Ian's Indiscretions: Chrissie, the rampant nurse.

…the one that nearly cost me my marriage…

She dropped her racquet to the floor and fixing her gaze on me, lifted up her skirt to reveal no panties and a gorgeous landing strip blonde minge. To say I was gobsmacked was an understatement. It’s not that I haven’t been thinking of her in this way, I have for weeks, months even, it’s just I hadn’t envisioned it happening like this.

“What are you doing?” I mutter.

“Do I need to spell it out to you? I want you, Ian. I want you to take me and fuck me now.”

“What! Here?”

“ Look around Ian. There’s a reason I booked court 8. It’s why everyone books court 8 ! There’s no viewing gallery. Now, are you going to leave me waiting here like this, or are you going to come over here, get your cock out and fuck me?”

I’m sitting in the car for what seems like ages now, as I wait for Ian to come out of Christine’s house.

Ian told me he’d only be about ten or fifteen minutes at most, but as usual he’s under-estimated things. I’ve read the magazine from cover to cover now, and looking at the clock on the dashboard, it’s already turned into half an hour.

Christine, or Chrissie as Ian prefers to call her, is a ward nurse at the hospital Ian also works at, indeed they’re often ‘on call’ together especially at weekends, so it isn’t unusual for Ian to visit her home, in fact he’s been doing so quite regularly in recent weeks, and those are just the occasions I know about!

Their work time together has also led to the odd shared social event too. Just last month I heard Ian telling a friend about a game of squash they’d played together. “She was fucking rampant!” I heard him exclaim, to which his mate guffawed before asking “How did you explain those to the wife?” As I walked in he’d evidently been showing his friend the friction burns he’d acquired on both knees and elbows after that particularly frantic ‘match’….

Personally, I’m not really sure what to make of her. In her early thirties, a good few years younger than Ian, she’s no doubt a good looking woman, with long blonde curly hair, which softens her angular features. She’s an air of confidence about her, but there’s also something more devious about her too – under the outer facade, I sense a real bitch lurking underneath.

It’s no coincidence she’s been making a beeline for me recently, whenever our paths cross in the street. The conversations though invariably turn to Ian, and knowing how close I am to both him and his wife, even one or two probing questions about their relationship.

Seems pretty obvious to me she fancies Ian, what I’m not so sure about is if the feeling’s mutual. He’s spoken a fair bit about her in recent times too, I’ve even witnessed the odd argument with his wife and her name is usually to the fore. Pat’s obviously already aware of the threat this woman may pose to both her and their marriage.

My thoughts come back to the present, and I look at the clock once more and its thirty five minutes now. Fuck this! I think to myself and opening the door I get out of the car. I walk across the road and down the drive. I knock on the door but there’s no answer. A second time and again, the same result.

Obviously they can’t hear me, I think and with that take it upon myself to enter the house.

I pop my head round the door of the front room but there’s no one there, the kitchen is also similarly empty. Hmm. As I stand there wondering where they can possibly be, I hear the first signs of life, faint noises coming from the room directly above here, upstairs. Ah ha!

I presume the office must be upstairs, so I decide to go up and find them and remind Ian that we need to be getting a move on or we’ll be late at this rate…

As I reach the staircase I hear Chrissie’s voice talking gently, softly and seductively together with gentle laughter and muffled, rhythmic banging. Something’s not right, I think to myself, so I creep along the corridor now, careful as I can. But it’s not my house, I don’t know the ins and outs of it, and a floorboard beneath my foot creaks out loud. I stand frozen to the spot, like a soldier who’s just inadvertently stepped on a landmine…

The noises from the room continue unabated and I allow myself to breathe again. Slowly, surely, I edge towards the room from which they’re emanating. As I reach the door, it isn’t closed, but isn’t open enough for me to see into the room either. Their voices are urgent but hushed, like they don’t want to be heard or found out. I ever so gently push the door open, inch by inch, and as I do, can slowly start to make out what is being said.

“Don’t stop, Ian. Don’t stop fucking meeee..” is the first thing I clearly hear and I freeze on the spot, a mixture of emotions surging through me as my suspicions are confirmed. I feel as if I owe it to Ian’s wife to storm in at this point, but something inside stops me. Instead, I gather myself and slowly start to move the door open a little more.

“Oh Chrissie!” I hear Ian’s voice say.

The door is now over half way ajar and I can now see a large double wardrobe, with what looks like, yes it is, a full length mirror running down its middle. As I push the door just a further, finally I can see the mirror fully now and in its reflection I am met by the sight of Chrissie on all fours on the bed, with Ian stood behind her. Both of them are fully naked and I can see Ian’s butt cheeks contracting and relaxing as he pumps his hardness in to her firm, neat little ass, causing the whole bed to shake and the headboard to knock against the wall.

Her long blonde hair is spread along her back and Ian grabs a handful and pulls her head back.

“Yes!!” gasps Chrissie, “Pull my hair, Ian. Pull my hair while you fuck me like a whore!”

Her words clearly turn Ian on, as his thrusting increases in intensity and he whispers something in her ear that I can’t quite hear, but it something that produces a throaty giggle from her.

I step back behind the door as I collect my thoughts and control my emotions, my heart feels like it’s about to burst out my chest and I’m breathing heavy. I don’t know what else I was expecting, in reality I suspected something like this was going on, but even so it still comes as a shock. Suddenly I’m aware the banging of the headboard has stopped.

Fuck! Have I been heard or seen? A cold shiver runs down my back and my stomach is in knots as I wait for Ian to confront me.
But nothing.

And then slowly the sex noises begin again…

Slurping, licking sounds can be heard as I slowly inch back to regain my vantage point and now Chrissie has turned round and is sucking his cock. Ian has his eyes closed and is holding her long, blond curly locks in his hands, as she cradles his balls in her hand and licks at his tip.

“Oh my God, Chrissie!” Ian gasps, “That is wonderful.”

Chrissie smiles and continues to work on him, her tongue flicking and licking, teasing at his head, before slowly sliding down the full length of his shaft to engulf one of his balls in her mouth, the hand that previously held them now wanking his shaft instead.

Releasing the swollen sack, her tongue follows the line of his cock back to the bell-end, before taking his glistening, throbbing length into her mouth, inch by inch until she’s up to the hilt. Chrissie start to bob her head on him and by the look on his face I think he’s going to cum there and then. Chrissie perhaps senses this too, as abruptly she stops blowing him and they both stand up once more.

For the first time I can see Chrissie fully naked, and I have to admit that she looks better naked than she does clothed. Her long, curly blonde hair is down now and tumbles over her face and down on to her breasts. They are a little bigger than I’d imagined, but still by no means large, tits rather than boobs, pert and shapely with big perky nipples on top, swollen and wet from the attention they’ve obviously been receiving.

A spell of kissing and caressing ensues, its tender, romantic even, but comes to end when Ian pushes her back on to the bed and slowly inch by inch enters her in missionary.

Between sighs and grunts, Chrissie continues to encourage Ian with her dirty talk and with her nails digging into his back and bottom.

“That’s it!” she gasps, “Fuck me, Ian! Fuck your little nurse whore! Take me there with that lovely fat cock of yours!”

Chrissie’s dirty talk shocks me. And it’s in stark contrast to how she behaves in public. Whenever I’ve spoken to her she seems so prim and proper, ‘posh’ even, as they say around our way. I guess you know what they say about nurses!

The headboard is banging away again to Ian’s thrusts, and I realise this is what I heard when I first entered the house. Chrissies legs are high up in the air, and I can see that Ian is deep inside her as a result, his balls slapping against her labia and making an almost comical noise and pulling back from the doorway, I resist the brief urge to giggle. I remain undetected and look down to notice my own hardness for the first time protruding against my trousers, but resist the urge to stroke myself.

“Let me ride you, Ian. I want you to cum inside me when I’m on top. I want to look into your eyes when you cum, Ian…” come Chrissie’s next requests’ and there are no objections from Ian. Instead he withdraws and I look away as his red, hard member throbs away, glistening with their combined love juices, temporarily separated from its new cosy home, like a beached whale desperately looking for the sanctuary of the sea.

As I peek again, Chrissie is slowly lowering herself down on him, inch by inch, her pussy lips enveloping his hardness as if they were made to be together.

“God I love your cock!” she exclaims, “so fucking fat! I could it screw it all day.”

She’s highly aroused now, riding him hard, grinding her pussy on top of him, her hands caressing his chest and stomach, his hands on her bottom, squeezing and kneading her cheeks, as he moans beneath her. I’m mesmerized by what I’m witnessing.

Ian’s hands finally let go of her backside and instead rest on Chrissie’s hips, as she bucks on top of him, for all the world a rodeo star.

“God, you’re so fucking beautiful.” Ian utters, as Chrissie looks down on him with a smile.

Slowly Ian’s hands move round to her front and grasps at her tits, which had been bouncing temptingly in front of his eyes for too long now. As he squeezes and gropes at her, Chrissie lets out a gasp and throws her head back, letting her juices flow freely over his cock.

“Oh fuck!” she exclaims, before bringing her hands to rest on top of his.

Ian surely won’t be long after her now, and so it proves, seeing her orgasm seems to be the catalyst for him too, as he declares, “I’m going to cum, Chrissie!”

“Cum inside me, Ian. Shoot your hot semen inside my pussy!” she encourages, not that its needed at this stage!

I watch as they climax. Ian is thrusting into her now from below, as she dances on his cock from above, the net result making her hair dance spectacularly, his hands still on her tits, pressing and kneading them, her nipples standing erect and proud and protruding from between his fingers.

“Fuck, yes!” shouts Chrissie, in response to Ian’s first orgasmic groan, and she fixes her eyes on his like lasers, drinking in the ecstasy and contortions on his face, as his hot spunk shoots high up inside her.

Holding hands now, Ian twitches several more times, as he unloads the contents of his balls inside her tight little cunt, groaning at each thrust, all the while Chrissie beaming down on her man, as he demonstrates his need for her in the most basic of ways.

Collapsing on top of him, several seconds later, they embrace and kiss, softly, delicately, Chrissie’s hand running through his hair, as she lays to his side. They engage in intimate whispers and giggles and Chrissie’s hand wanders down to his softening cock, gently stroking it and tracing her fingers down to his balls.

“That was wonderful, darling.” she says, and the familiarity of her actions and the term of endearment tells me this clearly isn’t the first time.

I creep slowly backwards, leaving the adulterous couple to their small talk and ponder the situation. There are people that should probably know about this sordid little affair. Chrissie’s husband for starters, though I don’t really even know him. Ian’s wife too, though I’m not sure what good it would do, and I know she’d be heart-broken. Both have kids too, imagine what would happen to the families if this should ever get out.

I make my way back into the living room and wait for them to come back downstairs. I always knew Ian had an eye for the ladies, but I didn’t know he actually liked to play the field.

Ten minutes later and they finally make their appearance. Ian still red faced and flustered looking, Chrissie all smiling and confident, quite literally the cat that got the cream!

“Oh didn’t realise you’d come in, Mark.” Ian stutters, clearly flustered to see me here.

“Sorry, needed to use the loo, so let myself in. Hope you didn’t mind, Christine?”

“Not at all.” came Chrissie’s hesitant reply, “Did you find it ok? We were just finishing off in the office.” she adds, unconvincingly.

“Ah right. All done and dusted, then?” I ask

“Yep. Got there in the end!” comes her reply, to which I also note Chrissie flash Ian a quick, flirtatious grin.

I’ll never look at her in the same light again, I think to myself, though I have to admit she has a wonderful post-coital glow across her cheeks as she smiles radiantly. I also note she hasn’t put her bra back on and her nipples still seem partially erect beneath her cotton shirt. I can definitely see the attractions of Ian’s little nymph nurse.

As I step outside and go down to the passenger side of Ian’s car in the drive, Ian has a final word with Chrissie on the doorstep. They don’t dare risk a kiss in front of me, but I sense both of them want a final moment of intimacy before they go their separate ways again. I can’t hear what is said, but Chrissie nods and smiles and then can’t resist a little peck on Ian’s cheek. They part after a gentle hug, that lasts a little longer than it would were they just friends or colleagues, and then she waves at me as Ian joins me in the car.

“Hmmm, all looked very cosy.” I probe.

“Don’t be daft. She’s just a colleague, you know that.” comes Ian’s defensive reply.

As he starts up the car and switches the radio on I decide to drop it at this point. This will be my little secret, I think to myself – for now at least…

I hadn’t seen Chrissie for some time now, until I bumped into her in the street again this morning, on her way to take her toddler to nursery school.

It was impossible to miss the fact that she was clearly pregnant, several months at least, fatter in the face, with a little bump showing on her usually flat tummy and breasts noticeably larger than I’d ever seen them before..

Despite her outward appearance as we chatted it became quickly apparent things were far from okay. She told me how her husband and her had split up and though they hadn’t given up on their marriage entirely, a lot of work needed to be done to save it.

Again, she asked about Ian. She said she missed working with him, after he’d applied for and got a post elsewhere in the hospital. I told her he’d been having a bit of a rough time too, but that he and Pat had seemingly resolved their issues.

I held back from telling her that in order to save their own marriage, Pat had insisted Ian had a vasectomy. Maybe now I understand a little more of the ‘why’.

As we went our separate ways, I couldn’t help but ponder the fact that no matter how hard people try to conceal them, some secret’s are destined to come out into the open…

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