My Perfect Return Gift

Sabrina comes to terms that she might just have feelings for her step son.

I slowly strolled towards his door. ‘If I know Gillian, she didn’t waste any time,’ I thought before I stopped in front of it. ‘I hear moaning in there now. Damn, did Gabe actually go for her? I know she is sexy, but would he fuck her after what we had?’

I clenched my fists for a moment and felt a few drops of sweat falling from my forehead.

I hit my palm with my right had a couple of times. ‘Damn it; maybe I am jealous. I don’t even know for sure that they are having sex in there, but I feel jealous now. Why do I feel that way? I’m married to his dad, but did I get some feelings for him when I sucked his cock, and he shot his load on my face and boobs?’

I stayed there and listened as carefully as I could.

“Fuck, you are praising her now, Gabe. She has to be giving you head now,” I groaned, bringing my right hand to the knob.

I turned it and opened the door up somewhat. ‘I knew it, that hussy is giving Gabe. Son of a bitch, I am jealous. He loves it too; I can see it all over his face now. She is good dick sucker, I’ve heard a few boyfriends commend her before. I can’t blame you, dude, she is also drop dead gorgeous. You’d have to be gay to resist her, she is just beyond beautiful, and I’ve seen her naked many times before.”

I licked my lips numerous times as I saw hers slide back and forth on his wood. I never unclenched my fists or parted my eyes from them.

“I’m turned on, but disappointed too,” I whispered before a couple of tears were sparked. “Maybe I did want to have vaginal sex with Gabe. Just have him make love to me just once and kiss me nonstop during.”

“Shit, Gillian, I have to shoot,” he said, covering his face.

“Give it to me,” she ordered him, stroking his rod.

As much as I didn’t want to, I watched him spurt out several streams of his seed on her knockers. I loved seeing it, but just not the target though. My heart seemed to love and hate it, and I couldn’t understand why.

“I have to stop watching now,” I groaned, closing the door.

I went right to my room, closed the door and covered my face with both hands. ‘Son of a bitch, I want to have sex with, Gabe. I saw Gillian sucking his dick and him drenching her tits. Shit, he is my step son, and I want him. Gillian warned me about this, but maybe I was just in denial. I don’t know, but as soon as I thought it might even really be happening, I felt disheartened. I know he wanted to have sex with me, why wouldn’t he? Why would he just stop at a blow job? He told me he loved me after only a few months after we met, so we are very emotionally connected.’

I just stayed in my room for the time being and thought about him. I just couldn’t figure out how I didn’t see the deep love and lust before.

‘I still don’t hear the door opening. Could they be having vaginal sex now? His dick could be inside her pussy right now, and what if he gets her pregnant? Would she even want to keep it? Dan’s grandchild would be with that bimbo; oh shit on a stick.’

I stayed silent for another moment and fought with myself on whether or not I wanted to see more. I bit down on my bottom lip, and I felt my body tingle in a bad way.

‘I feel like I could run a marathon now, just because I have adrenaline going through my body because of them?’ I pondered before I peeked at the vent. ‘Now I hear the bed creaking, damn it, Gabe, are you actually having sex with her now? Is your pecker really inside her cherry at this very second?’

I heard moaning, but then I covered my ears. I tried to drown them out, but they were already in my head. Trapped somewhere deep inside so I couldn’t flush them out.

“Crap,” I groaned, getting up. “I want to have sex with my step son,” I confessed to myself before I strolled to the door.

I calmly opened it and ventured out into the hallway. I began grinding my teeth as the moaning got slightly louder.

‘Damn it,’ I thought, prior to stopping in front of the door.

“You just came inside me, didn’t you?” she asked.

“Yes,” he answered.

“Sweet,” she added.

‘Son of a bitch, did I just hear that?’ I wondered, bringing my hands to my face.

I opened the door somewhat and looked at them. “You are standing up over Gabe now?”

“Oh, there is that white stuff, it is plummeting out now. I hope you don’t mind it landing on your stomach,” Gillian stated, as my eyes widened and saw his seed drop from her slit.

“I don’t know who I’m more upset with, but I shouldn’t even be mad at either of them,” I sobbed somewhat before I closed the door.

I went right back to my room and closed my door. “Shit, fuck, damn, cunt, motherfucker,” I groaned as softly as I could before I hit my bed. “I can’t believe they both did it, and he shot his load inside her. He could get her pregnant, damn it.”

I unintentionally tortured myself, just wondering what everything could mean between them. I knew Gillian and Gabe didn’t write anything in stone, but there was definitely a lot of possibilities though. I lied down on my bed.

I couldn’t seem to hold still, I constantly rolled over onto my stomach and back again. I also kept biting both of my lips and stomach began hurting as if I ate an entire greasy chicken in under an hour.

“Damn, I know this all started in the hot tub, but I gotta go in to calm my nerves,” I pointed out before I stripped and got into my bikini.

I snatched a towel and headed outside. “At least it is nice out here,” I muttered, dropping the towel and calmly stepping into the tub.

I failed to utter another word, and I just submerged myself under the water, including my face. I stayed under for twenty seconds or so, but then I came up and kept my eyes closed. I smiled somewhat and just enjoyed the hot pleasure.

I felt rather sleepy after my nerves weren’t going nuts within my body. I still managed to stay awake and somewhat alert for the time being. My hands stayed down on my lap, but I did rub my belly from time to time.

That lasted for over twenty minutes, but then I suddenly heard the door open, and I instantly glanced at the door. “Son of a bitch, they are both coming out at the same time?”

They made some small talk as they both walked towards the tub and slowly got in with me.

“Hey, Sabrina,” he greeted me, sitting on the other side with her.

‘You are staying close to her, what the hell, dude?’

“Hello, Gabe, greetings, Gillian,” I groaned, failing to make eye contact with them.

“What’s wrong, Sabrina?” he pondered.

“Nothing, Gabe,” I muttered, waving my hands. “I’m just peachy.”

No one said a word for a few minutes after that and I didn’t peek at them either. I crossed my arms and even bowed my head down somewhat too.

‘My heart feels like it is about to bust out, only because I know that they had sex.’

“Seriously, what is wrong, Sabrina? Please don’t tell me you are mad,” Gillian groaned, splashing some water.

I glanced at her as she bit her bottom lip.

“What are you talking about, Gillian?” he pondered, peeking at her.

She stayed silent as he kept his eyes on her. I just gawked at her and crossed my arms a little tighter.

“You said you weren’t gonna get jealous, Sabrina. How do you even know?”

“Well,” I answered, slanting my back up. “Aside from your glow, I heard you two. Then you gave me no choice, but to look for myself,” I explained before I looked at Gabe. “You had sex with my best friend.”

He shed a couple of tears and stayed put.

“I can tell you feel bad already, Gabe. It is fine, neither of you is in serious relationships, so I have no right to be upset. I’m just gonna go now,” I stated before I got out.

He quickly followed me and grabbed my hands. “You are clearly angry, whether it is for the right reasons or not. Do you have feelings for me, Sabrina?”

I couldn’t make eye contact with him or her, and my whole body shuddered a bit too. Then I heard the water splashing somewhat, so I knew she was getting out of there.

She arrived behind him, and her arms went around him. “I’m pretty sure that’s obvious, Gabe. Now, Sabrina, how long did you watch us have sex?”

I took a deep breath. “Just a couple minutes.”

“Did you like what you saw though?”

My eyes widened, and no one uttered a word for a moment.

“It turned you on, but you hated for it for the reasons why. Am I on to something there? Remember, I’m your best friend.”


“Gabe,” she whispered, coming to his right ear. “I think she wants to have sex with you, so I think you should demonstrate your love for her.”

He turned to her. “What about us?”

“Don’t worry about it, your step mom is an important woman to me too,” she replied before she kissed him. “Now why don’t you go kiss her, and see where it leads?”

I licked my lips and felt the good tingles again.

I couldn’t help, but to peek at his crotch. ‘He has a giant hard on, so he wants me too.’

He closed the gap between us, but we kept our heads down for a few seconds. Although, then he slowly brought his lips to mine. We kissed each other, and both of us planted our hands on one another’s thighs.

‘I’m gonna cheat on Dan; I just have to do it once. Fuck, there is no excuse for this, but I guess I’m a bitch. The horny tart is just watching us like a hawk. You dumb broad, I’m only doing this because you made me realize that I wanted it. I just had it all buried deep inside, but you have an emotional shovel and know just where to dig. Damn, Gabe is such a hunk, a chip off the old block. I guess it is my fault really; I shouldn’t have blown him. I suppose I’m going to venture down into Pandora’s Box now; I just hope it leads somewhere good.’

“His cock is getting rather hard now, Sabrina. I think it might even be harder than when it was in my mouth and pussy. That tells me that he has a huge thing for you, Sabrina. Both literally and metaphorically speaking,” Gillian muttered before she pecked my cheek. “Maybe you two are made for each other, and you don’t even know it. I can see you two have some significant connections between each other. So, now about we move into his bedroom, where this all started.”

“Do you really want to have sex, Gabe?” I pondered, taking his hands in mine.

“Well, you are stunning, Sabrina. I can’t turn you down.”

“It would just be the perfect gift for me now, but I promise it will only happen once.”

Gillian dug into Gabe’s trunks. “How can you be sure you’ll only want it one time?” she wondered, pushing them down somewhat. “He does have a big one, don’t you think, Sabrina?”

I peeked down at his rod as she stroked it slowly with her right hand. My body instantly twitched, and mouth opened up widely.

“She is drooling now, Gabe. We better go to your room so you can fuck her.”

I kissed him once, and we all ran right to his bedroom. His dick just dangled around, and then we all arrived in his room. She shut the door, and I brought him to his bed. As we both sat down, we made eye contact, and I licked my lips.

“Damn, you are dazzling, Sabrina.”

“Shut the hell up and fuck me, Gabe,” I ordered him, pulling on his arms.

We both went down and pasted our lips together. I closed my eyes and was sure Gabe did it too. I wasn’t sure what Gillian was doing, but I was also certain she was watching us nearby.

“Oh, this is steaming, you two. Yes, Gabe, kiss your skanky step mom and don’t be afraid to let in some tongue too. After your make out session, get that bottom off her too. Then let your cock slide right in her slit and make sweet love to her just as you did for me.”

I gently pushed his lips off mine. “You made love to her too?”

“Yes, you aren’t upset, are you?”

I took a deep breath and rose my eyebrows. “No, just slide my bottom off and shove your cock inside me, step-son.”

“Yes, step-mommy,” he moaned, leaning away from me.

He peeked down at my crotch and grabbed onto the straps on both sides. I kept my eyes on him, but I still noticed the horny hussy on my left undressing herself as well. He calmly tugged it right off me and threw it.

“Now get out of those swim trunks and let my twat feel your cock already. I want it, Gabe, so let me have it. I sucked your cock, remember?”

“Yes,” he whispered before he followed my command.

As he was fully nude, he positioned himself back down, and he snatched his dick. I jiggled so much that I made the whole bed and him shake around too.

Gillian leaned down to my face and pecked my cheek. “I love you, Sabrina, in a best friend kind of way.”

“I love you too, Gillian, but shut it. Your boyfriend is about to fuck me.”

“In that case,” she said, bringing her body up towards him. “Let me kiss him,” she mentioned, prior to placing her hands on his neck and her lips on his.

I watched them make out for a moment, and I couldn’t help, but to undo my top as well. I put my best assets front and center, and I did see Gabe peeking at me from his right eye. I rubbed them slowly for a moment and then his lips parted from hers.

“I’m gonna fuck you now, Sabrina,” he announced before his schlong slid into my pussy.

I was sure it went all the way into my slit, and then he leaned down onto me.

“Holy shit,” I moaned, closing my eyes for a moment. “Damn that is big.”

We kissed each other a few times as his palms found their place on my face. I put my hands on his thighs and massaged them for him.

‘After only a moment, I can feel his cock pulsating. He wants me just as I want him. Oh, you are a lucky bastard, Gabe.’

A few seconds later, his lips parted from mine again, and he put a small gap between us. “I love you, step-mommy,” he reminded me before he began making love to me.

“I love you too, now no more talking. If you want to say something, say it with your eyes,” I commanded Gabe, placing my palms on his butt.

“I will too,” Gillian added.

I peeked at her just for a second. “Get off to us, you dumb bitch.”

“Shut the fuck up, Sabrina,” Gillian ordered me, leaning in towards me.

She kissed me on the lips for a few seconds. “Make me.”

I felt his cock in and out of my pussy even as Gillian stayed close to me. I looked right at him as he glanced right back at me. No one said a word, but of course, no one needed to say anything.

Every time his cock slid back into my cherry, I had a mini twitch and made all three of us shake. He could have looked at my breasts or her nude body, but yet, he just glared into my soul. I caressed his butt and thighs, and he held tight on my thighs.

‘Don’t cry, just fight the emotions. This guy is quite a stud, but damn it, I’m married to his dad. Son of a bitch, I’m feeling his cock thrusting in and out of my twat, and I feel the love growing. Gillian is watching, and she is just making it hotter actually. I can’t see her, but the floozy is masturbating and moaning a bit too. She is my fucking best friend and the one woman I love most in the world. This is just an emotional tundra.’

“Kiss me again, Gabe.”

He immediately came down to me and pasted his lips onto mine. We both encased our arms around one another, and I felt my boobs getting squished in between us.

“Holy shit, Sabrina, you have him on your hook now. You better reel him in, make him feel good too. He is fucking you with his cock, so you better fuck his mind.”

His lips came off mine a few minutes later, lifted his body slightly, but kept my bosoms touching his chest. He slowly, but firmly kept letting his cock in and out of my slit. He attacked me with his breath, but it was no mood killer.

“Tell me you love me again, Gabe. Tell me that as if I’m your lover.”

“I love you, Sabrina. I love you so much more than a step-mom, and not just for sexual reasons either; you are my rock so to speak. My bare dick feels so damn good inside your cherry. Where may I cum?”

“Do it on my hooters again, stud. I’ll always want you to submerge my rack with your seed, Gabe.”

“Can we have sex again? It would mean so much to me, Sabrina.”

“Maybe, but fuck me for as long as you can for right now. I want to feel the pleasure of having my step son fuck me for as long as he can. Once you need to shoot your load, I want you to slather my breasts as if they both got hit with a giant waterfall. Only if it comes from your wood, Gabe. Give me that beyond perfect gift, and maybe I’ll let you fuck me whenever you want. Do you like the sound of that?”

“Yes,” he moaned before he peeked at my melons. “Shit, they are bouncing around and mesmerizing me now. I love you, Sabrina. You are intoxicating, and indeed, a looker if I ever saw one. I don’t know what this will truly mean for us, but I can’t help, but to love you even more now. Why did you give me that gift, you must have known I’d fall for you.”

“It is nothing to be ashamed of, now get down here and kiss me again.”

Then he got right back down onto my body, and we both wrapped our arms around one another. We just glared into one another’s eyes for a moment before our lips came together.

‘The chemistry between us seems to be iron strong, but of course, there is the whole cheating thing to worry about too. Shit, we’re venturing down that rabbit hole now. Gabe is also a great kisser too, that’s an excellent quality for any man.’

“I want to join you two so badly, but yet, this sight is like a tropical storm of hotness. You cheating wench, you are having your step son make sweet love to you as you two make out. Don’t you dare spew your load inside her though, Gabe, I want to see you drench my best friend’s jugs with all of your white and sticky seed. My hand feels like it has a spike in it, but I can’t stop. You two are wicked,” Gillian moaned.

Nothing seemed to slow him down, not even her words. His lips steadily moved on mine, and his cock refused to stop sliding in and out of my pussy too. His chest kept rubbing onto my bosoms and did it easily as they were slick.

‘I am keeping my eyes closed, and it is unquestionably increasing the love and the intimacy for me. I have no idea where this could all go, but right now, nothing else matters. I love Gabe, and he loves me.’

We went on for over ten minutes as we heard Gillian moan constantly, and the love was as strong as ever. Feeling him make sweet love to me forced me to feel like I just won the emotional lottery.

I felt his dick pulsating and becoming even harder as we passed the fifteen-minute mark. It was just a matter of time at that point, but I just wanted him to keep pleasuring my lips and slit for as long as possible.

“Shit!” Gillian screeched.

‘She must be cumming, well good for her, but I have him now.’

She went on for a moment or so, but she failed to distract us, at least for a moment.

His lips abruptly launched off mine. “Damn it, Gillian, now I have to cum,” he let out before he pulled his rod out.

“Fuck her, Gabe, just let out your seed,” I muttered, rubbing my tits. “I want it all.”

“Yes, step-mommy,” he groaned, stroking his manhood.

I watched it the whole time and even let my tongue out too. I found gitty with excitement, jiggling around, but not distracting Gabe at all.

“Oh, I love you, Sabrina. You suck, but I do, skank,” he branded me before he discharged his first stream of his cum.

It fired up, but scattered on my face, chest, tits, and stomach.

“Yes, give me more.”

He did just that and let out four more shots of his load which all splashed on my body. He made sure to get everywhere north of my crotch, even my arms. Although, I didn’t check out my body until the cum stopped shooting. I just enjoyed the aroma and hot feelings of his seed.

“I hope you liked that gift,” he moaned, lying down next to me.

“I did,” I mentioned, peeking at my cum soaked body. “Wow, I guess I do suck. I just got you to drench my body in your cum, all while your new girlfriend just masturbated and watched us the whole time.”

“And I enjoyed every second of it,” Gillian pointed out, leaning up towards us.

She brought her lips within only a couple inches of mine. Suddenly her smile faded, and we just kept our eyes on each other for a moment. I couldn’t see Gabe’s face, but I was sure he was glaring at us.

“May I kiss you, Sabrina?” she pondered before licking her lips.

I stayed quiet for the time being, and I felt my pussy reacting to the whole thing. I loved the fact that Gabe liked the possibility.

“Would you just say ‘Yes.’ already?” he whined.

“Yes, slutty bitch.”

Then she slowly brought her lips to mine and kissed me for ten seconds. During those ten seconds, our hands stayed away, and we just let our lips do the talking so to speak. Whether I liked it or not, I found myself tingling a bit.

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