I Knew It Wasn't Right But…

People are always going to judge someone. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, how you live your life, who you date, what kind of car you drive, or how much money you have in the bank. You can live in a three million dollar house and you’ll be judged. You can live in a one room apartment that looks like a dump and you’ll be judged. It just depends on who’s opinion you actually care about, and what you think about the person or people judging you.

I’ve always been judged. By the way I act, my maturity level (or lack of according to some people), my personality, or the way that I do what I do. And I really do care what people think, but I know they won’t change their mind, so I decided a long time ago to not bother stopping what I wanted to do.

One problem I’ve always had, quite honestly, was that regardless of my age as I got older, I was hugely attracted to younger girls. It didn’t matter that I was in my late 20’s and they were sixteen or seventeen. It didn’t matter if I was in my mid 30’s and they might have just hit college age. That didn’t bother me. I just liked who I liked, and I was attracted to who I was attracted to. Even this day, I still have a huge sexual turn on by girls that are more than half my age and then some. I just do what I do, and enjoy what I do. But one thing I never thought I’d ever find any attraction for was someone that was remotely related to me, someone within my family pool, and especially the person that I ended up having fantasies about. My sixteen year old niece. Now you can say what you want. You’re going to judge me regardless, once I mentioned my age, and the fact that I was attracted to significantly younger girls. Sure, a girl likes an older dude, she’s in it for the money, for a sugar daddy or whatever the case may be. People are just fucking stupid. They don’t realize the girl may actually like the guy. But in the case of a guy, he’s a pervert, a pedophile or whatever else might want to call him. Me? I just got horny thinking about younger girls, and my hormones would go crazy having sex with someone I knew I shouldn’t be sleeping with. Now I have to admit, initially I had nothing more than a “Wow, what would it be like to make out with her” that eventually led to, “God she’s fucking sexy. I’d love to sleep with her” but it never led me to pursuing anything. I would just look, fantasize, and I can’t tell you how many times I’d go home and masturbate, thinking about doing shit with her. Until one night when it all changed. The ironic thing is, Kara wasn’t even my type. The age thing, yes, I’ll admit always had my interest. But I’d look at her, and I’d see a girl with a huge set of boobs, a bigger body, and although she had a really cute face, just someone I was not physically into. At all. Even with my hormones, and my sex drive, and my overwhelming urge to fuck girls half my age; she’d flirt with me, I’d flirt back, and then pleasantly laugh it off and go home, go back to doing what I was doing, or just do my life thing. That is, until I saw her in a bikini, saw just exactly how fucking amazing her boobs looked. I caught myself staring at her coming out of the pool with that bikini soaking wet, dripping with water, her chest soaking wet from the pool, and I could see her nipples poking out in the bikini top. I couldn’t believe I was laying in the beach chair next to the pool, and I could feel my dick growing hard in my bathing suit shorts. And for whatever reason, Kara looked at me, saw me stretched out, and said, “Hey Uncle Joey, why not take your shirt off and jump into the pool?” Doing something so out of the ordinary I think it even surprised me. I took it off, and I jumped into the pool. It wasn’t that I don’t like water. It’s not that I don’t enjoy swimming. I’m in pretty damn good shape for my early forties. But I just don’t typically go swimming. I’m more into the sun tan thing, lounging around, and enjoying myself. But when I saw Kara in the pool, I’m not sure if it was being curious, wanting to actually go swimming, or just be near her in that bikini, I just went for it. I splashed her, she giggled, and then swimming over to me, pushed me against the wall. And without even hesitating, I splashed her, pushed her against the wall, and slapped her ass. She giggled. Kara turned around and looked at me. “All sorts of energy huh? That’s sexy for an old dude like you,” Kara said with a laugh. “What do you mean old dude? I’m not that old. Come on.” I slapped her ass again. “You better watch out Uncle Joey. You keep doing that, and you might end up in a situation you can’t handle,” Kara said. I looked at her and laughed. “Oh yeah, what situation is that?” I finally said. “Well, I like guys slapping my ass. And if it’s a guy I like, that might get me worked up. And I don’t know if you could handle that,” Kara said. I just laughed. “Well, I’m your uncle. That’s kind of creepy don’t you think?” Kara blushed, her face beet read, and said, “Nope. Not really. You’re not like my dad or something. Just an uncle. So not creepy to me. Especially when the guy is a hot older dude.” Kara said. That shocked me. Hot older dude? Yeah. I’d never had anyone say that. This was  first. And I liked it. So decided to keep going with it. “And what would you do with that hot older dude if you had the chance?” I finally said. “Don’t you wish you knew?” Kara said to me, swimming away. I swam after her. I finally caught up to her at the other side of the pool. Standing in the shallow end, I wasn’t more than a couple of feet away from her. “Why don’t you show me?” I finally challenged her. Kara stood there in the water. Slowly, she moved over towards me. I was backing up, without realizing it.  “What’s the matter Uncle Joey? You scared?” Kara said with a giggle. “Nope. I’m not scared of anything. Show me what you’ve got,” I finally said. She pushed up against me. Pushing me against the wall of the swimming pool, I couldn’t help but staring at her boobs. I couldn’t help feeling them push against my bare chest. Kara was looking into my eyes. She said nothing. And then she pushed her mouth against mine. I didn’t know what to do. So I just went with it. I pushed my lips against hers and started kissing her back. Not more than a couple of seconds into it, I felt her mouth open. I opened mine. She slipped her tongue into my mouth.  Christ it felt good. So good, I felt my dick growing hard inside my bathing suit shorts. I knew she felt it, because she backed up, blushing, and finally said, “Are you getting a hard on?” I nodded, smiled and said, “Yep.” She pushed against me again. I knew what she was doing. And even though physically she’s not really a girl I’d be into, I was curious. So I pushed against her again. Pushing back, I knew my dick was going up against her thin bikini fabric. I knew that she could feel the head of my dick pushing against, because my bathing suit shorts were really thin, and my dick was hard. Kara finally stopped kissing me, looked at me, and said, “What now?”   To be continued….  

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