If only it were real

If only it were real

Sensual and wanting.

In a euphoric state I lay flat on my back with my legs spread wide and bent at the knee, floating in this void of darkness yet I could sense and see everything, even though I felt as if I was on the other side of the room .

Looking down as if from above, my hands were raised up over my head and coupled together with Velcro cuffs which were attached to the top of the bench by a short cord. My nipples were swollen and hard, pointing straight up into the air and so sensitive to the light caressing being given by and between a thumb and finger. As they tweeked and rolled, the nipples sending electrical pulses directly to my cunt which was receiving an amazing Wet Job – but all I could see was the back of a head, and damn they were doing a good job!

I wanted to move and return the favour, but in this dream-like state all I could do was raise my hips and pump up towards the tongue that was invading my juicy wet hole, that is – when it wasn’t licking my clip to the heights of desire and dizziness. I was so aroused by now that I just wanted to grab hold of this licker and drag them up to my face wherein I could lick my juices off of their face and have them bury their cock deep inside my tunnel of desire. I felt like I was asleep, deep in a dream yet fully aware and watching as I saw serpent hands begin to roam and caress my body and the body of my Wet Job giver. My senses could not separate the difference between dreaming and actually participating, as many more hands appeared, caressing and soothing me from head to toe, making me want for more, more of anything, more of everything, as I felt my body crashing through zones it had barely known to exist. Was this life after death… God if it was I wanted it so bad as my body craved for more. The hands were triggering zones of sensual excitement as the tongue was making my juices flow… No, pour out of my pussy lips. Suddenly a tongue was triggering one of my erogenous zones – but how could that be – my clip was already getting an overdose of pleasure. This second tongue, which was long and firm and curly, massaged in and around my ear sending me over the top with an enormous orgasm like I had had only a few so strong, before. Who was the owner of this tongue, and how did they get in the room – I did not hear them come in, nor did I see them strip down – how could I know they were totally naked as I was, but my senses told me they were. But they were different than the human form… In my trance like state I saw them as beautifully shaped bodies with medium sized but nice firm tit’s and a huge thick cock. Their head was more like a Unicorn and they had a serpent tail and large wings. Their fingers were only four on each hand and each finger had claws rather than finger nails, yet their touch was so light and sensual; in my mind my body gave a shudder as I imagined being impaled on top of that fat meaty hard cock. I realized that I wanted to be fucked by this creature more than anything else in the world and I wanted to be fucked right now, so hard and brutal yet so caring and gentle.  I wanted more than that – I wanted to be fucked like a whore; I wanted to be fucked up my arse; I wanted to have my cunt filled with that thick, hard monster cock. I wanted to wank and tug and suck on its massive dick. I wanted so so much more. I had never wanted to suck on another womans tit’s before, but with this beast of beauty in my mind, I was hungry to suck on it’s prominent nipples and cup those amazing tits, as it ravaged my body. My pussy licker was being encouraged by these creatures to devour my cunt as they continued to sensualy rub its body all over with a cream than seemed to be produced through the palms of it’s hands. Priming its own cock, I watched as a creature aligned itself up to fuck the pussy licker doggy style. I was mesmerised as I watched the creature peel back its protective hood and lubricate its donkey cock head. Then, as if in slow motion, I watched as the head of its massive cock entered the body of the pussy licker, spreading the cunt lips wider and wider until the cunt was fully impaled. I was so aroused – I wanted that so bad! Slowly, at first, it began to pump in and out of the pussy lickers cunt building up speed and finally after what seemd like hours, it pumped its load deep inside my lickers cunt. Watching someone else get fucked as I drifted in this euphoric state made me want to be the one being fucked and sucked and fornicated on again and again and again. I watched as the serpent pulled its cock out of my lickers cunt. Then just as the serpents cum began to back flow out of her cunt, the serpent picker up my licker, as if she were a match stick, turned her around and sat her down right on my face. My licker learnt forward and again began to eat me out. Now covered in a flow of juices my body lusted for more. My tongue lapped at the endless flow of serpent and cum juices hungering for more. Just as I watched myself being covered in serpent cum, another serpent moved in between my legs and as it lifted my lickers head up from my cunt, it pushed its massive pedastool head into her mouth. I was in awe as I watched my lickers saliva coat the thick meaty cock. Then withdrawing from my lickers mouth, it primed its ten inch cunt fucker at the opening of my engorged pussy lips, just prior to pushing itself into my cunt in one powerful stroke. I was then fucked so relentlesly; I lost count of the orgasms and time. Never before had I been fucked by such a large thick cock, which pounded me into oblivion, took me to amazing places, and filled my cunt with loads of serpent cum juices. I wanted more; I had to have more. I could not stop now – my body lusted for anything; I did not care. My licker was now cuddled up close to the serpent, sucking on its gorgeous tits and swollen nipples. I felt insatiably horny and wanted to be part of the action, but could only fantasize about the size of their cocks and tits. Then it happened! I was rolled onto my stomach and made to suck on one of the thick serpent cocks, as I felt a cold dampness around my anal opening. With my mouth full of Serpent meat my arse was filled with more cock than it could ever imagine. Whilst I could not believe how horny it made me having my arse filled to maximum depth, my body went into unheralded orgasms which were driven by hours of unadulterated lust and pleasure. I did not want this dream, if it was a dream, to end…

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