Gang Bang Milf

She glances in a mirror Remembering her life Mistakes making her a sinner She's a cheating housewife She enjoyed the attention And the compliments from men Easing up her marriage tension Creating a peaceful Zen She liked going to bars Drinking and being bad She'd suck cock in their cars This was better than being sad She liked the presents they'd give Compliments were always said Her

Bringing Purity

Shooting the rapids of my mind over stones of gins and tonics,   as the pen has been so kind, mellowing my recitations, of vermilion Gothic, Middle Ages. And now that you bring purity, ridding my soul of dragons   and flagons of the ale wagon, I betroth, you my paragon, of a fugacious smile.    

The Masque of the Red Devil

‘The castle has always been an imposing place,’ Catrin thought with a shiver as she climbed the steep hill, the chainmail of the armed guards clinking on either side of her, emphasising her plight. As she approached the impressive façade, to allay her fears, she recollected how the stout gates used to be opened wide to the village on the feast days such as Christmas and Easter. All the

First Time Experience

We have always had a very good sex life but one thing had been missing for my wife and that was rectified on our last holiday. We were on holiday on the island of Mykonos in Greece. One evening we were having dinner in a little taverna. My wife was attracting the attention of the waiters who were trying to look up her very short dress. I pointed this out to her and she became very aroused.

A Night At The Movies. Part 2

I soon lost interest in the movie and headed to my car. I was still going over the knowledge that I had kissed a guy dressed up as a girl. I sat in my car in my car for the longest time and relived the great oral sex she had rendered. I had never had one so intense and never found a girl that allowed me to shoot into her mouth. Many of my ex-girlfriends gave up their pussies long before

Priest Robes

You must understand that I am turned on most of the time, and still regularly masturbate. Since a very young age, I enjoyed cum, cumming, eating it, the hardness of my cock, how quickly I got turned on, watching my cum ooze out and slide down my shaft, over my balls, and towards my ass when I spread my legs for it.Then how it would feel to use my fingers with my cum and enter myself,

In the Sea

Beautiful sunlight  Casting across the sea  Brightly shining Hypnotizing me    Wind circling Cooling my face Following the ocean Keeping in pace    Memories are flashing  With every wave  Taking me back  To our special day    Hands tracing my body  As the water encases me The heat of your skin  Against the freezing sea   Lover's lips on my neck While my fear collides