Just to see what difference it made, Geoff had selected ‘shortest route’ on the hired car SatNav.  He soon found out.  The ‘Southern Belle’ voice directed him off the Freeway and onto country roads, but he didn’t realise it was going to take him directly to a wonderful sexual experience.  It was early afternoon and he was just north of Marshallville in deep Georgian country side, with about one hundred miles to go to Atlanta and the airport hotel he was staying in for his last night in the USA.  He didn’t need to rush so was taking in some of the mainly flat and wooded lands.  It was a hot and sunny, early July day and he was glad of the aircon.

He was sure something flashed on the dashboard.  It was the second time he had thought something had appeared and then disappeared.   He pulled off the road onto a dust track leading through a stand of trees and stopped.   He scanned the dash looking for a warning light and suddenly there it was. A bolt of lightning over an engine symbol.  He turned the engine off and waited a moment.  His own car, back home in England, had this happen.  It turned out to be a sensor problem and restarting the engine cleared it for a while.  He turned the key to restart the car.

A click and nothing else.

He tried again.  Another click.

He searched for the bonnet release, found it and got out to see if he could find what was wrong.  When he was younger and had his first cheap and old car he knew what was what under the bonnet, but now he couldn’t even see the engine so quickly gave up the idea that he could fix it.  As he took out his mobile phone he thought he saw something move in the bushes.  He had put the emergency number for the car hire firm in his phone, so soon had it on the screen and was about to call it when he saw ‘No Service’.  He was sure part of a bush moved but there was not even a breath of wind.  He walked to the driver’s door, leaned his back against the car and took a bad selfie.

Looking at the picture and spreading his finger and thumb to enlarge it, he saw a face in the bushes.  A pretty face edged with blonde hair.   He turned and this time the face stayed visible.

“Hi,” he said.

“You won’t get a signal in this part of the orchard,” she said standing slowly upright. “Don’t know why just don’t work.”  She spoke slowly but in a very sexy tone.  She was of slight build, her blonde hair had a loose curl and rested on her shoulders.  It took Dave a moment to realise she was wearing denim dungarees, and nothing else on under the bib top.  Her bare shoulders were well tanned.   

“Thanks, I’ve just found out!”

“You from England?”

“Yes, I am, just outside London.”

She stepped out of the bushes onto the track.  A pair of work boots finished off her dress.

“I’d like to go there, maybe next year if we get a good harvest.”

 “You work on the farm?”

“Yep, I own it. My Pa died two years ago and I’m the only one to look after it.  It’s all orchards.”

“What do you grow?”


She walked around the car to stand next to him.  While she was slightly built, her boobs were certainly full and the bib top only just hid her nipples.  Geoff had to try hard to keep looking at her face.

She giggled and a broad grin appeared on her face.

“I see Englishmen are just like Georgia boys, can’t keep your eyes off my tits!” She pushed his chin up with her first finger.

“Sorry,” said Geoff, a little embarrassed at being caught out.

“That’s Okay.  It’s my fault.  It was so hot I had to take my shirt off.  I didn’t have time to put it back on when you arrived.  Wasn’t expecting to see anyone out here.”  Geoff could have sworn she deliberately pushed her shoulders back to emphasise the topic of their conversation.

“I’ll show you where you’ll get a signal,” she said and turned away from him.  A generous flash of side boob caught Geoff’s eye.  When he didn’t follow her, she looked around and said, “You coming?”

Geoff quickly fell in alongside her.  Mid-twenties he guessed.  She walked slowly.

“I’m Geoff, what’s your name.”  He held out his right hand.  She took it and gave it a gentle squeeze and shake.


As soon as the track left the stand of trees they were in the orchard.  Mature trees, in full leaf and heavy with fruit.   Peaches’ hand collected one of the fruit.  It took a little twisting to release it from the tree.

“Elbertas,” said Peaches.


“The variety of Peach. Made Georgia famous for peaches in 1880’s but you hardly see them now.  My Pa was a traditional guy.  Didn’t go with newer varieties that fruit better.  But they’re making a comeback and I made some money last year.” 

Peaches handed the peach to Geoff.   It was still very hard and he turned it around in his hand until the fold in the peach was on top.

“Looks like a little ass, doesn’t it?” said Peaches.

The giggle and grin were there again.  It was a very sexy giggle and grin.

“Er, yes, I guess it does.”

“I always think it’s more of a camel toe.”

Geoff had to try hard not look surprised at what the lovely, blonde Peaches had just said.  ‘Obviously not a shy girl,’ he thought.  “In England, we would say a front bum.”

“I like that better,” responded Peaches, looking sideways at Geoff and smiling warmly.

The track turned a corner and ahead was a two-storey farm house, a few sheds and a wind-powered water pump tower.   Peaches was slightly ahead of him and he saw the straps of her dungarees crossed at the back and the trouser part started very low on her, giving just the hint of buttock.  Despite the loose fit, Geoff thought there was one cute ass in there.  They got to the house and Peaches pulled open the fly screen, pushed the door open and waved Geoff into the kitchen.  She followed him in.

“Drink?  Lemonade, homemade.”

“Yes please, that would be very good.”  Peaches took a pitcher out of the fridge and poured two glasses.

“Very nice,” said Geoff after taking a sip.  Peaches sat in a rocking chair, pulled her boots and socks off then leaned back, put her legs up on a small wooden chest and crossed them just on the ankle. She had slender feet and for some reason, Geoff was surprised she had nail varnish on her toes.  He took a seat on the edge of an old armchair.

Geoff took out his phone.  Peaches was right, there was a signal now.  He started to look for the number when she said, “No rush.  This is the Southern states, in summer.  Things happen a little on the slow side here.”  Standing in front of his chair, she pushed the phone lower and knelt so her face was level with his, her blue eyes fixed onto Geoff’s.  As he looked at her, thinking how sexy she was, she slipped the strap of her dungarees off her shoulder, followed by the other one.  The bib dropped to her waist.

“There,” she whispered in a sexy deep tone, “Have a proper look.”  And he did, his gaze filled with her breasts.   She took his right hand and placed it on her breast, forming his fingers to cup it.

They were perfect. Round, pert, full, identical, nipples hard from rubbing against the coarse denim of the bib.  They were as tanned as the rest of her body, with strawberry coloured nipples.  Geoff’s other hand automatically reached out and cupped the unattended breast, feeling its firmness, squeezing the stiff nipple with his finger and thumb.  Peaches just smiled back at him.

“I’ve never had an Englishman,” she whispered leaning closer to him.  “Just Georgia boys for the last two years.”

And then she started to sing. A sweet voice with deep rich undertones.  A trained voice.

Summer time and the living is easy..”

Now Geoff was squeezing both nipples, still cupping the full, firm breasts presented to him.

“…. And the cotton is high.”

Her face was a picture of pleasure.  Geoff moved forward, kissed and then licked her nipple.  Then the other and her hands folded around the back of his head and held him onto her breasts.

“ … You’re goin’ to rise up singing.”

He felt her hand run between his thighs, finding his cock which had already started to respond.  Her hand covered it, then reached lower and cupped his balls. His stiffness was increasing rapidly.

“… hush, little baby, don’t you cry.”

Finishing her song, she sat back, moving her breasts out of Geoff’s reach.  Again, her blue eyes fixed his.

“Do you like my round and firm peaches?” she said, lifting her breasts with her hands.

“They’re magnificent,” he replied with a lick of his lips.

“Good, do you want more of them?”

“Oh yes please!”

She stood and eased the dungarees over her hips and they fell to the floor.  She had been naked under them and all her body was displayed to Geoff’s gaze.  She held out her hand.

“Come with me, that’s my Pa’s chair and I can’t fuck you in it.”

She led him out of the kitchen to the stairs.  He followed her stair by stair, eyes fixed on her cute ass and the shaven pussy between her thighs. 

“Your singing, sounded professional to me,” said Geoff.

“Not quite, but my mother was and she trained me.”

At the top of the stairs, she led him into a bedroom that had two sets of doors opening onto a covered balcony.  A little breeze billowed the floor to ceiling net curtains. Peaches removed his shirt, unbuckled his belt, unzipped his trousers and pushed them down so he was as naked as she was.  Only then did she lie him on the bed, swinging his legs up so he lay, full length, face up, head to the foot of the bed.

“There, that’s more comfortable.  I love being naked with naked people.”  She climbed on to the head end of the bed and made herself comfortable against the pillows, with knees up and legs spread.  Geoff took in her slender body.  There wasn’t a single tan line and her golden colour was no more than a tone different over all of her body.  Her breasts were certainly full for such a slender body.

“I guess you spend a lot of time naked to tan like that,” said Geoff, admiring every part of her body.  Her pussy wasn’t completely shaved, leaving a fine field of very short blonde hair.  As he watched she started to stroke it with her hand.

“I can go days here without seeing anybody, so why put clothes on?”   Her touch made her lips respond by becoming fuller and plumper.  

“Just like a peach,” she said slowly, her finger tracing the slit between her swelling lips. “Do you want to taste my peach?”  

Her voice trailed off, but Geoff didn’t need a second invitation.  He crawled up the bed on all fours, making his way between her knees, then resting on one side so he could reach out with his hand.  He brushed his fingertips over her lips.  The short hair was very soft, making her lips feel like a fine suede, very similar to the skin of a peach.  On a second pass, his middle finger gently ran between her lips, finding she was becoming hot and juicy.  She just lay back and watched the expression on his face.  He was fascinated by her body, and the way she just let him, a complete stranger, see her naked and touch her so intimately.

“It’s so different here from Atlanta.  I worked there after college.  In marketing.  It was hectic, a lot of people moving fast.  And some great sex.”  She spoke slowly and in an even tone, just letting her words soak into Geoff when some part of his mind was not filled with the delight of touching a perfect pussy.

He lowered his head and kissed her just where her pussy lips joined, then licked down and back up the slit, pushing his tongue between her lips on the return pass.  Peaches reacted with a little intake of breath and her hand started to tangle into his hair.

“Pa was very strict on sex,” she continued, “So as soon as I moved to Atlanta I was in catch-up mode.  I guess I was a bit easy, but I soon found what I liked, and who was good at giving it to me.”

Her inner lips were now visible and Geoff started to lick from the opening, up across her clit, finishing by rejoicing in the texture of her short hairs mixed with the taste of her juice.  She was becoming very juicy.

“Since I’ve come back here I’ve only had local boys.  They’re Okay, just a bit quick. But then we’re so isolated here there isn’t much else to choose from.  Running the farm forced me to become very independent so I only use them when I want.  I’ve also learned to take the initiative when I see what I want.”

With a stroke of her hand across his head, she asked, “How are you enjoying my peach?”

“Juicy and a taste from heaven,” he replied between licks and sucks.

“If only I could grow fruit that tasted like that I could make a few hundred a bushel, easy,” Peaches said with that naughty giggle.

His finger started at the lower end of her pussy, burrowed meaningfully between her inner lips and finally made the entrance where it paused before moving in and circling around the velvety, wet surface.  Her body responded and she arched her back.  With Geoff’s finger at work inside and Geoff’s mouth sucking her hard clit in between his lips, Peaches gave in to an orgasm that seemed to burst out from deep in her pussy and run like an urgent wave up her body, then down her legs, both of which shook with pleasure.  She let out a deep, low groan as her back arched more.

Geoff waited for her to regain control.  

 “Wow, do they teach that in school to all Englishmen?”

“I’m afraid not, but my parent’s next-door neighbour did like to complete a young man’s education!  She taught me to savour, take time for a lady to get in the mood, and lots of other things.  And she taught a lot of other boys too!  She had quite a reputation”

“She should be lauded for that!” replied Peaches. “Georgia boys only want the home run, they don’t care about getting to the bases. Now lie back, it’s my turn.” 

She gave him a playful shove on the shoulder.  Geoff lay flat on the bed, a leg each side of Peaches.  It was the first time she had given any real attention to his cock other than a first look as she pushed his trousers down.  He wasn’t fully stiff as she settled, cross legged, between his knees and took his cock in both hands.  With one hand, she held it up with a finger and thumb just below the helmet and with the other hand stroked up and down his shaft, adding a wipe with her finger tips across his balls at the end of the down stroke.  She wasn’t surprised that he stiffed quickly, she had perfected this on the local boys over the last year, but she was surprised at how much he grew, not so much in length as girth.  She was soon holding a rock-hard cock that was way bigger than she could close her fingers and thumb around.

“My! That’s a nice piece of kit!”

Peaches moved onto all fours and lowered her head to kiss the end of Geoff’s cock then, while looking at his face, teased his helmet with little flicks of the end of her tongue.  His face looked pained with the anticipation of her warm, wet mouth consuming the head of his cock, but she continued to tease.  He lifted his head and shoulders, reaching out to tease her nipples in reply, but she slipped him into her mouth, swirled around his helmet with her tongue then sucked hard, her cheeks going hollow with the pressure.  Geoff fell back and groaned while Peaches bobbed her head up and down on his cock, her hand squeezing the base of his shaft.  

If he left her doing this he knew he would blow, so he said, “I need to suck more of your peach, sixty-nine me.” Peaches willingly turned around and, by bending her knees, lowered her pussy onto Geoff’s eager mouth.  He immediately returned to sucking her clit into his mouth and this time repeatedly squeezed it between his lips.  The squeezes became faster and stronger and he added two wriggling fingers inside her pussy to his assault of pleasure.

Peaches head flew off his cock, her back arched and she started to orgasm.  Geoff wrapped his arms around her waist, gripped her buttocks to hold her in place while his lips continued on her clit.  Peaches’ shuddering became violent and she pounded her pussy onto Geoff’s face.  The extent of her reaction forced Geoff to stop sucking her bursting clit, but he held her tightly against his body, feeling the shudders running through her and watching her arse hole spasm.  He felt well pleased with himself.

Peaches slowly subsided and gained control of her body.  He released her and she rolled off him, lying face up on the bed, knees raised.

“How the fuck did you do that?” she panted.  He reached out and touched her pussy, causing her to shudder again and push his hand away.  He watched her panting, her perfect, firm breasts rising and falling and suddenly couldn’t resist sucking those swollen, strawberry nipples.  In one movement, he lay across her chest, sucked one nipple into his mouth and held the other firmly between a finger and thumb.

Peaches bucked in response and pulled him off her nipple by his hair.

“The only thing I want now is that cock buried deep in my cunt!”  Geoff was surprised and she easily rolled him onto his back and straddled him.  The look of surprise on his face turned to a grin of pleasure as she began to rub her lips along his shaft.  After the first stroke, his cock glistened with her pussy juice.  With each pass, she pressed his cock harder against his stomach.  Peaches rose, moved his cock upright and then slowly lowered herself, his cock slipping into her, deeper and deeper.

The girth that had felt great in her hands and mouth felt even better in her pussy.  She rocked her hips back and forth, feeling his cock forced against the inside of her cunt.  She moaned with pleasure.  As she moved back and forth she could feel her swollen clit rub across the coarseness of his pubic hair.  She was in danger of falling back into orgasm so put her hands onto Geoff’s chest and began to ride him, slowly, moving up until he was all but out of her and sinking down until her lips were pressed against him.

Once again Geoff was fascinated by her tits. Her riding action caused them to part and then swing together with a little rebound.  He reached out, cupped a hand on the outer side of each one and took each nipple between a finger and thumb.  Using his hand to squeeze and his grip to pull the nipples, he massaged Peaches’ golden breasts in a circular action, pushing them together, then spreading them apart.  She quickened her ride, coming down harder onto him, forcing that hard cock deeper into her.

She was building quickly but could see no sign of Geoff blowing.  He continued the massage, he looked easy, relaxed, just soaking up the sensations of her hot, juicy cunt engulfing his cock, gripping on to him.  She started to shudder again, stopping her riding him, staying with him pushed all the way in her.  She slumped onto his chest, closing her eyes.

With no resistance from Peaches, Geoff rolled them over so he was on top of her.  Her legs stayed folded at the knee giving him unrestrained access to her cunt. He rode her firmly and quickly, pushing into the hot wetness of her quivering pussy, coming out to near his full length before plunging back in.  Peaches’ eyes rolled, her mouth fell open with a continuous groan, her body shuddered.

“I’m going to cum!” cried Geoff and before he could do anything more Peaches’ legs locked around him.  He pumped and pumped, draining his balls into her. It seemed it would never end.  Peaches’ legs stayed locked around him and he could feel she was still having spasm after spasm.  He relaxed onto her as her hand pushed his head against her shoulder.

Geoff awoke. He must have rolled off Peaches for he was face up and Peaches was not on the bed.  The door creaked and she came in.  She was back in the dungarees, this time over a T-shirt.

“Hi sleepy head,” she said softly as she sat on the edge of the bed.  She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. “You’re quite some stud,” she said while she brushed his soft cock.

“Thank you and you are one hell of a lady,” replied Geoff and returned the kiss.

“And you need to get your car fixed,” said Peaches and handed him his phone.

Since Peaches had presented her perfect tits to him, Geoff had had no thought of his car, Atlanta, and a flight back to London the next day.

“God yes!”   He took the phone and made the call.  The help desk told him one hour.  He took a shower and dressed.  He and Peaches walked back to his stricken car and within ten minutes the rescue truck arrived.  The guy turned the key and got the same click.

“That’s great, know what that is!”  Up went the bonnet, tools from the wheeled trolley soon had some covers off and a fix was made.

“Try it now,” he asked and Geoff got in and turned the key.  The engine purred into life.

“Happens a lot on these,” he said while putting the bits back on the car.  Less than twenty minutes after arriving the truck reversed away leaving Geoff and Peaches standing by his car.

“So, my Englishman, where you goin’ now?” asked Peaches.

“Atlanta.  I’m staying in an airport hotel and have a London flight tomorrow at four in the afternoon.”

Peaches made a little questioning tilt of her head.  “You could drive that tomorrow.”

She left the statement hang.

“Airport hotel or more Southern hospitality, it’s up to you,” she said as Geoff remained quiet.

Geoff only just made his flight, running to the gate as a ‘Late pax’.

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