Meeting The New Neighbor, Chapter 2

“Why, you little cocktease!” I said, grabbing her and spinning her around to push her back against the wall this time. I pushed her head back so she couldn’t move it and held it in place with one hand. I smacked her face lightly with my cock.

“Open that mouth!” I commanded gruffly. She looked up with sparkling eyes and a wide smile and opened her mouth obediently.

“I am going to fuck that pretty mouth and then when I am good and hard, I’m going to fuck that pretty pussy too!” I told her in my best rough, authoritative voice. “Oooh, yes Sir!” she said. It would seem that Chrissie liked a take charge kind of man! I stood in front of her between her wide spread knees. My cock was standing straight up tall and eager. I didn’t waste any more time; I pushed my cock past her sweet lips and surprising her as I filled her mouth powerfully. I grabbed a handful of hair and held her head back against the wall and began shoving my cock into her mouth hard and deep and fast. At first, she tried to reach up and use her hands to slow me down and control how deep I went. But I was in charge now! “Put those hands behind your back and don’t bring them back until I say you can!” I told her shaking her head a bit for emphasis. She did as I told her, just letting me stroke my cock in and out of her soft warm mouth while she used her lips and tongue as best she could like it was a regular blowjob. But this wasn’t a normal blowjob at all and I was rough and going fast, using her mouth like a pussy at the end of a fucking session. To other women it might have seemed a little scary, the sudden turn the night took, but not for Chrissie. She seemed to love the way I was treating her making her suck my cock like a regular street whore and humiliating her like I was. This girl actually seemed to like being a total slut! “You like this do you, Chrissie? Do you like being treated like a slut? You must – the way you are gobbling down my cock this doesn’t seem like the first time you have been in this position! You are a real cock slut, aren’t you? I think you like having a cock in your mouth. Do you like sucking a hard thick cock, slut?” I asked. I had paused my pumping in and out to talk to her but I kept my cock in her mouth deep enough so she couldn’t really talk but not so deep she was having to hold her breath. “Mmmpphh! Mmmph! Mmmmm!” she tried unsuccessfully to say. “Yeah, I thought as much!” I said, thrusting back into her mouth. I shoved my cock deeper, into her throat now making her deep throat me. At first, she didn’t expect it and she coughed and choked a little as I came back out. She was drooling and slobbering, her saliva leaking out of the sides of her mouth, running down her chin and falling onto her tits – it was a very sexy sight and a total turn on for me. It must have been for Chrissie as well because she seemed to really be enjoying herself, throw herself completely into the job at hand and giving it her all. She opened her throat and took a breath whenever the opportunity arose so she could hold me deep in her throat as long as possible. She took the proper face-fucking just like a porn star and even I was surprised at how well she did. Chrissie genuinely tried her best to pleasure me with her mouth! And she did a hell of a job about it too, I have to be honest. I could feel the cum in my balls boiling and reaching a critical point – if I didn’t do something quick to slow things down, this party would soon come to an untimely end! I pulled out of her mouth and took a small step back. “As much as I would like to blow my load all over that pretty face while you are kneeling there, I think there are a couple other places I need to visit first. We have already established that you are a good cocksucker, I wonder how you would do when that same hard cock is buried in your bald pussy… would you like to see slut?” I sneered at her. “Oh God yes! Please, John, please! I want you inside me… I need to feel you inside me now!” she whined. “Get up, then!” I said, and I pulled her to her feet by the arm. I half walked/half dragged her to the bed. “Get up on the bed slut, and get ready!” Chrissie climbed up on the bed and laid on her back in the middle of the bed with her legs spread wide. I began with simply rubbing my hands over her body, a slow sensual body massage. “Mmmm that feels wonderful!” she sighed happily as my hands worked her soft but firm body. She felt wonderful too, warm and smooth I was enjoying this as much as she was, I think. I ran my hands over her naked supine body from her shoulders down to her upper thighs. She closed her eyes, purring as my hands did their magic on her. I knew a little bit about the art of massage, having taken classes on it for a couple years. I found the best (and most effective) way to get to a woman is a soft and sensual massage. The slow smoldering build up and the careful self-control not to rush to the sex part makes the woman all the more receptive and aroused when that time does come. So I took my time – after all, we had all night and since she was new to town and I didn’t have any competition as far as men, I wanted to leave Chrissie happy, satisfied and wanting more of me! Starting at the top, I massaged her scalp, letting my fingers wander through her lush brown mane and massaging the top and sides of her scalp, working down around her ears and gently tugging on her earlobes, then working down her neck. I spent a couple moments massaging her neck and rubbing the tension away, getting her more relaxed. I very gently slapped her a couple times during this neck massage, which she seemed to enjoy, moaning softly when I slapped her each time. The last time I slapped her, I kept my hand on the side of her face and used my thumb to rub across her lips softly. Chrissie responded by parting her lips and sucking my thumb into her mouth. I let her suck on it for a moment as she pretended it was my cock, sucking and licking it and mewling happily. Leaving her head and neck, I moved a bit further down. I ran my hands over her fabulous tits, squeezing them gently, running my finger tips around her areola, and toying ever so gently with her hardened nipples. She was jutting her tits out for me as if offering them up for more of my hands’ work. I obliged her too… I love the feel of a woman’s tits – the soft creamy texture, the malleability. And even more important, the women seem to like it as well! Chrissie’s moans and mewls told me I was doing right by them. I spent a few moments there with “the girls” and then moved down to softly rub her belly. With the flat of my hand, I moved in a slow zig-zag pattern down her stomach to her hips, then a drew my fingers in a claw-like manner back up her sides, to repeat the zig-zag pattern again. She moaned as I got lower and after a couple passes, I could feel her slightly raising her hips when I got close to her mons. But again I was in no hurry. I had put the pot on to boil, and now I was just waiting for it to begin bubbling. “Oh God, John… your hands are like… magic,” she moaned. I smiled at her compliment. It was something I had heard before and took pride in, but it was always nice to hear. Moving down even further I began working on her thighs and hips. I still hadn’t touched her pussy yet, intentionally ignoring it until the time was right. I knew from the way she was squirming that she wanted me to play with her dripping slit and I would, but all in due time. My hands slid down the outside of her long lean legs and then back up the inside. I smiled when as I got close to where those beautiful sticks connected, she drew in a breath – almost like she was afraid to breathe and deter me from touching her there! The first couple passes I did avoid her steaming sex, much to Chrissie’s dismay. I could tell she was getting close to a full boil because as my hands moved past her entrance, I heard a soft whimper of defeat escape her lips. The first whimper I let pass, pretending not to hear it (I heard them all and smiled inwardly when I did!), but when the second came out louder and needier, I stopped what I was doing. “What’s wrong, Chrissie? Am I hurting you?” I feigned concern. “No, not at all it feels wonderful,” she said. “Then what is it?” “It’s just, you aren’t touching me… there,” she said. “Oh, you want me to play with your pussy too, do you?” I said with a wicked little grin. “Yes…” she said lustily. “I see. Well never let it be said that I denied a woman her pleasure!” I said. I changed position and moved to her side, kneeling on the bed next to her. I proceeded to massage the insides of her upper thighs. I started rubbing her pussy with the edge of my hand. I worked the creases on both sides of her vulva and occasionally glided across it, teasing her slit and clit. Chrissie’s breathing was becoming quite heavy. After a just few moments of this, she began grinding her hips up at my hands, slowly rotating them as her moans became louder. I noticed her hands had become fistfuls of the sheets and she was hanging onto the hard. Her pot was definitely boiling now and just to keep it from boiling over, I moved away from her now wet, frothy pussy. It had turned pink and pooched out significantly. I was really enjoying myself as well and I didn’t want her to cum now and end the session so early, so I moved away from her pussy. Thinking this might be the end of her erotic massage, a look of disappointment came over Chrissie until she realized I had only stopped momentarily to get my massage oil from the dresser. “Now Chrissie, don’t be alarmed when I apply this oil. It’s designed to make the skin tingle and has a remarkable effect on certain, sensitive parts of the body. It might be a little cold at first, but it will warm up quickly.” I told her. With that, I put a little in my palm and rubbed my hands together to get them nice and oiled up and I dribbled a bit on her mons to let it run down over her pussy. Chrissie’s body jerked. “Oooh! That is cold!” she exclaimed. “Sorry, let me warm it up,” I said and I began rubbing the oil into her legs and pussy. It didn’t take but a few seconds for the effect to begin working. “Oh, my God, that feels so good,” she gasped. “Just wait… it gets better!” I said, grinning wickedly. Her bare pussy became more engorged and red, her clit peeking out of its folds and tingling from the special oil. “Oh God, John, the oil is making my pussy tingle! It’s like an itch that needs to be scratched. Rub it. Rub it, please, or I’ll have to rub it myself,” she pleaded. “Well, Chrissie, I wouldn’t be much of a masseuse if I made you rub it in yourself, now would I?” “No, I guess not,” she replied. I began rubbing the oil in as she sighed in relief. Before probing inside with my fingers, I reached for the special oil and poured a little more on my fingers, and dribbled a bit more onto her pussy lips for extra lubrication and to heighten the tingle she was feeling. Then I inserted two fingers into her slick hole, one on each side of her swollen, throbbing clit. “Oh, my God! Oh, John!” she squealed, as the combination of the special oil and my fingers began doing its work on her. The massage oil caused her cunt to spasm as if it were sucking on my fingers, which only exacerbated what I was doing inside her. She was moaning loudly and her ass was squirming, rotating and grinding up against my hand. I smiled at how responsive Chrissie was to my efforts. The oil caused her cunt to spasm as if it were sucking on his fingers. Her ass was squirming. “Oh God, John, you were right; that special oil you use is incredible when you rub it in,” she panted, now very much aroused. As I worked her pussy with one hand, my other slid up her body. As I reached her tits, I spent considerable time massaging them; rubbing the meaty globes and squeezing the nipples which were by now large, protruding, hard, and very sensitive from the effects of the special oil. Her moans became more audible. “Pinch them harder. Please, pinch them harder,” she softly murmured. “Oh, you like that, do you?” I asked. “Oh yes! I love to have my nipples pinched and pulled on hard during sex, and the harder the better!” she confessed. “I’ve had boyfriends nearly pick me up off the bed by my nipples and I came just from that! Of course, I was already pretty turned on, but pulling on my nipples put me over the edge.” Well, that was all I needed to hear! I increased the pressure on her nipples until she arched her back and her moans turned into whimpers of pain. I wasn’t trying to hurt her and I watched her very carefully, but this is what she wanted – what she needed – to get off. I varied my technique on her tits, sometimes pinching and pulling her nipples, sometimes slapping them. I stopped my work on her tits from time to time to play with her pussy. As my hand approached her pussy, Chrissie spread her legs wider allowing me access to her and making sure there was no doubt what she wanted. I let my oil-saturated fingers slip and slide over her pussy lips one finger between them and one finger on either side. Then I would curl them claw-like and draw them back over just hard enough so that she could feel it. A minute or two of playing with her pussy and she was moaning and writhing and humping her hips up at my hand, then it was back to working her tits. The taxing combination of pleasure and pain had her nearly beside herself. “Oh God, John! Ohh…“ Chrissie moaned as she felt her passions nearing the breaking point. She was squirming vigorously under his ministrations now. I could plainly see the effect my teasing was having on her, so I bent down and began kissing her passionately. She kissed me back, her lips parted, and my tongue took the invitation, probing her open mouth and looking for a playmate. She reached up and held the back of my head, keeping our mouths locked together. After a protracted and very passionate kiss, I broke away and left the girl gasping for breath. It was time to step things up a bit. I moved down until I was even with her hip and knelt there beside her on the bed. I dribbled some more of the massage oil onto her pussy and worked it in a bit to keep it from just running off her right away. Once the oil had done its job and she was lubed up and tingling again, I placed one hand on her abdomen near the top of where her bush would normally be and with the other hand I placed it palm side up and inserted my middle two fingers deep into her and curled them upward behind her pubic bone to rub against the spongy pad known as her g-spot. With my outer two fingers, I held her pussy lips open and apart. I began pumping my hand in this configuration in and out of her pussy in short rapid-fire thrusts, rubbing against her clit hard as I did. I learned this technique while surfing the ‘Net one day and found it to be quite useful and efficient way to bring a woman to a powerful orgasm. Such was the case with Chrissie as well. I had only just started when I heard her moan turn into a wail and I could tell she was getting ready to cum. I stopped and pulled out just as she reached the edge of her cliff, not letting her fall over it just yet and denying her the release it would have brought. When she had calmed back down a bit I returned to jilling her. Once again I brought her right to the very edge and then stopped. “John please!” Chrissie whined, “Please! I need to cum, baby… I need to cum so bad!” I smiled because I could tell her words were genuine. This beautiful young lady had come over because she was lonely and horny. And my teasing had increased her lustful need a hundred times. Now she was begging me to make her cum. I couldn’t deny her anymore, that would just be cruel. I slid my hand back inside her pussy and started pumping once more. She began her long drawn out wail as she prepared for lift off. But instead of stopping just as she reached the edge, I went ahead and granted her the orgasm she needed so badly. And cum she did! As she plunged over the edge and fell into the black depths of her orgasm, Chrissie thrashed around wildly, tossing her head from side to side and whipping her long hair into a brown tornado. She raised her hips high into the air as she squirted pussy juice out in a high arc to fall back onto the bed nearly at the foot of the bed. She squirted five or six times, her legs trembling with the extreme stress of forcing the orgasm and holding her up at the same time. Finally, they could no longer hold her up and she fell back onto the bed, spasmodically convulsing in jerky movements as the waves of her orgasm worked through her. As soon as she fell back on the bed and before her orgasm had released her body from its overpowering grip, I moved up and threw her legs apart, moving in between them. My cock had been patiently waiting to get back in the game since she had stopped sucking it when we first came into the bedroom. Now it was tired of waiting and wanted to burrow itself into where my hand had just been. Taking my eight-inch steel cock in hand I rubbed the tip between her soft slippery folds. “Oh God, Please…” I didn’t let her finish her sentence. As she spoke, I rammed my cock fully into her hard with one smooth slick motion. I knew the oil and her own juices had made her plenty slippery, I had no doubts about lubrication. I sank balls deep and felt my cum-heavy nuts slap against her ass. Chrissie groaned as she felt my cock split her still hyper-sensitive pussy open and stretch the warm wet tunnel wider. She arched her back and slapped the bed grabbing handfuls of the sheets trying to find something to hang onto as her world spun wildly out of control. As soon as I felt myself bottom out in her tight pussy, I began pumping in and out hard and deep. I fucked her almost angrily, like I wanted to punish her with my cock. But for Chrissie it wasn’t punishment at all – she loved every hard, merciless thrust and wanted more. I fucked her for all I was worth and she took everything I gave her happily. I slammed into her so hard she grunted with every thrust. “Oh my God, John, you have such a beautiful cock! Oh fuck, it feels so good inside me, baby! Yes! Yes! Give it to my pussy. Fuck my nasty slutty pussy, John! Do me, do me good! Call me a nasty slut!” I grabbed her legs, holding them wide apart by the ankles. I slammed my hard cock into Chrissie’s pussy all the way to the hilt, over and over again. With her previous orgasms and the lingering effect of the massage oil, her pussy was wet, frothy and wide open, wanting my cock as much as I wanted to give it to her. “Take that you beautiful, nasty slut!” I growled “Oooh, yeah, John, fuck that pussy, my slutty cunt pussy! Hard, deep, harder!” she panted as she endured my merciless assault. Kneeling between her legs holding Chrissie’s legs wide apart by the ankles, I was in perfect position to pull my cock out to the tip and slam it home with maximum force and penetration. After many strokes and needing a breather, I pulled out and started slapping her slit and her protruding clit with my cock. “Oh yeah, John, slap that naughty pussy, that nasty, slutty pussy with that beautiful monster. Show her who’s boss! She deserves a spanking for being such a slutty, whorish pussy,” cried Chrissie. After a few more moments of plunging my cock into her pussy, I stood and pulled Chrissie up off her back and pointed my cock at her mouth. “Taste your juices on my cock, you nasty slut. Taste what a slutty whore you’ve become!” I said holding her up by her hair. “Yes! Yes, I am a filthy whore! I am a nasty, filthy cock whore!” she said, and eagerly started sucking the monster and rubbing her clit. The way the oil made it tingle, she couldn’t stand it without stimulation down there while she was sucking me. I soon had to pull out before cumming and prematurely ending our fun. After passionately kissing me with pussy juice covered lips, she whispered, “Now I want to be on top, John.” To accommodate my wonderful guest, I joined Chrissie on the bed, laying on my back, my cock straight up and hard. “What a beautiful sight,” she gasped and eagerly grabbed my cock, raising her ass and positioning the cock against her soaked pussy lips. I lifted her by the waist, all the way up off the bed, then lowered her down, impaling her pussy. As my cock slid home, she shuddered in ecstasy. Riding me in this position, she could vigorously diddle her clit. Chrissie and I worked together to meet each other’s deep thrusts. I’d never seen a woman’s ass work so hard. Chrissie had already cum twice, but she was determined to get off again. To keep me from cumming too soon and ending her chance of getting off again, she pulled up off my cock and crawled up my body, rubbing her soaked pussy and its juices all over me. “Now it’s your turn to taste me, John,” she said. Then she eased her pussy down on my face and I returned the favor of licking the pussy juice from her cunt and sucking on her pussy lips and clit. She ground her pussy down on my face moaning a mewling as she came once more, gifting me with her sweet pussy honey. After cumming, she then crawled back down, rubbing her cunt all over me again and grabbed my cock and inserted it back into her hungry pussy. As hot as Chrissie was, diddling her clit and humping my cock, it was no surprise that she was finally lost in another huge orgasm. “Oh my God, I can’t believe this,” she moaned. With her bouncing up and down my rigid pole and diddling her clit, her pussy clutching and releasing my cock, she had another huge orgasm. This caused me to start to cum as well. Sensing this, Chrissie dismounted me quickly. Taking my shaft into her mouth, she started sucking it and jerking it with both hands. As my cock started to pulsate in her hand, I pulled her face down hard against my crotch. This caused her to deep throat me, which she told me she had never been allowed to do with her ex-boyfriend but always wanted to. Somehow, without gagging her, my cock slid past her gag reflex and entered her throat. Just as I was about to cum, she squeezed down on the base of my shaft, trapping the cum. She worked my very sensitive cock head against the back of her throat, driving me crazy. When she finally released it, the backed up cum exploded into her mouth and throat. She sucked and swallowed frantically, trying to keep any of it from oozing back out past her lips. Of course, by now the buildup was too great and some of it dribbled out past her lips to land on my stomach. She swallowed all that she could and when my cock finally stopped pulsing, she pulled it slowly from my mouth sucking the last drops from me and cleaning me off at the same time. “Oops, mustn’t let any of this deliciousness go to waste!” she said, smiling and licked up the few drops that had escaped from my stomach. When she was done, I pulled her up and into my arms to rest. The sexual excitement of the evening must have been just what she needed because very soon after we were done, I heard the soft slow breathing of her as she slept. I smiled, knowing she felt so at peace and I let her sleep, figuring we could talk about where to go from here in the morning.  

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