Anniversary Dinner

Our tenth anniversary was coming up next weekend. I overheard our children whispering that they were going to be spending that weekend at their cousins’ house. My sister’s children and mine were close in age and loved spending time together. The thought of spending the night over there was more excitement than they could keep secret. 

My husband always puts me first. He goes out of his way to make me happy. He is a wonderful father, and husband. I knew he probably had a big evening planned, and I was racking my mind to figure what would be the perfect gift to get him for the occasion.

Then it came to me what I needed to do. I laid my plans, and the next day I put them into action. While my husband was at work and the children were at school I went to a very exclusive women’s dress shop. I was able to find a Victorian silk blouse that was a white, high collared and totally made of lace. A black pencil skirt that was so form fitting walking took some time.

I completed the outfit with a pair of pump heals that I was going to have to practice walking in.

The big day came. The children were gone, and my husband had a big bouquet of flowers and a huge card in his hand.  The look on my face was total surprise. The bouquet was beautiful, and the card was a combination of cute and sweet.

The card read: 

 Sweety you are the love of my life we are going to Restaurant de Mason, and we are going to go see the play Phantom of the Opera.

The dinner reservations were several hours away, and I spent my time wisely getting ready. I put on a white lacy bra with matching panties. After placing on my black stockings I looked at my self in the mirror. I knew my husband would be pleased. Dave loved showing me off. He bought me the teeniest bathing suits, low cut blouses and dresses. He loved other guys looking at me.

I finished putting on the rest of my outfit as it was time to leave. I came out of the bathroom and the look on my husband’s face was priceless. He immediately embraced me then pushed me back to get a second look.

“Is that a new skirt and blouse?” he asked.

“What this old thing?” I smiled.

Driving to the restaurant I had to remind my husband to keep his eyes on the road. When we arrived, the restaurant was packed. Dave helped me out of the car and I had to walk slowly to the front door. I could see my husband’s smile as the door man blatantly stared at me as we approached.

Passing through the door my husband snuck in a quick squeeze of my butt cheek. Our table was not a secluded out of the way table. The waiter took our drink order I asked where the restroom was at.

Walking to the restroom I sashayed my butt as much as possible loving the looks I was getting. I got to the restroom I went into the first stall. Now it was time for my husband’s anniversary gift.

I removed everything from the waist up taking off my bra and camisole. I placed the bra and camisole into my purse. Looking down at myself I wondered what it would be like to walk through the restaurant topless, and the look at my husband’s face as I would come to the table.

I put my blouse on buttoning all the buttons and went to see my self in the mirror. I should have tried this at home, the blouse was completely see through, I had not realized it would be anywhere near as revealing as it was.

My whole body was tingling as I took a deep breath. I started to leave the restroom when another lady was walking in. The look on her face was a combination of surprise and disgust. My nipples were so hard, walking slowly towards our table. 

It felt like a thousand eyes were on me. I was watching people’s expressions with out looking like I was watching them. Some people did not noticing me pass, but those that did stared long and hard. Men and women both took notice, and I was not sure if my legs were going to get me to my chair.

When I sat down my husband looked at me as his eyes went wide. I saw his lips.

“Oh my God!”

‘Do you like?”

‘Oh my God!

“Happy anniversary honey.”

“I am yours to do with as you please tonight.”

The waiter came over asking if we were ready to order. Then he noticed me. My husband was giving his order and the waiter never took his eyes off of me. I felt tingly all over, part nerves and part excitement.

I could not believe how blatantly he stared at my chest while I told him what I was going to eat. As he was walking away I ordered a double whiskey straight up. He just smiled.

“Yes Mam.”

“So you are mine tonight my love?”

I just nodded my head yes.

A young gentleman brought me my drink and stayed longer than was necessary, causing my husband to smile.

My husband was staring at my chest also.

“You’ve seen them before honey.”

“No, not like this.”

“It’s like playing peeping Tom on my own wife.”

“Oh my God it’s incredible.”

The waiter brought our food to the table. His arm brushed against my breast as he set my plate in front of me. He then smiled at me letting me know that it was on purpose not by any accident. As dinner went on my exhibitionist side started to take over. I sat up as straight as possible sticking my chest out.

I tingled all over as men walked by staring, my nipples hurt from their erection.

The waiter handed the check to my husband. He got a huge smile on his face. He looked at me and said that our bill needed to be paid in the kitchen.

“What do you mean?”

“Come with me my little exhibitionist.”

“Where are we going?”

“We are going to the kitchen my dear.”


My husband smiled as he grabbed my hand.

As we entered the kitchen I think the whole staff was there. People I’m sure that were management, cooks, waiters, waitresses. They were all staring at me. I looked at my husband for sympathy to go, but he stared at me saying.

“Take off your blouse babe.”

“Happy anniversary Hun.”

His look was saying you promised yourself to me.

I slowly started to unbutton my blouse. My fingers were shaking. I could feel the blood rushing to my head, and my face felt flushed. You could hear a pin drop. It was  absolutely quiet and all eyes were on me. I got to the last two buttons I froze.

“I don’t think I can do it.”

Then a chat arose.

“Go, Go, Go, Go, Go.”

I unbuttoned the last button and let my blouse slide to the floor. My head swooned as my husband pinned my hands behind me. My chest was pushed out and my breasts were exposed for all.

My husband gave each nipple a little kiss in front of this crowd.

“Happy anniversary!” The crowd yelled.

I still had the play to survive.

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Don't Forget To Breathe

It seemed like ages, but finally, Emma breathed.

Every now and then, sex is better than a rollercoaster ride. Not that I ride rollercoasters that much. Not anymore. But you know when something is going to be out of this world.

At this precise moment, I’m feeling fucking wonderful. My orgasm has been building for ages and right now I just want to tell him to fuck me harder. I want to come right now. But his gentle rhythm brings me to a point where I hold my breath; waiting for the next wave to push me over the edge – but it never comes.

His cock slides into me from behind. It has been for the last five minutes. His hand rests firmly on my right hip and my head has been shaking from side to side and my eyes have been opening and closing with every twist and turn. There is no urgency, by him, to fuck me hard. Maybe he’s pacing himself and relishing the same feelings that I am.

It was a rash decision. I was sitting in the pub having a glass of wine and reading my Kindle. A guy, standing at the bar and much younger than me, was looking in my direction. I know what he was looking at, or should I say, looking up. My skirt. I had draped it deliberately so that there was a considerable amount of flesh on display and the tops of my flesh-coloured hold up stockings were just peeping out. I caught his eye and threw him a wanton smile before I returned to my book.

I find myself on the edge of an abyss. I find myself holding my breath for what seems like ages. I am on the brink of my orgasm and yet it won’t crash over me. It must be the pace of his fucking, but it just builds up and up. I should have come twice by now. I probably would have with my husband.

He seemed too young for me. He must have been – what – twenty three years old, something like that. I am in my forties, by a long way, and yet – he couldn’t take his eyes off my legs. When he finished his pint I thought he would just leave, but he walked over to me. He placed his hand on my knee and leaned in to speak to me. It was a brazen move, and one that I should have slapped him for, but I was intrigued. My eyes diverted from his hand to his eyes as I listened to what he had to say. I couldn’t help but smile.

His cock fucks me like a knife through butter. I feel it reach up inside me before he removes it; tickling my extremities. At the point of full penetration, my mouth is open and I am waiting for a few hard thrusts to push me over the edge. They still don’t come, and neither do I. My mind changes gear when he gathers up my hair and pulls my head backwards. My ultimate goal creeps closer with every thrust of his sensational cock.

As he spoke his hand slipped up my thigh and onto my stocking top. He told me that he had been watching me and thought that it was about time we went back to his place so that he could make me feel better. I watched his hand slither up my thigh until I put my hand on it, stopping it from going any further. I asked him what had drawn him to that conclusion. He looked to where his hand was and raised an eyebrow and smiled. I did something wild and unforgettable. I think my husband would have been proud of me but I didn’t care. I quickly unfolded my legs and drew his hand upwards with mine. His finger nearly sank into my wet and waiting pussy. I told him we should go.

I suck in my stomach, clenching it every time his cock hits my special spot. I inhale deeply as he pulls my head upwards and penetrates me deeply. It is almost soothing. I can feel the pressure wave build up. And then he fucks into me hard. Not once, but a few times, and in quick succession. I was looking straight ahead, my mouth was open and I was panting inwards but not outwards. He swaps hands on my hair and I swear his cock penetrates me deeper.

I can feel my orgasm about to hit me. I suck in more air and I find myself on the next naughty step. More fucking and more air find me on the penultimate step. My arms are shaking as they struggle to hold me up. I can tell by the way his cock is entering me that he has changed his position slightly. But instead of putting me off my stride it actually starts to push me over the edge.

His fucking becomes more urgent. My lungs feel as full as my cunt. I can’t take in any more air and I can’t let go of what I have. My head starts to shake as my arms give way. My upper body falls onto the bed as a rush of air, in the form of a scream, leaves my lungs. Following it, were several sharp intakes of breath and outward screams. I end up panting with my face in the bedclothes. I can feel him force his own orgasm out of himself, and into me.

I had walked with him down the street and into his flat. We had approached the bedroom with his hand on the small of my back, pushing me inside. He lifted my skirt up and I turned my head to him. That was the only kiss he gave me. After he unbuttoned his trousers, he pushed me, forcefully, onto all fours and I remember smiling and giggling as his cock entered me.

The rest, as they say, is history.

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Kissin' Cousins

Author’s Note: The following is a true story, however, some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent! 😉 

It was the summer of my sixteenth birthday and my family and I had gone to my Aunt Ruthie and Uncle Bill’s to see them. It had been about four years since we had last been down to see them, and we were all anxious to reconnect with family. On the drive down to my aunt’s house just a little south of Montgomery, Alabama, Mom talked about how much she missed her sister, how big their kids may have gotten, and some of the memories she had of her and my aunt growing up.

I was more interested in the scenery than recounting the tales of misspent youth. Things back home in Oak Park, Kentucky had gotten pretty boring, and I was looking forward to a change of scenery and maybe something new to do. Besides, I remembered that my cousin Becky was pretty fun to hang around with and we had had our share of fun whenever we would visit.

Aunt Ruthie had two girls; Paige, who was the oldest, was about four years older than me. She was a bookworm and would rather spend her days reading and studying. That wasn’t for me! Becky and I were the same age, born just over a month apart. And we both had a lot of the same interests. She was more tom-boyish than her older sister.

Becky actually was adopted. My Aunt Ruthie got sick just after Paige was born and as a result, she was unable to have any more kids. She didn’t want Paige to grow up alone, so she adopted Becky when Paige was five years old and Becky was not quite a year old.

It was seven and a half long, boring hours to get to Aunt Ruthie’s and being the only kid in the car, there wasn’t much for me to do except put on my headphones and listen to my music or play games on my portable gaming device. At least I had packed enough things to keep me occupied as long as the batteries held out! Fortunately between my music, my games, and looking at the passing countryside, the trip didn’t seem unbearable and soon enough we were pulling up to Aunt Ruthie’s house.

I remembered fondly the front porch and spending time on the swing she had there, sipping her homemade lemonade, or waiting impatiently for her ice cream maker to churn out a delicious cold treat on a hot summer day. Yeah, there had been many good times at Aunt Ruthie’s house!

We pulled up to the house and we had no more than gotten the car stopped when out of the front door busts Aunt Ruthie, running as fast as her chubby legs could carry her! She ran up and grabbed Mom in a hug that I was glad I wasn’t a part of, and the two of them blubbered all over each other, saying how long it had been and so happy they were to see each other again.

As Mom and Aunt Ruthie got reacquainted, the rest of the family came out to see us. Uncle Bill singled out Dad to talk to, and Paige came out to where Mom and Aunt Ruthie was. I looked around for Becky, she was the one I was most interested in seeing after all.

“Tommy, Becky is in the kitchen if that’s who you are looking for!” Aunt Ruthie said, with a knowing twinkle in her eye. Apparently, I wasn’t as discreet as I thought I was. I turned to look at her and smile before I went inside. I wandered through the living room and then the dining room before coming to the kitchen, As I turned the corner, she turned to see who was coming in.

My jaw hit the floor. There in front of me was the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes on in my sixteen years on earth. Becky stood about five-foot-three inches tall and about 105 lbs. She had long golden blonde hair that hung down past her shoulders and framed a young fresh face with green eyes and the most kissable lips I could hope to imagine.

“B-Becky… is that you?” I stammered, incredulously.

“Hi Tommy, I’m glad to see you again,” she said, lowering her eyes and smiling shyly as she saw my reaction.

You’re glad to see ME? I thought to myself as I stared at this stunning creature. It seemed like ages before I shook off my astonishment and was able to hold a reasonable conversation again.

“What happened to you, Becky? You look beautiful! I remember the last time I saw you, you were a gangly, shy little girl with braces. But now, you look amazing!” I said, still not believing this was my same cousin.

“Well, it HAS been four years, Tommy… I’ve changed,” Becky said, smiling.

“That’s the fucking truth!” I said, sitting down at the counter next to her.

“Shhh! You know Aunt Ruthie doesn’t like cussing! You’ll get in trouble!” Becky said. She was right. Aunt Ruthie had tried many times to cure me of my swearing, to no avail. But I didn’t want to start off the visit by getting in trouble.

“Yeah okay, you’re right. But just between you and me, you are fucking beautiful!”

“Thank you,” she said, lowering her eyes again.

Just then our parents came into the house, so our conversation tone quickly changed. We spent the rest of the afternoon all together, catching up on all the latest news. Aunt Ruthie, who was the family news reporter, told Mom about how the rest of the family was doing, who was getting married, getting divorced, having a baby, etc. One thing about Aunt Ruthie – once you got her started on gossip, it was hard to shut her up!

Mom asked Paige about her studies, finding out that she was going to be starting college in the fall. Paige was going for her Bachelors in Child Development and Family Studies with a minor in Business Administration. Her plan was to open up her own child care center, a decision that had my Mom’s full agreement and support. Paige had always been the one her and Aunt Ruthie had counted on to take care of us when we were younger, and so her choice of career paths was a natural.

Mom then asked Becky how her school was going, and I was glad to hear her say that she was doing okay, but it was hard work. Mom told everyone I was doing better in school this year but that I’d had trouble last year and almost flunked a couple classes. She told Aunt Ruthie and Uncle Bill that they almost held me back a grade – something I really didn’t need to be announced to everyone!
We all sat around talking and catching up for the next couple hours before it was time for dinner.

Aunt Ruthie had prepared one of her famous pot roasts for us. Paige and Becky had helped with dinner while I was responsible for setting the table. The adults all sat at the table; Mom and Dad, Aunt Ruthie, Uncle Bill, and Paige. Becky and I were allowed to sit in the living room and watch TV while we ate. We got a couple small folding TV trays and ate dinner together throwing flirty smiles back and forth.

After the delicious dinner, Becky started gathering up the plates and got ready to do the dishes. I stood up and began to help. “Here Becky, let me give you a hand with those,” I said. Mom looked at me like I had just shit on the dinner table!

“Wow!” she looked at Aunt Ruthie and said, “We’re going to have to come here more often! I don’t ever remember Tommy jumping up to do the dishes without being asked!”

“Well, maybe he just didn’t have the right motivation until now!” Aunt Ruthie said with a mischievous smile. Both Mom and Aunt Ruthie laughed at the suggestion. However, they had no idea how right they were. I did want to be close to my lovely cousin, and if that meant I had to do dishes, then load up the sink!

So while Paige went to her room, the adults sat in the living room drinking coffee and talking. Becky and I washed the dishes in the kitchen and talked quietly as we did. I was having such a good time being so close to this beautiful girl.

Once I reached into the dishwater and took hold of her hand under the suds. Becky gasped softly as my move surprised her, but she didn’t pull her hand away. In fact, she grasped my hand in return, blushing and looking into my eyes. It was a special moment and I could feel my cock stirring as we stood there together.

With the dishes done, Becky and I came into the living room and we watched TV for a couple hours before it was time for bed. I was ready, the long ride down had worn me out and so Becky and I went to our rooms and went to bed. I had a difficult time going to sleep, though, thinking of my beautiful Becky just in the next room. I wondered what she was doing and if she was having similar thoughts about me…

The next morning, after a fitful night of trying to sleep while my mind wanted to do anything but, I got up and got dressed and ready for the day. Downstairs, Mom and Aunt Ruthie were preparing breakfast. We all sat down in the same manner as dinner the night before and ate breakfast. After breakfast Aunt Ruthie announced that she wanted all the adults to go into town for a day of shopping and errands and general looking around. She said Paige could stay home and keep an eye on things which was fine by her, she wasn’t much for shopping anyway. 

“Want to go outside, Tommy?” Becky said after the adults had left for town. It was a beautiful summer day that day, so I agreed happily. We went into the backyard for a short walk. Now I have to explain Aunt Ruthie’s yard. The property is huge and it’s broken into three sections. It’s split down the middle from front to back with a section to the left of the house that’s the size of two football fields end to end.

This used to be a farm field where the previous owners grew various crops. On the right side, the yard was split in half left to right with the front section having the house and a yard around it and then there was a line of trees and bushes and a smaller yard behind it. Becky and I walked through the front part of the yard looking at Aunt Ruthie’s flowers and enjoying the sunshine and being together.

“C’mon, I want to show you something,” Becky said, taking my hand. She led me into the back section of the yard where Uncle Bill had built a gazebo. Uncle Bill was a professional carpenter and a very good one. The gazebo had a small swing similar to the one on the front porch. “This is my favorite place to come. I love just sitting here swinging and thinking ‘bout things,” Becky said.

We sat down on the swing and she slid her hand over to mine shyly, laying it on the swing seat next to mine but touching, as if she wanted to hold hands but didn’t want to seem too forward. So I took the initiative and took her hand in mine and she scooted a little closer, knowing I wanted the same thing she did.

“I’m really glad you came down to visit, Tommy,” Becky said quietly, “When Mom said you guys were coming for a visit I was so happy. I have missed you and thought about you a lot the last four years.”

“Oh really?” I said, a little surprised at this news.

“Yeah, there isn’t a lot to do here and we live so far out of town that there isn’t really anyone around I can talk to. We used to have such fun together. I miss that,” she said, looking at her hands.

“I’ve missed you too Becky,” I said.


“Yeah. I always liked coming here and seeing you and it’s been a long time,” I said.

“Tommy, can I ask you something?”

“What is it?

“Do you… do you have a… girlfriend back home in Oak Park?” she asked. She kept her head down and asked the question so softly that I almost couldn’t hear it.

“I had one a couple years ago in school, but when school ended that year, her family moved away. I haven’t had one since.”

“Oh,” she said, “Have you ever kissed a girl?”

“Sure. We kissed a few times. We weren’t together all that long, but we kissed. Why?”

“I was just wondering… what it was like,” she said.

“You’ve never kissed anyone?” I asked, finding the whole idea quite strange considering how hot she looked.

“No, like I said, there’s no one around here my age. And I’m kinda shy at school. I’ve never even been to a school dance or anything.”

“Wow, that really sucks,” I said, lacking anything better to say.

“Yeah,” she sighed. There was an awkward silence for a few long moments before Becky spoke again.

“Tommy, would you… um… would you kiss me?” she asked. She looked up at me, her beautiful green eyes darting back and forth searching for my reaction. I couldn’t believe what I was being asked to do. This stunning girl was asking me if I would kiss her! I knew she was my cousin, but that didn’t seem to matter to me. All I could see was that face, those lips…

I didn’t speak – my answer came as I leaned over to her, took her soft face in my hand, and pressed my lips to hers. Becky’s lips were stiff at first, she really had never kissed a guy before. But as the kiss continued, she caught on fast and within moments she was giving me the softest and sweetest kiss I had ever had.

I knew she was enjoying the kiss when she moaned softly. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and found hers, showing her by example how to deeply kiss. Our tongues played with each other as we continued kissing. Becky began to melt into me and her natural woman’s instincts took over as she relaxed and let herself enjoy the experience.

I pulled my beautiful cousin closer as our kissing became more intense. I wasn’t sure how far to take it until I felt Becky’s hand going up my thigh and finding my hard cock. She moaned again, louder this time as she found out I was getting hard. She wrapped her hand around the bulge she found in my crotch and squeezed it, feeling it twitch in response.

Taking her massaging my cock as a cue, I pulled her tight pink t-shirt out of her jeans up over her young breasts. She was wearing a pink lacy plunge bra which only made her cleavage look even better. My cousin had developed into a very attractive young woman and she was gifted with a healthy chest. My hands roamed over the bra and the cleavage as I squeezed and massaged the firm globes.

Becky’s breathing had changed to more of a pant as her excitement grew. I was also feeling the effects of my hormones on high, as I felt my pulse racing and my cock becoming harder and stiffer with every squeeze of Becky’s soft hand.

“Come with me, Tommy,” she panted as she broke our kissing and stood up. She pulled her t-shirt back down and took my hand, leading me from the gazebo. I followed Becky to the other side of their property where an old barn still stood from the days when it was a farm. Becky pulled open the small shop door set into one of the bigger barn doors and we went inside.

“Dad uses this old barn as his workshop. He does a lot of the work for his carpentry here,” she explained. And sure enough, Uncle Bill had the equipment and tools any good carpenter would kill for. There was several different types of power saws, as well as other smaller hand tools and stacks and stacks of lumber.

Becky led me through the barn and weaved in and out of the equipment and supplies until she reached an old ladder that led to the loft. “Come on,” she said, and she began to climb the ladder. When we reached the top she led me to the back of the loft where there was a tarp covering an old mattress and a couple blankets.

“I brought this old mattress up here as well as these blankets when we got new ones a couple years ago. It’s kinda dusty and dirty, but I stay here sometimes when I just want some time to myself.”

I pulled the tarp off the mattress and shook it out away from the bedding. Setting it down, we both lay down on the mattress and began our making out again. This time, however, we didn’t stop with just the kissing and under the shirt fondling. As Becky warmed up again, she sat up and pulled her t-shirt completely off. Then she unhooked the front of her bra and removed it.

I sat there on my knees watching as her beauty unveiled itself. She stopped after removing her bra and looked at me. I was staring at her like a kid in the window of a doughnut shop! I licked my lips as I looked at her young, ripe, sexy form. She was even more fantastic that I had envisioned in last night’s erotic dreams!

Becky had indeed turned into a sensuous, desirable young woman in every sense of the word. Now as I saw for myself her lithe, 34-24-34 body and the soft blonde hair that framed her perfect pussy, my cock rose to new heights. She lay back on the mattress, fully naked now and opened her legs invitingly.

“Tommy?” she asked, holding out a hand to me. She didn’t have to ask twice.

I quickly shed my t-shirt as well and with trembling fingers, removed my pants and then my boxers. I knelt down on the edge of the mattress and crawled up to her slowly, savoring every inch of my cousin’s soft body and enchanting scent. I didn’t know what kind of perfume she wore but it was making my head dizzy and driving me crazy!

I moved in between my cousin’s spread thighs. She watched as I lay down on my stomach and got close to her pussy. I inhaled the smell of her desire before burying my face in the sweet pussy she offered me. I pulled the lust-swollen lips of her pussy apart and exposed the juicy pink insides. I licked and lapped up her delicious nectar as she began moaning and wriggling under me. Becky reached out and put her hands on my head running her fingers through my hair and pressing my face into her pussy harder.

I licked her pussy with long slow laps the full length of her wet slit and then flicked my tongue over her little button. Becky had never had a guy go down on her, but I’d had some experience with my girlfriend and so I showed her what she had been missing. She loved everything I did to her too. As my tongue tickled her young throbbing clit, she bucked like I had just touched her with a cattle prod! So I put my hand on her belly just above her mound and held her down while I sucked her little clit into my mouth to give it a thorough teasing with my tongue!

Becky went crazy. She began thrashing around looking for something to hang on to while I began licking her trapped clit furiously. As I ate her delicious blonde pussy, she tossed her head back and forth and moaned her delight quite audibly – I was glad our parents were in town!

After a few minutes of her vocal encouragements, she announced that she was about to crest. I took a firm hold of her and gave her one final push as she reached the edge. With a long and increasingly loud scream of utter rapture, she came, her pussy gushing sweet juice as I did my level best to lap it up as fast as it came out. My lapping also had the amusing side effect that the more I licked her the longer and harder she came!

After three consecutive orgasms, she was exhausted and so I relented, lying down next to her as she came down from her orgasms and tried to calm her breathing and racing pulse. I gave her a few minutes respite and finally, she turned her head to me.

“T… Tommy, that was… incredible!” she panted. I smiled at her and pulled her close. Her hand worked its way down from my chest, over my stomach until it rested quite comfortably on my still hard and very anxious cock.

“Poor Tommy! You’ve made me feel good, now how can I make you happy?” she asked sweetly. Without waiting for me to answer, she began kissing on me again as her hand started massaging my cock once more. Once she felt it throbbing in her hand she quickly sat up, threw her leg over me, and straddled my hips.

Becky reached between her legs and took hold of my cock. Aiming the head of my tool at the entrance to her wet love-tunnel, she rubbed it in the slit, lubing it up for what was to come. Then she held it steady as she eased herself down onto my pole, skewering herself on it as she slid down its length.

With a gasp that turned into a moan, she eased it deeper and deeper into her. Then something I hadn’t thought of happened. I hit an obstruction long before I was fully inside her. She raised up until my cock popped back out of her and then sat down on my lap.

“That’s my cherry. I’m still a virgin, Tommy. I’ve been saving myself for someone special. For you, Tommy,” she said, blushing and looking away.

“Really?” I said, astonished at her confession.

“Yes. I was saving myself for someone special, but when I heard you were coming for a visit, I knew you were the one I was waiting on. Tommy, I have to tell you something. I’ve had a crush on you for a long time. I used to dream about you and I falling in love and getting married. I know it’s dumb, and I’m just a silly girl for thinking like that. It could never happen. But I still feel that way,” she said, as she looked at me apprehensively.

It took me a couple moments to understand what she was telling me. I looked at this wonderful girl sitting on top of me, naked and professing she had serious feelings for me. On one hand, I was a guy and she was a girl, a beautiful, sexy, very desirable girl who wanted me very much. She was saving herself for me for crying out loud! Offering me the most precious gift she had, her very womanhood.

On the other hand, this was my cousin, my mother’s sisters daughter. I knew that nothing could come of this and in fact, if we were found out, there would be serious ramifications for our little tryst.

But looking into the face of my cousin sitting there waiting to see if I was going to accept her gift or cast it aside, I could only see one choice…

“Becky,” I started, “I’ve loved you ever since we were little. I’ve always enjoyed coming here to see you and I was thrilled when Mom and Dad said we were coming this time. You are so beautiful and I want you so much. To know that you have been waiting for me too is beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of. Yes, Becky, yes I will take your cherry, my sweet girl.”

Becky leaned over and wrapped her arms around my neck. We kissed long and deep and passionately. I couldn’t believe my luck! After we kissed, Becky sat back up and took hold of my cock again. Squatting over me like before, she eased the head of my cock back into her eager pussy, she lowered herself slowly until once more, I felt the membrane of her hymen at my cock head. She looked at me and took a deep breath. Then she dropped and I felt my cock tear through her thin covering.

Becky let out a small whimper as her hymen tore open but then bit her lip to stifle it. She eased on down the length of my cock, opening her and feeling my cock as it explored the new territory. As she lowered herself further My cock burrowed the last few inches into her until it came to rest up against her cervix. She settled on my lap feeling me fully inside her newly deflowered pussy.

“Are you all right?” I asked her when she came to rest on my lap.

“Yeah it hurts a little, but it’s a good hurt,” she said. She stayed there for a little while, getting used to my size and feeling me so deep in her. Then she started moving slowly up my cock and then back down. I let Becky dictate the speed and rhythm as she could handle it, but it wasn’t long before she was moving up and down my cock with a regular pace.

Becky began moaning as she felt me moving in and out of her. She reached between her legs and rubbed her clit hard as her passion mounted. I was enjoying the feeling just as much. She was so tight and felt so wonderful. With her firm young 34C breasts bouncing in front of me, I reached up and began mauling them with my hands, sinking my fingers deep in the young pale flesh and pinching and pulling on her tender nipples.

As she bounced up and down on my rock-hard cock she was getting closer and closer to another orgasm. She was tossing her head back and forth wildly grabbing my legs and sinking her long nails into my skin. Her pussy was clamping down on my cock and the fingers at her clit were flying, trying desperately to bring her to the edge.

And then it happened. Suddenly Becky raised her head and looked directly at me. Her mouth was open as if trying to scream except no sound came out at first. I felt her pussy clamp down on me again, this time harder than ever – it felt as if I had stuck my cock in one of Uncle Bill’s vises! I felt Becky flood her pussy and pour her juices over my cock as her thighs trembled and her body stiffened.

“Oh God Tommy! Oh God Tommy! OHHHHH!!” she cried loudly as she came, her first orgasm as a woman. I watched her legs shake and quiver as the strain of her muscles tensing worked against each other. Then as the last waves passed over she relaxed slumping a bit.

I knew her orgasm had passed and so I gently helped her to lay down on her side facing away from me. I snuggled up behind her to spoon her as she lay there reveling in the afterglow of her first real orgasm and the entrance into womanhood. I softly kissed her bare shoulder as I put an arm around my cousin and now my lover.

“But Tommy, honey, what about you?” she said, “You haven’t finished.”

“Don’t worry Becky, there’s time for that,” I said smiling. This was going to be a memorable visit!

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The Dirty Little Secret

Madison White was very depressed lately.  She hadn’t had a boyfriend in what seemed to be a very long time.  She just wasn’t connecting with anybody she was meeting.  She even started to think she might like girls. 

She just wanted to be loved in some regard.  At this point, she wasn’t at all picky.  She was really upset and spent a lot of time at home.  Her mother was concerned about her.  She was always on the couch watching sappy love stories while eating pints of ice cream.

Her mother was going to address issues with her daughter when she got home from her job.  She wanted to let her know that she didn’t need a love interest to have a good sex life.  She was going to show her ways to make herself happy again.


Ann, Madison’s mother, was crocheting and watching chick flicks.  She was drinking wine while waiting for her daughter to come home from work.  She couldn’t wait to talk with her.  After about an hour, Ann heard Madison’s car pull up the driveway.  Madison flung open the door and immediately walked to the kitchen to grab some wine.  She walked into the living room where her mother was sitting.

“Hi, mother. Did you have a nice day?”

“Not bad, dear. How was your day?”

“Shitty.  My boss had me running around like a lunatic.  I’m his secretary, not his personal slave.”

Ann laughed and drank her wine while her daughter went off about her day.  She was making an afghan for one of her friends.  Her daughter seemed annoyed with what her boss had her do.  Ann just listened while her daughter continued to rant.

“I’m so lonely, mother.  Why can’t I have a boyfriend?  Am I ugly?  Am I boring and not interesting?”

“You’re a beautiful girl, just in a rut.”

“I haven’t had sex in like a year.  I’m hopeless.”

“You know dear, you don’t need a man to have sex with.  Your father travels a lot and I have orgasms all the time without him.  I have a whole chest filled with orgasmic style toys.  I also have a Sybian, which is a fucking machine.  You can still get off without a man.”

“Mother!  That’s gross!”

“Gross?  You’re the one who said you haven’t had sex. Why don’t we go upstairs, and I’ll show you some of my favorites.”

“Wouldn’t that be weird?  You’re my mother.  Should you be showing me your sex toys?”

“I’m going to show them to you and you can take them and have fun.”

“Okay.  Is Tommy home?  I wouldn’t want him to see you showing me how to masturbate.”

“Tommy is at his job.  He won’t be home until later.”

“Have you shown my brother how to masturbate too?  I mean, mother, this is a bit odd don’t you think?”

“Your brother I’m sure watches porn and masturbates.  Don’t all men?”

Ann and Madison laughed and continued to drink their wine.  Ann was hoping she’d be able to get her daughter up to her bedroom.  She had an agenda and wanted to get started.

“Let me show you how to pleasure yourself.  You won’t need a man to do anything to you anymore.”

“Okay.  Show me your sex toys.”


Madison and her mother walked up the stairs and into her bedroom.  Madison sat on the bed while her mother went into her chest and pulled out a few toys.

“You’ll need to get undressed.”

“Do you think you should see me nude?  You’re my mother!”

“We’re both women.  I’ll take my clothes off too.”


Madison and her mother undressed.  Ann was taking out the toys that she thought her daughter might like.  Madison was comfortable on her mother’s bed.  She put the pillow behind her back and waited patiently on the bed.

Ann brought her Hitachi Magic Wand over to the bed.  She plugged in the cord.

“You’ll need to open your legs and lay this onto your vagina.  It will vibrate and feel nice on your pussy.  Ready?”

“It’s so big.  Is that going to go inside of me?”

“No.  Just lay it across your pussy.  It will feel so good!”

Madison took the long massager and did as her mother said.  She put it on her pussy and couldn’t believe how wonderful it made her feel.  She was moaning and groaning and coming on her mother’s bed.  She was moving the massager all over her pussy. 

Her mother was surprised that her daughter had a full and hairy cunt.  Her mother had a smooth pussy and would suggest her daughter make her pussy nice and smooth too.

Ann was getting aroused watching her daughter come.  She had her head back on the headboard while moving the wand all over her pussy.  She could see that her daughter’s legs were shaking while she was masturbating.  It was truly a beautiful sight, seeing her daughter pleasuring herself.  

“Fuck!  I’m coming!”

“Seems you came several times.”

“What other toys do you have?  Do you have something I could actually fuck?”

“Of course.  I have a glass vibrator that I chilled in the freezer.  Let me go down and get it.”

“Won’t it be too cold?”

“Your pussy is hot inside.  It will feel marvelous and make you come.”

“Sounds delightful.  I cannot wait.”

Ann hurried down the stairs to get the chilled vibrator.  When she got to the kitchen, she put her own fingers into her pussy and finger fucked herself.  She was turned on by watching her daughter fuck herself.  She played with herself and made her cunt come.  Afterwards, she washed her fingers and took out the chilled wand.

She walked the toy up to her daughter in her bedroom.  Madison continued to play with the magic wand while waiting for her mother’s next sex toy.

“Having fun, dear?”

“Oh yes!  I love this magical toy.”

“Try this!  Let me show you what to do.  Spread your legs wide!”


Ann sat on the bed and put the chilled wand into her mouth and made it wet.  She pushed the cold toy up into her daughter’s pussy.  She fucked her daughter’s cunt several times with the chilled vibrator.

“Fuck, this feels so good.  Oh God!  I’m going to have another orgasm.”

“Take it and fuck yourself with it.”

Ann gave the toy to Madison and she continued to fuck her pussy with the chilled vibrator.  

“You know, your pussy would look so much better if it was shaved.  Would you let me shave you?”

“Okay.  That’s super sexy, mother!”

“Your lover’s will enjoy licking your pussy when you’re shaved.”

“Licking my pussy?  I’ve never had that before.”

“What?  You’ve never had oral sex before?”

“I’ve given men blow jobs.  But, they never licked my pussy.”

“After I shave you, I will lick your pussy.  You’ll absolutely love it.”

“Is that weird, though?  You’re my mother.”

“I’m your mother who is going to show you pleasure.”

“Are you a lesbian?”

“No!  But I have eaten a few cunts in my time.  Ready to be shaved?”


Ann went into the linen closet to get all the necessary shaving supplies.  She walked back over to her daughter.

“Let me lay the towel down.”


Madison stood up while her mother put down a towel.  She got back on the bed and her mother used a wash cloth to wet her pubic hair.  She pumped some shaving cream onto her hand and rubbed it all over her pussy.  She slowly put her shaver down on the hair and shaved her till she was nice and smooth.  She was very careful not to cut her.

“Much better!  Go look in the mirror to see!”

Madison walked over to the mirror and admired her freshly shaven pussy. 

“It looks so pretty.”

“Lie down and open your legs.  Get ready for the most intense feeling of your life.”

“Sounds exhilarating!”

“It’s better than anything you’ve ever had.”

Madison got comfortable on the bed and opened her legs.  Her mother was on her knees on the floor and pulled the girl closer to her face.  She kissed her daughter’s thigh region and started to lick and suck on her pussy lips.  She moved her tongue all over her nice plump lips.

Madison was squirming on the bed.  She was pulling at her breasts while smashing her pussy into her mother’s face.  Ann was tongue-fucking the girl and making slurping noises while Madison had several orgasms.

“Fucking hell!  Mother, this is incredible.  Please don’t stop!”

Ann was holding her daughter’s legs down and really going to town on her freshly shaven pussy.  She was fucking her pussy with her tongue and sucking on her clitoris, which was swollen and hard.  Madison was screaming and having multiple orgasms.

While all this fun was happening, Tommy was in the doorway watching his mother eat his sister’s pussy.  Eventually, Madison opened her eyes to see her brother clapping his hands.

“Well, well, well.  Isn’t this a crazy sight?  Dear old mother, wanted some pussy?  Wasn’t my cock good enough for her?”

“Oh, dear God!  Mother, you’re fucking my brother?”

Ann got up and rolled her eyes!  She wasn’t happy that he had let the cat out of the bag. “Your father isn’t home a lot and I have my needs!”

“I thought the toys were what kept you busy.”

“No, your mother loves cock.  I have a nice big one for her.  Why don’t we all fuck, now that you know our secret.  I’ve wanted to get inside of your pussy for a while.”

“I’m not fucking my brother.  Are you deranged?”

“You haven’t had sex in over a year.  It’s either fuck fake cocks or have a nice dick up that nicely shaved pussy.  I will make you come like a racehorse.”

“He really is that good, Madison.  Let him have sex with you.  It will take the edge off.”

“The edge off?  That’s incest!  We could all get arrested for this.”

“Arrested?   You’re both over twenty-one.  I hardly doubt they care.  Now come over to the bed and let your brother give you pleasure.”

Madison was horrified but really needed to get fucked.  She couldn’t believe her mother and her brother were fucking, and now her mother had oral sex with her.  She wondered if her father knew about her shenanigans.

“I want to take you on your hands and knees, sister.”

Madison couldn’t believe what was going to happen.  She got on her hands and knees on the bed and Tommy stood at the edge of the bed.  He pulled her closer to him.  He bent down and licked at her pussy and tongued into her asshole.

He pushed his cock up inside of her pussy and fucked her hard on his mother’s bed.  Ann watched as her children were fucking.  Tommy pulled on Madison’s hair while he rammed his sister hard with his cock.

“Oh God!  Your cock is so big.  Fucking hell.  Mother!”

Tommy slapped her buttocks while pulling her hair and fucking her like a pony.  He eventually moaned out and filled his sister’s pussy with his come.  His mother walked over and knelt down on the floor.  She licked the cream that Tommy had just spilled in her daughter’s pussy.  The come was bubbling out of her nice tight space.

“That was a lot of fun.  Did you like that, sister?”

Madison didn’t say a thing.  She was shaking her head and looked at her mother and brother with an evil look.  She stormed out of the bedroom.

“She’ll be back,” Tommy mentioned.

“She’s sex starved.  I imagine she’ll beg us for more.”

Tommy and his mother laughed while Ann pleasured her son orally with her mouth.  Ann wasn’t sure what Madison was thinking.  She figured she’d talk with her in the morning.  Ann was relieved that Madison knew her dirty little secret now.  Anything was possible now that the cat was out of the bag.

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Earthly Bounties

The Reverend Tobias Whitmore was perplexed.

Not that this was a particularly unusual state of affairs for him, he mused, as his relatively short life seemed to be lived in a condition of relative confusion.

As the third son of a minor branch of a noble family with pretensions to faded gentility, he was always destined for the church from birth. This had nothing to do with his character, merely the state of his family’s finances. Bluntly, there was no money to afford any of the sons the leisurely life of a country gentleman, so some sort of socially respectable means of livelihood was essential.

His oldest brother would inherit the house and lands, and so spend his lifetime trying to maintain the upkeep of the property on a deeply curtailed budget. Tobias did not envy his position for one moment.

His next brother, Tom, was destined for the army, which suited his energetic nature. Tobias was very grateful he’d been born third, as he would have been even more perplexed on the battlefield than he was in the pulpit.

However, he pondered, he’d been less befuddled at his last post, as a curate in a busy parish in the manufacturing town of Birmingham. There was no time for bewilderment being second in command to a dedicated vicar and his hardworking wife. He’d just had to get on with it.

Then fate, in the shape of his redoubtable mama, had intervened. She may not have been able to gift her children wealth and status but she used every one of her well-connected relatives to further their vocations.

Rather than have her son stuck in his worthy parish amongst the poor, she’d had a word with her second cousin twice removed who was married to a canon. This was in order to give Tobias a timely leg up the ladder in case his career stalled before it had started.

So, Tobias had found himself removed to a country parish, strictly on a short-term basis, while waiting for the retirement of a vicar in a nearby town. Once this occurred, he could take over that promotion and establish himself as someone in small-town society.

That was the master plan, but in the meantime, Tobias was bewildered at the drastic change in his life. He felt as though he had been plucked from a grey winter in the middle of a grey town dealing with a grey populace on a worthy treadmill of timetabled duties.

All of a sudden, he was in the depths of the sleepy countryside bursting with spring life. The sun was shining, buds were bursting, the birds were singing, sap was rising and he had very little to occupy his time.

If that were not perplexing enough, then the ladies of Lesser Witteringly added to his befuddlement. As a not unbecoming young man, brought amongst them as a temporary measure, it was no wonder that he got a certain amount of attention from the local gentry.

But the ladies, in particular, seemed to view him as a novel diversion, and it didn’t help that he found them all oh, so distracting.

Even in the depths of his libidinous daze, he realised that they were toying with him by design. It was all done subtly and within the mode of country fashions, but there seemed to be far more cleavage on display than was normal. He felt this especially keenly, as an active young man with not enough to do. He could not help but notice.

Of course, the womenfolk marked his attentions and upped the ante, so he became even more diverted by the glories of their curvaceous forms. It seemed that wherever his gaze turned in the warm spring sunshine, there were bosoms.

There were the slight but noticeable curves of young matrons that seem to be thrust up particularly for his regard. These glories vied with the plump cushions of women with burgeoning families, and then there were the deeply corseted billows belonging to knowing ladies of maturity.

The range was dazzling: round, pointed, pear-shaped, slight and full. They all seemed to be on deliberate, delectable display.

Not even regularly shaking hands with the bishop in the privacy of his cottage on a nightly and morning basis seemed to help with his glazed response to the charms of the ladies and their bouncing, trussed up, overflowing bodices.

His eyes were transfixed and he couldn’t stop looking, which only encouraged them. He felt like a helpless mouse being teased by a bevy of naughty, merciless kittens. Even in his perplexed state, he could sense they were ganging up on him, giggling at him behind his back and encouraging each other to further mischief.

One Sunday during the morning service, Tobias had proof that more plotting for his discomfort was in play.

The delicious Mistress Harbury sat modestly in one of the front pews next to her elderly husband. She looked as fresh and wholesome as a ripe peach. Tobias admired her pretty face beneath the chip straw hat and was mightily relieved she had a fine, woven shawl about her comely shoulders to stave off the chill from the old stones of the church.

On signal, he went up to give the reading from Genesis, and as he started, to his utter discombobulation, Madam Harbury slipped the shawl from her shoulders.

Her Sunday dress was all that it should be, patterned cambric, corsetted under the bust, but her neckcloth was not so circumspect. Although it crossed modestly at the base of her throat it was made of the finest, gauzy cotton.

As if on cue, once exposed to the icy temperature, her full rosebuds began to rise inevitably. They poked insolently and pinkly against the fabric and gave the impression she was not covered up at all.

Tobias gaped, gulped and began:

“And out of the ground the LORD God formed every breas – beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof.”

He did not dare look at Mistress Harbury and just concentrated on keeping his voice from going up two octaves. He was deeply thankful unto God that the ancient pulpit came to above his waist level.

Once he had finished the reading, he descended from the pulpit on shaky legs. Sitting down, he mused that bosoms were bad enough for his composure, but near-naked nipples made his mind go blank.

As he stood to greet the parishioners as they exited the church porch, his heart lurched as the Harbury’s came nearer. He shook Mister Harbury’s hand and having exchanged a few words with him, the couple went to walk on. Mistress Harbury glanced back at him briefly.

Under the brim of her hat, her bright eyes were alive with lascivious calculation. As his heart sank, his cock twitched in anticipation for what the ladies plotted for him next.

This delightfully tortuous suspense did not last too long. The next afternoon shortly after midday, Mistress Harbury arrived at accompanied by another young married lady, Mrs Ransome whose spouse was a middle-aged, red-faced squire. As it was such a beautiful day, they asked the curate to take a walk with them, in order to explain the finer points of the Sunday sermon.

He had no parish duties to attend to and thought no harm could come of accompanying two ladies rather than the danger of being alone with one. So he gladly accepted their invitation, privately relieved that today, Mistress Harbury’s shawl was firmly tied around her shoulders.

However, as they walked along the riverside and engaged in conversation, he gradually became Tobias to the ladies and they became Jane and Sally to him. Unsurprisingly, the finer points of the sermon remained resolutely undiscussed.

After walking for some little while, they reached a shady grove, and by mutual agreement sat on the grassy bank to rest. With a lovely girl sitting demurely on either side of him, Tobias was thinking was a pleasant interlude this was.

Then, with a calculating look, Jane suddenly asked him if his duties extended to counselling in marriage. Tobias gulped.

“Well,” he began cautiously, “as an unmarried man, I don’t think I am in the position to…”

He trailed off as Jane released the knot which held her shawl together and revealed that she wore no covering kerchief at all.

Her bared breasts rose, firm and glorious from the confines of her corset, topped with mouth-wateringly pink peaks.

Not to be outdone, on his other side, there was a rustling of fabric as Sally’s hands delved into her dress and Tobias watched, spellbound, as one, then two plump bosoms slid over the neckline of her gown with a triumphant plop.

Once revealed for his delectation, it seemed churlish not to salute each perfect pair with kisses and caresses. Before he could think straight, the girls’ dresses had ridden up to their hips and both pairs of hands were on his breeches buttons.

Then there was a dazzling moment when both ladies seemed to be squabbling over who would mount their ready prize first. Jane seemed to win the argument, and he got the glorious view of her perfect form, skirts up to her waist, breasts quivering as she slid slowly down his aching pole.

All of a sudden, that vista disappeared as Sally took her frustrations into her own hands and mounted his face, her skirts covering him.

Despite his impeded vision, his hands were free to caress bare skin and each glorious pair, as both ladies bounced up and down with increasing ardour. Nothing had prepared him for the glory of this escapade, which up to this point had consisted of occasional fumblings with a randy laundress in his university days.

Sally gave a delicious whimper as her rounded thighs clamped against his cheeks and she gasped and gushed for him delightfully. At the same time, Jane rode him hard and tensed on his swollen cock with a sharp cry of pleasure.

This combination nearly sent him over the edge and so there was a hurried uncoupling and both pairs of feminine hands stroked him to his own furiously spurting release.

For a moment, he thought he had been struck blind with pleasure. Then Jane removed her skirt from his face and he blinked in the bright sunshine

After such intense enjoyment, there were grateful kisses and caresses for each lady, anointing each sumptuous peak, enjoying the spectacle of their beautiful bodies, thighs parted, juicy lips on show.

Jane was the first to break up the spell of bucolic cupidity.

“We’d better get going,” she said firmly.

Tobias looked at her sadly as she pulled her dress down, covering up those long, elegant legs.

Then she added with a glint, “You’re due at Nellie Brownlee’s before teatime so you’ll need your energy.”

He gawked at both girls and they giggled.

Mrs Brownlee was a well-upholstered widow of middle years who lived just outside the village. Although her charms may not have had the youthful freshness of Sally and Jane’s, they were certainly capacious. Tobias imagined those full beauties bared to his greedy gaze and overflowing his grasping hands. His languor suddenly departed.

“You’re going to have your work cut out this summer,” Jane said, throwing her shawl over her shoulders and securing it firmly.

“Make hay while the sun shines,” Sally added demurely, tucking her breasts back into her bodice.

They pulled him to his feet laughingly and they tidied each other, buttoning up and brushing down their clothes. The happy threesome began to walk back along the peaceful riverbank, while the birds sang all around them.

As they strolled along, Tobias with a lovely lass on each arm, he thought that this might not be exactly God’s service; but servicing the ladies of Lesser Witteringly certainly was a heavenly prospect.

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