Heat Wave

She arrives before he does, parking up on the third floor as it has the least amount of cars. She sends him a text.

Third floor

Staying in the car with the AC on full blast, she shivers, welcoming the cool air. It’s only then she hears the roar of a motorcycle. It isn’t just one but two.

“Now he needs a bodyguard or something?” She mutters to herself, as she climbs out of the car as he approaches, she slams the door to make sure he knows she is annoyed with him.

“What, you need a buddy system now?” She smiles sweetly at Maverick, who gives her a wave.

“Not like that. We were on a run, so he tagged along.”

“Yeah, okay.” She knows he’s telling the truth, but it doesn’t make her any less annoyed with him.

“What’s up, Laynie?” Miles asks her, as he removes his helmet, placing it on one of the handlebars. Climbing off his bike, he takes a step towards Laynie, but still giving her space.

After everything that’s happened, her emotions are on the verge of tumbling out and boiling over in anger rather than love, even though that is what she has for him.

“If you have any feelings for me, Miles, you’ll fuck me right here and now!” The words are out of her mouth before she can stop them, though she truly does mean it.


Her tone is angry, as if she doesn’t actually want it, but her body language says otherwise.

Looking at Laynie, he jabs a thumb in Maverick’s direction. “You want me to fuck you in front of him?” Dumbstruck, Miles looks over at his buddy, who’s too busy texting with his latest conquest, some ditzy girl he met in a bar. Those are his favorite kind of girls, the type whose IQ is the same as her shoe size. Ones you’d never dream of taking her home to meet mom, but have no problem banging after only a night of knowing her. Miles never understood why, but he didn’t concern himself enough with Maverick’s love life to care.

Even at the mention of his name, Maverick doesn’t look up. As he leans against one of the pillars, his long, black hair worn down, hanging around his shoulders. His skin is like a fine piece of dark chocolate, toned and rippling with muscles. A man who prides himself on being in shape and loves to talk about working out with anyone who is willing to listen.

Laynie is your typical girl next door hottie. She has dark, raven hair styled into a pixie cut, which she keeps swept to the side. Never one to wear much makeup, she’s a natural beauty, soft spoken, but means what she says and doesn’t tolerate bullshit. She’s the kind of chick who doesn’t take any crap from any man for any reason. Which Miles finds to be the sexiest thing he’s ever seen in a woman.

With Laynie leaning her hip against the side of her car, near the front tire, silence fills the dusty, multi-story parking garage. Even on the third level, it’s hot, barely a breeze coming through the large openings in all four directions. Though when it does, it dances lightly through Laynie’s dark hair, reminding Miles of the scent of her Jasmine shampoo, as if he could ever forget even if he tried. Her bright blue eyes seemed more clouded over, like an angry storm brewing and he knows it’s his fault.

Only an arm’s reach away , wanting to give her space, his own green eyes stare at the ground for a brief moment before looking back up at her. His blonde hair sticking to the back of his neck as the humid air lingers, he can feel the beads of sweat gathering on his forehead. He regrets wearing his biker boots in this heat, wishing he’d worn his sneakers. His feet feel like they’re on fire. His dark jeans, which hug his hips perfectly, feel rather uncomfortable, and he’s longing to be naked in his own home. More sweat rolls down his back, soaking his shirt. His lips stick together slightly, longing for a cold glass of beer.

It’s Laynie who breaks the silence. Miles knows she can’t stand the silent treatment, his communication skills have never been up to par. “That’s what I thought,” she says, turning on her heel. Even as fuming mad as she is coming off, her eyes look like they’re pleading with him to close the space between them, for him to embrace her and it pulls at his heart strings to look at her with so much pain in her eyes. She fumbles with retrieving her keys from her bag, but before she can, Miles grabs her wrists, almost too firmly, afraid she might slip through his grasp and be lost forever.

He knows he should say something, but he doesn’t know the right words so he obeys. He pulls her close enough that he can feel the globes of her breasts pressing against him. Surely, if she’s as attuned to him as he is to her, she can feel his heart slamming against his ribcage, his pulse rapidly pounding. Without a second thought, his lips cover hers, sucking her tongue into his mouth. A soft moan follows as she grips him tightly. It’s as if the ground is suddenly falling from under them and he’s the only one to save her from falling too.

Pushing her back against her Thunderbird, his hands slide up her thighs to cup her ass, only to discover she has no panties on. He groans. How naughty she can be. He knows she’s doing it for him and he loves it. He lifts her onto the hood of the car and she lets out a small yelp as the baking hot car burns her flesh. But it’s not enough to slow them down. Miles moves to tear open the little button up shirt that covers her beautiful, handful sized breasts. Ah, yes, no bra either. Not that she needs one with how small her breasts are. Squeezing them, he runs his palms over her nipples, feeling them grow harder with every touch.

Laynie takes action, moving deftly over his buckle, working his thick rod out of his jeans. The blood already started to rush to the lower head the moment she stepped out of her car only a few minutes ago. Has it really only been a few minutes?

Maverick glances up to sneak a peek. He’s always had a bit of voyeur in him, but Miles flashes him a look to let him know his gazing privileges have a shelf life, which are expiring as of now.. But he can’t blame his friend, Laynie being smoking hot.


They’ve been dancing around it for months. They met when she went to his club with her friend, Mandy, who was dating Joey, another member of his biker gang.

That first night, they danced and flirted, and even made out a little. He seemed surprised she’d be so bold, but he was anything but complaining. She didn’t have to guess just how much he wanted to bury his prick inside her pretty young pussy. She told him she’d just turned twenty three, which was ten years his junior. She didn’t doubt he’d been with his share of young girls, but the way he’d looked at her made Laynie feel like she was in her own special category of seductiveness.

When she was about to leave that night, Miles refused to let her have her jacket until she gave him her number. She desperately wanted to, finding him to be incredibly hot, and even though he was in a biker’s gang, really sweet. Though she doubted highly that they wanted the same things. She wanted and needed a man who was going to be a constant in her life, not to be a notch on some man’s bedpost.

She refused him and he reluctantly gave in,. He respected her choice. He didn’t seem too concerned, though, and she later found out he got Joey to ask Mandy for it, who was all too willing to hand out her best friend’s phone number to a stranger.

Over the next several weeks, Laynie would go with Mandy when she went to see Joey,. They had started dating, but Mandy didn’t like going alone to hang out with a bunch of perverted biker guys making nasty comments that made her pussy wet. something she would never admit to anyone but Laynie.

Laynie would go. Of course, that’s what friends were for. She hung out with a few of the guys, who treated her more like a kid sister than a piece of meat. The rumor was that Miles had put claims on her, so no other brother could touch her or he’d kick their ass. Whenever Miles was around, he’d take up all her attention. He gave off every signal that said he loved getting to know her. And even though Laynie tried not to, she was starting to fall for him.

One night, after several drinks too many, Laynie and Miles were in the pool long after many of the others had passed out. The whole day had been far too hot, easily pushing over a hundred degrees. Even the evening didn’t cool off, with humid air lingering so thick you could cut a knife through it. Miles dragged Laynie into the water, and they started making out and fondling one another. This was as far as they’d gone, but Laynie felt like that was going to be the night. Until she fucked it all up…

Her hand was wrapped around his cock, feeling the width of it made her ache, and she moaned into his ear as he nibbled on her neck. “I’m falling in love with you,” she confessed, feeling as though that was the moment she could admit her true feelings.

Miles suddenly pushed her back, breaking their embrace, her fingers slipping from his stiff cock. His expression was cold and hard, as if she’d just admitted to something horrible.

“You can’t love me! You don’t even know me. God! Why would you say something so stupid.” He spat out his words like venom. “You’re just like all the girls before you.”

“I do know you!” She cried out. “We’ve spent many nights talking about everything, from our pasts, to what we want in our future. How fucked up this world is and how lucky we were to find someone we could relate to. Don’t tell me what I can and cannot feel!” Her own voice rose higher as her anger grew.

“You know nothing,” Miles growled.

Before she could even get a chance to retaliate, he was climbing out of the pool. She was left standing there with her heart shattered into a million pieces. Why did she say anything? She knew not to fall in love with a biker. She did feel stupid, he was right about that.


This isn’t how he intended their first time to be, but it isn’t like he hasn’t done this before. Spreading her apart, he’s about to have what he’s longed for. He leans in closer and plunges his cock into the broiling heat of her willing pussy. She’s soaking wet and tight for the taking. Both of them groan out, causing Maverick to glance up, but only for a moment. It isn’t like it’s his first time seeing one of his buddies fuck a girl.

“It’s about damn time,” Maverick mumbles, as he shakes his head, looking back down at his phone.

Tongues wrestling, Miles is trying to take control as Laynie digs her nails into his flesh, her own tongue darting into his mouth. Her ass is as hot as the hood of the car, slick with sweat, and with every thrust she slides along the hot metal. Now that he’s finally inside her, neither of them have a care in the world. Thrusting into her, she moans out his name, only to feel his pace quicken. He loves hearing her say his name, especially now, and she was looking just fine with the results.

A breeze blows through again, giving them a small relief, the distant sound of a train whistle blows at the same time. Laynie wraps her legs around Miles for better support, his own hands gripping her hips, taking deep, long strokes up inside her. The curve of his shaft caresses her g-spot beautifully, sending her closer to orgasm.


Almost three weeks went by with no word. Laynie thought she was going to go insane. She texted him several times to apologize. She called, leaving angry voicemails. She even went to the club alone to see if he was around. No sign of him anywhere. It felt to her like he’d never existed at all. Maybe she’d made him up. She didn’t doubt she’d do something so foolish, but she knew it wasn’t the case this time. She knew he was real.

After the third, unannounced visit to the club, Miles finally reached out. He showed up at her door, banging on it like the police would, scaring her half to death, but she still answered.

“Have you become my own personal stalker now, Laynie? What gives with you showing up looking for me? You’re not my old lady!” he roared, coming into her apartment uninvited, pissing her off more than the words he threw at her.

“How dare I? How fucking dare I?! You’re the one who got my number through someone else, even though I said no. You’re the one who spent weeks and weeks chasing me around, getting to know me, making out with me, making me feel like your old lady, as you so nicely put it, and I started to get feelings for you. I wasn’t aware that is somehow against the fucking law, Miles!”

He slammed the door with such force the pictures on the wall rattled, but it didn’t faze either of them. Like two boxers ready for a fight, glaring at one another, you’d think they were about to throw down. But if it were up to Laynie she’d have jumped into his arms and held him close, bathed him in kisses and told him how sorry she was.

“You can’t be in love with me. With the life I’ve chosen, it’s too dangerous to have anyone so close to me. You could get hurt and it’d be my fault and I’d never forgive myself.”

His words took her by surprise. It was not what she thought was going to be the reason for his asshole ways as of late. It was almost hard to wrap her mind around it.

“But isn’t that my choice? To take that risk if I want to be with you? Why would you get to know me and spend so much time with me if you didn’t want to take it further?”

Laynie refused to break down and sob like a girl. Although that was exactly what she wanted to do, but she just couldn’t. She’d save it for later when she was alone and there was no one to see her be so weak.

“At first it was because I wanted to fuck you. I’m sorry if that’s harsh, but I’m a man. But then…I don’t know. I started to get to know you and I adore the way your mind works. You’re talented and smart, sweet but strong. All the things I like in a woman. But it doesn’t change the facts. I can’t risk you getting hurt, I just can’t.”

“If you can stand there and say that you’re not in love with me, not even a little, I’ll say goodbye and not be a bother for you anymore. I want you to be dead honest though, Miles. Be fair.”

Holding her own, she stood there looking as strong as ever, but on the inside she was screaming. Scared he was going to admit he had no feelings, that it had been one-sided all along and she’d have to keep her word and let him go. All she wanted to do was be held by him, to breathe deeply into him, memorizing his scent, and kiss his lips once more.

“Laynie, it isn’t that easy. Can’t you understand where I am coming from at all?” Miles almost looked like a wounded puppy, sad almost. It was nearly impossible not to hold her ground.

“I do understand, but I need you to tell me the truth. That’s all I want.”

“Damn you! Damn it to hell, yes, Laynie, I love you! I do fucking love you. Does it make you happy? Do you think it changes anything? I can’t let you get hurt because of me!”

Miles’ anger got the better of him. Gliding past her in three long strides, he ripped the door open, walking through and slamming it shut. The sound of his boots descending the stairs were all Laynie heard, or maybe it was her heart slamming in her chest.

Laynie was going to let it drop. Over the next month she did her best to forget him. To force him to be with her was like beating a dead horse. So why should she bother? But everything reminded her of him. Anytime she heard a motorcycle she thought it was him finally coming back to her. Whenever she spent time at the beach or in a pool, she thought of him. Most of all, she thought about him when it was extremely hot. All those days and nights they’d spent together trying to keep cool. She missed those times the most because they spent them talking. Not that she had no desire to fuck him. She wanted that so much it left her aching for him.

When she thought she could finally let it all go, Mandy told her she and Joey had gotten engaged. Laynie was over the moon happy for them, but did her best not to flip shit. How was it dangerous for her to be with Miles, but not for Mandy to be with Joey? Joey wasn’t any different from Miles or any of the other members of the club.

The next morning, Laynie was still furious about the whole thing and decided to text Miles.

Meet me at Sunset Parking Lot. I need to speak to you NOW!

She capitalized the last word to show she meant business, and not to ignore her or he’d regret it. Before he even responded, she changed her clothes, throwing on as little as possible, given how hot it was.

Her phone chirped.

On my way…

He better know what’s up. Try and brush me off and I’ll really get mad, she thought. She grabbed her car keys and hauled ass to the parking lot. She wasn’t even sure why she suggested the place, of all places, but it was obvious she hadn’t been thinking clearly when she sent the text. It didn’t matter where they met anyway. She wasn’t even sure what she was going to say.


Slipping too far off the hood, Miles presses his hands onto her stomach and slides her back up, allowing him to get deeper inside her. He groans out, loving how wet she is for him. He had no idea she’d feel so good. He knows there’s no turning back now. He’s in love with her and now that he’s been inside her he’ll never let her go. He can’t. This is the woman he is meant to be with. He’ll do anything to protect her from the club business.

His mouth searches for hers once more. He kisses her, not in the same hungry manner he normally does, but in a manner of love and desire. No one girl has ever made him feel the way she makes him feel. Which is truly alive, worth living for.

Deep stroke after deep stroke he drives himself into her. She moans out his name just as she tightens around him, coming around his still thrusting shaft. It’s enough to do him in. Joining her, he fills her pussy with his seed. Resting his head on her chest, he rolls his hips into her until he’s drained. The humid air grows thicker, but it doesn’t bother either of them in this moment.

“That was everything I was hoping for and more,” she whispers, running her fingers through his hair. “Are you going to run away after all that?”

“Absolutely not. I love you, Laynie. I shouldn’t have been too scared to trust in that.”

Miles helps her stand, both putting their clothes back on, not wanting to be indisposed for too long. They giggle over their daring public display.

“I’m pleased you’ve come to your senses,” she teases him.

“Come, I want to take you back to my place and make love to you properly. As I had always intended to. Not to mention getting out of the thick of the heat.”

Miles tosses Maverick Laynie’s car keys without a word. He knows he has to find a way to get it to Miles’ place. Not that it is much of an issue. A brother always helps another brother out when he can.

Laynie gets on the back of Miles’ bike, wrapping her arms tightly around him, he revs his bike to life before zooming out of the parking lot as fast as he can. The wind zipping through the air, cooling them off just slightly.

“I know what you have in store for me. And I, for one, can’t wait to find out!” She yells over the roaring sound of his motorcycle, squeezing her arms around him tighter.

“Oh baby, you know nothing. I plan to show you things you didn’t even know existed,” Miles chuckles, revving his bike once more, speeding faster than he knows he should. But he can’t wait to explore Laynie in every shape and form.

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