Cum Ahead If You Think You're Hard Enough

A tale of two old folk fucking.

“You don’t get as hard as you used to!” I thought my wife’s assessment of my current condition a tad harsh, especially on my 63rd birthday.

We had been celebrating the occasion at a local luxury spa hotel. The evening had been a success so far, with copious amounts of alcohol consumed by both parties. I had stuck to wine, but Victoria’s tipple list consisted of grape, and grain, and more than a few cocktails. Suffice to say, she was rubbered.

Vicky looked just as good as she had when we left the room hours earlier, despite her alcoholic intake, and it wasn’t long before she made her intentions clear.

“I want fucked!” She stood in front of me with her dress lifted, to reveal her recently shaved pussy, and proceeded to flop back on top of the bed. I remember thinking that she’s crushing that new dress, and I haven’t had it on yet. And there I think lies my problem.

I say problem…Don’t get me wrong, my wife was going to get fucked alright, but I would have preferred to have been wearing the dress, and stockings and suspenders. The thing was, if I’d suggested it, Vicky would have been okay. But it was never intended to be that kind of evening.

I unbuckled my belt and let my trousers and underpants fall to the floor.

“Oh baby! You’re going to have to do a bit better than that!” My wife referred to my effort down below. She sat up and motioned for me to come nearer, and it wasn’t long before normal service was resumed, encouraged by Vicky’s mouth round my now hard cock, while she fingered herself with her free hand. “Mmm that’s better honey.”

I’d reached my maximum potential when Vicky withdrew her mouth. “Inside me… I want your hard cock inside me.”

In hindsight, I should have obliged her there and then, but the sight of her smooth cunt was far too inviting. She was already wet as I made an assault with my tongue. Vicky lay back on the bed as I continued to suck and lick on her clit. I’d had plenty of practice at the art of cunnilingus, and before long she was writhing around on her back as she climaxed.

Vicky pulled my head up to hers, and seemed to love the taste of her own cunt juice on my lips. I could feel her maneuver herself so that her wet hole was aligned with my now not so hard cock.

“No! No! I want hard cock!” Her disappointment was apparent, as was mine, as I really wanted to give her all of my six and a half hard inches.

It’s true, I’m harder when I’m dressed in HER clothes, but surely this isn’t a sign of things to come (or not to cum… That is the question. Will I have to rely on Viagra pills in future, to satisfy my hard-cock-loving wife.

Now I must confess. I have dabbled with the wee blue pill on a couple of previous occasions. Both involved a threesome with our friend Annabelle, and with two ladies to entertain, I thought it prudent to chemically induce my performance. Anyway, there were no complaints from the girls. And there could be another problem resulting in my poor performance on this particular evening.

I say problem…The sheer ecstasy of having sex with two gorgeous woman, fulfilled a life long fantasy. To bring a friend off at the end of your tongue, while your wife sits crouched on said friend’s face, is a moment I will take to my grave.

Especially when said friend declared that she hadn’t orgasmed like it in over twenty years. That blew me away, I don’t mind telling you. (No I really don’t mind telling you!)

So in short, I need a hell of a stimulating to arouse my interest, and my current situation of just fucking my wife in the missionary position, wasn’t doing it for me. That was until..”You don’t get as hard as you used to!”

“I’m 63 years of age you know.” A phrase I’d jokingly express post coital, ever since I reached the sixty year milestone . But this time I meant it, and we had barely began.

“Brian was always hard.”

“What? Brian! Where the fuck did that come from.” My wife’s drunken ramblings were only just beginning. “Was he sweetheart? Huge AND hard?”

“Yeh! God he was big! I felt every slow hard thrust when he was inside me.”

Now Brian had been a past lover of Vicky’s over two decades ago, but still manages to feature in her solo moments of self gratification. I know, because we share our fantasies. Hence I know about his 9″ long thick dick.

“I loved his big thick dick fucking my cunt. Inside me. Hard. His hard cock fucking me!”

My wife’s gutter talk was doing the trick, and as the blood rushed to my cock, I continued to grill her.

“God you must have just loved it babe. Brian filling your cunt.”

“Oh God Brian… Fuck me! Shoot your spunk inside me. Ohh I love it.”

Vicky’s eyes were closed, as I did my best to fulfill my role as Brian. My best still fell short, by 3 inches.

“I just loved it. I loved Brian’s hard cock!” I sensed her orgasm cumming.

“You must miss it sweetheart!” I was keeping the dialogue going.

“Oh FUCK yeh! Oh fuck me Brian!” She began grinding herself under me, to achieve maximum penetration. “Shoot your spunk Brian! Shoot your… ” Her orgasm lasted, until my dick slipped out. She must have thought that she’d had Brian’s inches to spare, as she thrust herself back and fro.

“Oh no! No! No! No!” Her cries of displeasure didn’t help my situation, as I flopped about trying to get my disappointing semi back inside her.

My wife took the situation in hand, literally, and began jerking me off.

“I want that cock hard, and shooting your cum inside my wet cunt.” She knows how much I love her dirty talk, but she was going to have to up the anti, so to speak.

“Tell me more about Brian.” I was just as keen as she was to continue with our lust fest.

There was a silent pause for a few seconds, as Vicky rolled me on to my back.

“I went looking for him a few weeks ago.”

THAT got my interest. “Oh did you?”

The few weeks ago that she was referring to, coincided with one of her hormone attacks. A condition she suffers from following ‘the change’. (She’s 59 years old you know!)

“And did you find him?”

“Yes I did.”

“And did you fuck him?” No point in beating about the bush.

“No I didn’t.”

“Oh!” I felt both disappointed, and relieved.

“I would really love for you to watch me and him fucking. Let you see what a hard cock should look like.” Vicky had revitalized my hard on, almost immediately, and tightened her grip around my dick. Her strokes were slow, and periodically she leant over and licked its pulsating purple head.

“So I was thinking…” Vicky continued. “What if Amanda was to witness the proceedings?”

“Oh fuck Vicks! Now your talking!” I have to confess. I have fantasized about that very scenario. “Uh huh?” Was as much as I could say as she mounted and straddled herself over my proud member, and guided it into her wet hole.

“I could arrange to meet him in a lay-by that we used to meet. Sometimes we had to be quick, so I’d just jump into his back seat and we’d fuck each other’s brains out.” She moved herself slowly up and down my shaft, taking in to account its length.

“I could easily explain a girlfriend being present, as my car had broken down and I was desperate to see him. And my best friend Amanda came to my rescue, and gave me a lift.”

I was loving it, and wanted to hear more of her cunning plan. “I can do that.”

“You’d have to be done up really well.” Vicky went on to describe what I’d wear. “but you’ll have to watch your hemline. We don’t want Brian seeing too much of those legs of yours. Who knows what might happen.”

(Authors note: Did I mention my stunning legs. Then you haven’t read my profile)

I was picturing the scene vividly, and could sense the feeling of my oncumming climax.

“Come on babe, shoot your cum inside me. Fuck you’re hard! Shoot it Brian, empty your balls into my cunt.”

I began to empty my balls into her cunt. “Oh fuuuuck yes! I’m watching you fuck him.”

“Oh fucking spunk me Brian! Show Amanda what a real fuck is all about!”

My fertile imagination could see it all in HD. My wife was being fucked in the back of Brian’s car.

“Oh FUUUUUUCK!” Vicky was at last enjoying another orgasm as the last of my cum splashed inside her.

Minutes later we were both laid on our backs, engaged in post coital conversation.

So… Did you really go looking for Brian?” I just couldn’t let it go.

Vicky laughed. “No I didn’t…” She raised her head and kissed me softly on the lips. And with raised eyebrows suggested. “…but I could!”

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