddy’s love slave.  She had to pull back the reigns and get into control.  It was her pussy that he wanted.  She would need to set rules for him.  She needed to have the upper hand.  She hoped she could lay down the law for her stepfather.  Time would tell if she would be in charge.

She did know she would have to have sex with him often.  She didn’t want him to ever tell her mother what she did.  The news would wreck her relationship with her mother.  This was indeed a secret that needed to be kept.

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