Hurricane, Hot Wax And Thick Globs Of Cum

A good girl enjoys her kinky side during a stormy night.

I’m from the north and had only been living in the south for two weeks when the forecasters put me into a collision course with my first hurricane. I didn’t know what to expect. I planned to run to higher ground until the hot guy I met while walking across campus invited me to a hurricane party at his house.

For the record, it wasn’t like I met with him, then two hours later I was going to his house. We hung out a few times, but before that stormy night, we’d never really done anything other than kiss.

The party was like any other college party in most ways. A keg in the kitchen, maybe a little bit more liquor than normal. However, the windows had tape across them and everyone kept checking their phones for the latest update from the national hurricane center.

Sometime after midnight, the winds started to get stronger and we lost power. Some people scurried home at that point. I hunkered down in Steve’s bedroom where he promised we didn’t have to do anything.

It started with making out in the candlelit room. As rain and wind pelted the side of the house, clothes came off and he put on a condom. I’ll be honest…it wasn’t anything to write home about. Blame the alcohol. The sex was awkward and unsatisfying.

We laid in bed afterward, trying to get to sleep. However, the weather was loud and the temperature in the house was steadily increasing with no air conditioning.

At some point, we returned to making out again. He became hard again, but he had another idea this time. “Ever play with candles?”

I shook my head, no. I was curious about what he was thinking, but also a little nervous. I barely knew him and had no idea what he had in mind.

A grin appeared on his face. His hands squeezed my breasts, before one reached to the nightstand. “You’ll like this…I promise.”

I wanted to believe him.

One hand held the candle over my stomach. The other hand slid between my legs. He slid a finger into me and I let out a loud moan. All of the house would’ve heard me If it wasn’t for all of the rain, wind and thunder.

He found me wetter than I had expected. He finger fucked me as the candle flickered.

He tilted the candle and I held my breath. The wax dripped and splattered onto my soft flesh. It stung to the point that my eyes watered. Yet mixed with the pleasure his fingers created, it made something that I wanted more of.

He didn’t have to ask me if I wanted more. He read my reaction and tilted the candle again.

This time he poured the hot liquid across my waist. Far more wax than the first time. It burned painfully. I bit my lip to keep from screaming. I knew it was going to leave a mark.

I wanted more. My hips started to move against his fingers as he slid them deep into my wetness.

“Fuck me,” I said as I reached out for his cock. I stroked it, but he didn’t give me what I thought I wanted.

He fingered me harder and moved the candle up. Our eyes locked as he poured the wax across my breasts, along my cleavage and over my nipples.

The pain intense, especially across my nipples. I could’ve cried. Instead, a deep moan came from within me and an orgasm exploded inside of me. My body went stiff as he slammed his fingers into me. My eyes closed and pure pleasure mixed with pure pain. It made me forget about the storm. It even made me forget about our first lackluster fuck. He had me wrapped around his fingers.

His cum mixed with the hot wax that stuck onto my skin before my orgasm was over. I had barely touched him, but the way I looked, or maybe the way I moaned was enough for him. His thick globs of cum shot hard, landing from between my tits to between my hips.

I’ll never forget how my front side looked in that candlelight after that.

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