Grandpa's Weakness

I’m going to tell you a story about McKenzie and me. I’m not proud of what we’ve done, but I certainly can’t stop it, either. Nor do I want to!

McKenzie is my sixteen year old step-Granddaughter. Recently put in our care when her mother, my son’s second wife, was declared unfit, she moved in with us. Her father, my only son travels, spending little, if any time, at home, so, by default, she was ours.

For the most part, Mickey, as I’ve always called her, hasn’t been overly difficult, considering her age and circumstances, but it hasn’t been an easy transition. Dealing with teenage females is never easy, especially since I hadn’t done so in years. She has a habit of running around the house in her underwear when she’s not dressed provocatively for school. And I mean, provocatively!

I’m a retired teacher married to an O.R. nurse who still puts in a 50 hour work week, so the brunt of dealing with McKenzie is up to me.

Here’s the problem! McKenzie is an absolute fox! A fox who knows exactly how to get you thinking about things no Grandpa should. She is 5’8” tall, small but full breasts, shoulder length red hair, and blue eyes that could melt an iceberg. Combine that with a wife who has absolutely no interest in sex, and, well, you can see where this is going! Meg and I still share a bed, but we haven’t wrinkled the sheets in over six years.

About a month ago, shortly after my wife went to work at 5:30 on a Saturday morning, I was returning to bed after seeing her off. Walking by Mickey’s room, I heard a faint buzzing. Peeking in as I passed the door, I saw her rolling around the bed, her hands up against her crotch. I wanted to stop to figure out what was going on, but didn’t dare, not wanting to get caught invading her privacy. Besides, I had a pretty good idea, anyway.

Lying in my bed, I just couldn’t get the mental picture of my grand-daughter jilling off ten feet away. Sleep was impossible, especially after I heard a couple of stifled moans. Sporting a horrendous hard-on, I got up for good, went downstairs and got myself some breakfast, and read the morning paper.

Half an hour or so later, she sauntered down the stairs. “Mornin’ Gramps” she said sweetly. Dropping the newspaper for a brief moment I saw that she was barely dressed. A thin tee shirt , her nipples clearly outlined and a pair of peach colored boy shorts.

The same attire I’d noticed passing her bedroom earlier. How did I know? Easy! The boy shorts had a large, fresh wet spot on the front panel. Putting the newspaper back up, I tried to get the highly charged, provocative picture out of my head. Too late! My pants began to tent.

“Morning, Mickey! Don’t you think you ought to get dressed before coming down to breakfast?” I said, still struggling with the image of my grand-daughter in her underwear.

Pushing the paper out of the way, she leaned over, her tee opening up at the neck, giving me a perfect view of her bare breasts. “Don’t you like my clothes, Gramps?”

I tried looking her in the eyes, but the rest of the view was too tempting.

“I think you do!” she continued, her hand forming over the tent in my shorts. Following my gaze down her shirt, she added. “I also think you like what’s under them.” She smiled, as she heard the low groan emanating from my throat, as her hand rubbed the length of my hardness through my shorts.

I quickly came to my senses, sort of. I mouthed the words, “Young lady. You shouldn’t be doing this! It’s not right!” Unfortunately, I didn’t back up the words by removing her hand.

“Sometimes good is better than right, Gramps. And, doesn’t this feel good?” she said as she straddled my left leg, rubbing her dampened panties on my bare thigh.

Her scent wafted up to my nose, destroying what little willpower I had left. I leaned forward and sucked her tee shirt clad right nipple into my mouth. Clamping her hands around my head, holding me to her, she moaned, “Oh yes! Good is better than right! But, don’t you want to taste the real thing?”

I looked up at her. Her sweet innocent looking face had triumph written all over it as she skinned the shirt off, and offered herself to me again.

Wordlessly I enveloped the puffy nipple with my lips, gently sucking, swirling my tongue all around the stiffening bud.

“Oh fuck! That feels good Gramps!” she groaned as I suckled more insistently on that tender teenage breast. Pressing her advantage, she tore open my shorts, allowing my painfully hard cock to swing free of its cotton prison. She wrapped her dainty hand around the shaft just below the crown and began stroking slowly. “You’re so fucking hard, Gramps!”

With a smack of my lips I let her right breast go and kissed my way across her chest, down the slope of her right, lingering for a moment in her cleavage, taking in the mild scent of citrus perfume, and up the other side, caressing her other breast with my tongue before sucking it into my mouth.

“You sure know how to make a girl wet!” she groaned, rocking back and forth on my thigh. Pulling my face from her nipple, she tucked a hand in her panties for a moment, withdrawing a wet finger and smearing it on her nipple. “Wanna taste?” she said, thrusting her honey coated breast toward my open mouth.

“Yesss!” I hissed as I sucked it in, gently chewing, tasting her for the first time.

“Want more?”

I nodded, unwilling to let her swollen nipple escape.

“Then you need to take me to bed…..your bed!” she said, as she unsaddled from my knee. Deliberately walking, shaking her ass, she headed for my bedroom. I followed, neglecting to pull up my shorts, waddling as my pants fell around my ankles, almost tripping before I could get the clothes off.

When I got to my bedroom door, she was lying on my wife’s side of the bed, feet dangling off the side, legs spread. Rubbing her hand inside the dampened boy shorts, she said, as she curled her wet finger in a come hither motion, “Come and get it, Gramps!”

I sunk to my knees, crawling between her freckled thighs, and buried my face in the silken wetness of her panties. Breathing deeply, I let out a sigh, resigning myself to the knowledge that this had gone too far to turn back. Her scent was intoxicating! I was like an addict ! I had to taste it! I had to have it! I didn’t care if it was right or wrong. I needed to mate with my Grand-daughter!

I felt her hands on the back of my head, pulling me in. My nose. Up against the wetness of her panties was pushing into the crease of her pussy.

“You gonna make me cum, Gramps?” she purred as her thighs clamped around my neck.

“Mmm Hmmm!” I moaned rubbing up and down the panty covered slit of her sex.

“You want my panties off? Or, are you gonna chew through them?” she asked releasing my head.

I almost tore them off, revealing her swollen pussy lips fringed with orange hair, already soaked from her earlier activities. The musky scent assaulted my nostrils and brain, making my cock jerk in anticipation, as I lowered my face again, gently kissing the bedewed lips of her teenage cunt.

My tongue snaked out from between my lips, swiping up and down her outer lips. God, she tasted so good! I stabbed my tongue deeper, gathering more and more of her sweet salty juices.

I moaned into the soft flesh as I licked and sucked my way up toward her hood covered clit, surrounding it with my lips while flicking across it with the tip of my tongue. I felt her thighs re-clamp around my head and looked up. Past the hillocks of her pointed breasts, to the wanton smile on her face, her eyes half closed in sexual bliss.

I sucked the soft clam of her clit into my mouth, rasping harder with the flat of my tongue as I wormed a hand under her pert, round ass, my fingers gently teasing her hole.

“You naughty, naughty man!” she moaned, unclamping her thighs to allow me better access. “Making your innocent girl do such dirty things!” She grabbed two hands full of my hair, holding my face against the soft hairs of her bush, as my fingers slid effortlessly inside her, probing the soft wetness of her birth canal.

Pushing my fingers in as far as they would go, I turned my palm up and flexed.

“Oooh! Right there!” she groaned as the pads of my fingers brushed over her g-spot., my tongue still rasping against her tasty clit.

As I stroked and sucked, I felt her hips rise against my face, her breathing getting ragged, my palm soaked with her juices. The room reeked of sex, making my cock jerk with anticipation. I was going to make her cum, then fuck her with everything I had!

She was moaning almost non-stop at this point, my fingers sloshing around inside her, my tongue ravishing her clit, my free hand now plucking at her breasts, her hips rising up to meet my tongue, then dropping to meet my fingers.

“Oh God! Yesss!” she screamed. I felt her cunt contracting on my fingers, as it spewed its precious liquid over my hand and the bed sheets. She had grabbed the hand on her breast, squeezing it, and in turn squeezing the nipple in my hand. I kept scratching her cunt with my fingers, sucking her clit, my teeth grazing against the sensitive nub until she begged me to stop.

Lifting my cum soaked face from the junction of her thighs, I stood up, wiping the sauce from my hand onto her other breast. Stepping between her outstretched legs, I pointed my cock at the well lubricated lips of her young cunt, and thrust forward, burying my shaft deep inside until our pubic hairs met with a smack.

Thrusting back and forth with my hips, I admired the scene. My glistening cock thrusting in and out of this sixteen year old sexpots welcoming cunt. I reached down covering her breasts with my hands, kneading the soft flesh as I entered and left her, our bodies slapping together.

Pulling on her nipples, feeling them stiffen, smiling down at her, knowing that what I was doing was wrong, but not caring. My brain was no longer in control, only my cock, and it wanted nothing more than to fill this young girl with every drop of sperm in my body.

It didn’t take long! I grunted like a stuck pig as my cock spewed thick, creamy cum deep into Mickey’s, cloying, welcoming cunt.

Exhausted from the exertion, I collapsed on top of her, crushing her breasts against my bare chest. Grabbing my head in her hands, she kissed me, her tongue delving into the recesses of my mouth, searching for her own essence. Breaking the kiss, she stared me in the eye, and said, “Was it as good for you as it was for me?”

I nodded, rolling off her, my cock slithering out of her ravaged cunt, leaving a trail of sperm across her thigh.

“I’d heard that sex with older men is better, but I never imagined it would be that good.” she said as she reached for my, no longer stiff, cum covered, member. Curling up, she kissed my still leaking prick, painting her lips with my sperm before sucking my flaccid member into her mouth and sucking the dregs of our union from it. I just laid back, enjoying the sensations caused by her lips on my manhood, and the reflection of us in the mirror.

When she was done she snuggled up against me, whispering in my ear, “Gramps! I’m still horny!”

(To be continued?)

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