Lustful encounter – Part 2

It’s Wednesday and I’m finally going to meet Joe again, I’m so excited. After tasting his come a couple of weeks ago I have been gagging to have his cock deep inside me and today’s the day. We are supposed to meet around 7 pm at our little spot – the back of the church.

I keep myself busy for most of the day so time flies. I glance at the clock as I’m scrolling through Facebook on my laptop, it’s 4:35 pm. I pick up my phone and message him via Kik.

“Hey, sexy – still up for meeting in a couple of hours?” I put my phone down and carry on scrolling.

I wait a minute or two and check if he’s replied. I see that my message has sent and received. Although it has not been read yet, maybe he’s busy. I’ll give it a few minutes. I check my phone again at 5:50 pm; still nothing.

‘Hmm,’ I wonder.

I text again, “Everything ok?” I ask.

Same again, it sends, receives but not read. I close my laptop, get up and start pacing.

‘He’d best meet me, I need his cock! I’ve been looking forward to this all day!’ I think to myself. I look again and to my relief, he’s replied.

“Hey, baby, sorry I can’t make it tonight, my parents have just dropped by and we’re all going out for an unexpected meal. Sorry sexy.”

My jaw drops, I’m gutted – beyond words. But it can’t be helped, can it? I message him back, “it’s ok, I’ll just have to get my vibrator out and think about you fucking me instead,” followed by a winky emoji face.

“Send me a pic,” he demands.

“No lol – have a nice evening,” I tease.

In reality, I’m quite shocked that he even asked that! I do not think so – if I can’t have him, then he’s not having anything from me! He can wait until he sees me to get what we both want! He doesn’t reply back so I’m guessing he’s sulking with me, it’s not my fault his parents have come over to surprise visit him.

I am sexually frustrated, I was really looking forward to finally having his cock inside me. My little vibrator will just not do – at all, I need dick – a fucking big dick to satisfy my ever-growing hunger for a cock to fuck me.

I open up my laptop and log onto the hookup site where I originally met Joe. As usual, I have hundreds of messages so I filter through them and I notice a message from someone named ‘Keiran9Inch’.

It reads, “Hey sexy, I’m free anytime you like. Message me if you’re interested,” followed by his phone number.

I click on his profile and I notice he has 2 pictures that he’s uploaded. I click on the images section. The first picture is his face, young, blue eyes, dark brown hair, clean-shaven and a set of very kissable lips. He’s cute! I click onto the next picture and it’s his cock. It looks huge, maybe a bit bigger than Joe’s cock. I feel a little tingle down between my legs so I press my thighs together to ease the sensation and as I do I feel my pussy lips slide together – I’m getting a little moist just off a picture, imagine what it’d do if it was in my pussy?! I grab my phone, save his number and message him.

“Hey, is this Keiran9Inch? lol.” I feel a little nervous as I press send.

I get an almost instant reply from him, “Just Keiran babe.”

“Keiran then, I hope you don’t mind me messaging you, you gave me your number so I thought I’d text,” I reply eagerly.

My phone dings again, “Of course not, I was hoping you’d text me. You are so sexy, just thinking about you makes my cock rock hard,” he says.

“Mmm, I like rock hard cock,” I reply.

“You can have mine anytime you like baby. I’m actually free tonight if you fancy it?” he asks.

“I’m intrigued, what time? Where? I can’t accommodate, as I have a full house. But I can get away for an hour or so,” I reply.

“I can’t accommodate either as I’m with the army and I’m based at Cosford so no civilians allowed, do you know of anywhere we could meet?” he asks.

“There’s a cinema by me with a huge car park on it. We could park at the very back and nobody should see us,” I say.

“Sounds good to me sexy – 8 pm good for you? Meet me at the cinema entrance,” he replies quickly.

“Perfect,” I reply. I text him the details and check the time. It’s 7 pm. Keiran will set out soon so I’d better get some sexy clothes on.

I find out my best dress, white with black flowers on it, almost camouflage looking. It has a long zip up the front so that’s very accessible. No bra, I want my tits to fall free from the dress when he unzips me. I want them to stare him in the face at eye-level. I’m already wearing my pretty pink lace thongs (ready for meeting Joe but now I’m whoring it up with my army man Keiran) but, I guess they’ll be either tossed aside or pulled to the side as his cock fucks me. Finally, I put my black heeled sandals on. I put some deodorant on, some makeup and brush my hair. All ready with no time to spare as it’s 7:45.

I get my phone and head to the car. As I’m driving down the road I can feel the excitement brewing deep inside me, my pussy getting wetter by the minute. I arrive at the cinema and there’s no sign of Keiran, so I do a lap around the one-way car park, I then exit. I drive back up the road and turn back into the cinema entrance; I notice a car is signaling to turn into the cinema. It follows me in and I’m unsure if it is Keiran so I drive further and it’s behind me, I’ve passed lots of empty spaces and it’s still following so I drive to the back of the car park and park up right against some trees. The car parks next to me – It’s him!

I turn my engine off, take off my seatbelt and adjust the passenger seat so it’s pushed as far back as it can go and I lay it down so it’s almost touching the rear seats. I sit back up and glance into my rear-view mirror to check if my hair – or anything else is out of place. The passenger door opens, Keiran climbs in and closes the door behind him. He’s beautiful, the pictures online do not do him justice. I could eat him up – but no, I’m determined to have his cock in my pussy tonight and not in my mouth.

“Hey,” he says quietly.

“Hiya,” I reply feeling pretty nervous, yet excited.

I’m sat with my legs slightly spread so the bottom of my panties are just peeking through the bottom of my dress; he puts his cool hands on my thigh and rubs it with his long fingers. My pussy is already responding, screaming at me to jump onto him. It’s too soon just yet, so I turn my head to face him and he leans over to kiss me. His mouth tastes so sweet, his tongue exploring my mouth, I let out little soft moans as he’s feeling my mouth and his hand wandering around my inner thigh. I put my hand on the back of his neck, kissing him hard while I run my fingers through his hair.

“Come here,” he says, patting his lap.

I acknowledge and move over and sit on top of him, facing him and we kiss some more. Only this time I’m grinding gently on him and I can feel his cock growing beneath me. We stop kissing for a second while we have a breather and I sit up straight – lining my tits so they’re at his eye-level. He unzips me slowly and my breasts spring free from my dress.

“Oh yes,” he says, his eyes light up as he’s grabbing and squeezing them.

He puts my right nipple in his mouth and sucks on it gently as he’s fondling my left breast. Then visa-versa which is sending delicious tingling sensations down to my pussy and if I’m not mistaken my panties are now pretty wet. He moves his hands around my back and down my bum and round to my wanting wet hole, he circles me with his talented finger and gets hold of the rim of my knickers and attempts to pull them down but the position I’m in is making it impossible so, I lean up and balance on one leg to give him a helping hand. My underwear soon gets tossed down to the floor – next to the driver’s pedals. I lower back down onto him and I can feel the flesh of his cock on my bare pussy lips.

He parts my lips and places his bellend on my hole and pushes it slightly. It won’t go in as I’ve never had a cock this big inside me before so he tries again. Only this time, he pushes harder and it slides in. I tilt my head back and let out a moan as his cock fills me. I start grinding on him as he’s holding onto my tits and waist. I lean forward and we kiss, with our tongues interlocking, I suck on his tasty lower lip and I’m moaning quietly. His cock feels amazing as I’m bouncing on it.

“Can I take some pictures?” he asks.

“Sure,” I say without hesitation.

He gets his phone and takes a few pictures of his cock buried inside me. He also takes a couple of short videos. “Don’t worry – I’ll share them with you if you like.”

“Oh yes, I’d like that,” I reply.

I feel his hands searching my body, my ass, my breasts. I’m bouncing on his cock like there’s no tomorrow and all of a sudden he’s holding my waist with two hands and pinning me in the air and then I realize that he just came. A little gutted that it didn’t last long and that he didn’t come inside me; I slide back over to the driver’s seat and hand him a tissue as he cleans himself up.

He sits forward in the seat and pats the chair where he was sitting. Confused slightly, I oblige. He grabs my waist once again and pulls me towards him so my bum is on the edge of the seat and I’m laying down practically naked, tits out, legs spread, wet pussy staring him in the face. He puts his cock inside me once again. I’m shocked he got hard again straight away after coming moments before hand.

Fuck, it’s deeper this time, I’m so wet and horny I’m struggling to control my moans. Before they were a loud pant, now they’re definitely loud moans and if anyone is outside the car they’d definitely hear me! He’s thrusting his huge cock deep inside me and taking pictures on his phone. I’m laying on the seat taking his cock so hard and deep; I have my hands above my head holding on to the headrest for dear life. My body shaking, convulsing with every thrust he makes. His cock is completely soaked with my juices. I can smell our mixed aromas – which is turning me on even more. I close my eyes and turn my head away from him as I scream even louder.

“Fuck – that’s so deep,” I scream out loud in undeniable pleasure.

I feel my tits bouncing as he’s fucking me, I open my eyes and he moves his phone away from my face – he’s recording me being fucked like a dirty whore, tits bouncing, pussy soaking, my fuck face and even me saying those words.

He leans over me, I grab onto his delicious neck and he fucks me even harder – ‘can he even go any harder?!’ I wonder momentarily.

I’m loving it, I’m squealing into his ear as he’s really thrusting into me. My leg is on the dashboard as the other is on the driver’s seat, I can’t spread my legs any more than I am right now. He releases his second load but this time deep inside me. I can feel his cock throbbing, it feels amazing.

We sit still for a moment and he pulls out of me, the car is completely steamed up and he’s soaked with sweat. We open the door slightly to let some air in and we grin at each other. I move and sit back in the driver’s seat, grab my knickers from the floor and put them on quickly. I look over to Kieran and he’s tucked away and sitting back on the seat. We kiss once more, interlocking our tongues. I love the taste of his mouth, so delicious.

He pulls away. “I’d best go. See you soon babe.”

I nod with a very big grin on my face. “Okay, see you soon.”

I wave to him and he leaves. I turn on my engine and sit still for around five minutes blasting cold air around the car to cool off and let the windows demist. I head home and I can feel his come seeping out of my pussy and soaking into my knickers.

That was exactly what I needed. A good hard fuck with a fucking huge cock. I’d definitely meet up with Kieran again.

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