A Pair Of Book-Ends Made For Each Other

A Pair Of Book-Ends Made For Each Other

I noticed there at Gate 8 sat the spitting image of a Lush avatar I saw everyday while I was on Lushstories. She was dressed in the same little black dress, black thigh-high nylon stocking and black heels. I had chatted in the pic rooms and in private chats several times with that avatar Lush username nawtywify. Could it be her? She is prettier in person than any picture she posted. Those thoughts rolled through my mind over and over as I took a seat across from her in the waiting area.

First instinct would be to walk up to her and introduce myself using my Lush username. Am I being too presumptive by saying hello nawtywify, I am luvdr. What if I’m mistaken, I could embarrass myself or worst embarrass her. So, I held off. Obviously, we are Booked for the same place, both of us being at the same Gate. Planes departed this gate for only one destination. Flight 69 would have no scheduled stops all the way to San Diego. We will spend the next 4 hours together no matter what and surely, I will introduce myself to her. My dick stiffened and I covered my lap to hide the obvious reaction she had on me.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I felt like I knew her well as we chatted a few times in the pic rooms and friended each other. I have read all her stories and my they are full of detailed descriptions of what her characters do to each other. Things I would do to her if given the chance. We had even told each other in private chats how we masturbated to each other’s typed words. I do know her well, I had made her cum many times as she read my stories. Did she just catch me looking at her? I hope so. I wonder if she recognizes me? Should I blow her a kiss? The gate agent announced the boarding of Flight 69 beginning with the Platinum Members first. I boarded and took my seat in first class. I sat just behind the bulkhead and had a clear view of the first-row seats behind the galley on the opposite side. As the plane filled I watched her take her seat in that row. I watched as she put her carry-on in the overhead bin and her dress rode high revealing the tops of her black hose. I felt my dick stir once again. I couldn’t help getting hard as I thought how much I wanted her. What if I met her in the lavatory and we joined the Mile-High-Club. I was already a member joining with a flight attendant on a red-eye many years ago. Was nawtywify a member? “What would you like to drink? We have soft drinks, beer, wine and liquor.” “Wine is fine.” I replied. “Would you like your nuts warmed?” I smiled and nodded as I saw the flight attendant’s big blue eyes fixated on my crotch. She moved her hand just under her breast bound by her attendant’s uniformed top. She then looked me in the eye and smiled acknowledging my response to her question. I knew she had just witnessed my hardened dick as I continued to imagine a long night of fucking nawtywify. Maybe she would like to join us? My imagination went wild with dozens of scenarios. Flight attendant kneeling between nawtywify’s legs lapping her soaking wet pussy. Nawtywify jacking me. Ding, ding rang out over the speakers, “Your free to move about the cabin.” Again, I am dragged back to reality. I looked at nawtywify and she had her laptop out and reading from a familiar website. I would recognize that red banner anywhere. She was reading Lush stories. My god it must be her! What a coincidence. Maybe my dreams will come true? I fell back into my dream state and vividly watched a mental video of us. Ding, ding that familiar ring followed by, “The pilot has turned on the fasten-seat-belt sign. We will be landing shortly. Thank you for flying with us and we hope you stay in San Diego is memorable.” Yes, I do hope to make it a memorable time! As we deplaned I was greeted again with a flash of thigh, this time her dress clang to her tight butt cheeks presenting me with a perfect shot of her cheeks as they peeked from the hem of her dress. Baggage Claim was crowed as several flights arrived within just a few minutes of each other. I saw her as she struggled to grab her bag. I rushed to her rescue and pulled it from the conveyor. Our eyes met this time for real. She smiled and said, “Thank you very much.” “Your more than welcome miss. May I ask your name?” “Danielle, Danielle Lang. You can call me Dani.” “Nice to meet you Dani, I’m Jim, Jim Swyden. I feel we already know each other.” “Really? How so?” “I don’t mean to be so forward, but I noticed you were reading stories on the plane. I also read lots of stories on Lush, the erotic story site. I have even authored a few.” “That’s really very interesting. I also write and have them published there. I do enjoy that very much. So, what is your Lush name Jim?” “Luvdr, and yours is nawtywify I assume?” “Yes.” “Looks like we have a lot in common? Where are you staying?” I quizzed. “In La Jolla. La Jolla Cove Suites. I like the location and you do know Black’s Beach beneath the bluffs of Torrey Pines is very close. Have you ever been there Jim?” “I have indeed. Mater of fact I took more than my share of girls from San Diego State there.” “You are a naughty man, Jim.” “We you just might find out. I am staying at the same hotel as you, Dani. Would you like to share a cab or Uber?” “I’m ready when you are Jim.” We took a cab and in the cab talked a length where we got our inspirations for our stories. She like me often took real life adventures and enhanced them with visions from naughty dreams or desires of our sexual curiosity. I could tell she was getting excited as we talked and I too felt my dick engorged with blood confined within my slacks extremely imprisoned begging escape. She glanced several times at my bulge and I at her legs which were spread slightly to show those lovely porcelain white thighs. I could sense that she had soaked her panties as that all familiar aroma of sex permeated the back of the cab. I noticed the driver’s eyes glued to the mirror hoping for more of a show. We checked in the hotel and sent our luggage to our individual rooms. We had agreed in the cab to continue our conversation at the hotel lounge. The lounge we slightly illuminated giving a warm feeling and not many patrons were visible. We sought out a cozy little corner booth and she slid in giving me a full view of her panties. They were black lace and were lodged in her labia forming a perfect camel-toe. I was right, they were soaked in her juice as it caught enough light to glimmer and shine. I found it difficult to slid into the booth with the raging hardon painfully bound in my slacks. “So, Jim if you were to write a story about tonight, how would it go? Tell me in detail. I’m very curious and can see you are showing a big interest in me. Am I not right, Jim?” “I would be happy to tell you a story of how tonight will go on one condition.” “What’s the catch Jim?” “You, Dani will have to come up with the ending of the story. Deal?” “Very well, Jim give me your best shot.” Dani said with a snide giggle. “Oh, you’re quite the comic I see. Ok, here goes. I see us going to my room and doing all those things that we have chatted about in our Lush private chats. You know, like you were performing a slow striptease, taunting me with that gorgeous body. Moving about like a stripper and giving me a lap dance. Rubbing your wet pussy on my hared dick. Using me to masturbate yourself on my hardness. I push you off onto the bed. I stand while you unzip my slacks and pull both slacks and boxers to my ankles. My hard dick hits you in your face and you lick the glans catching my pre-cum and letting it string from your mouth like a string of pearls. You suck me deep into your wanton mouth and massage my balls with your…” “Oh, god yes Jim give me all the nitty gritty details just like that.” Dani interrupts me. Very timely interruption as our waitress approached the table and asked for our order. Her eyes widened as she had a clear view of both of us. Dani sat with one leg hiked up on the booth seat. Her panties in plain view and hand touching her soaking vulva, as she pushed her panties deeper into her pussy and stimulated her clit. I clear showed a bulging crotch and was resting my hand on my thigh letting a finger massage my erection. Dani and I both noticed her slip her hand into her exposed cleavage and touch one of her nipples. “I’m Kendra and I’ll be your waitress. What will you have?” “We’ll start with tequila shots if that’s okay with you Dani?” “Sounds great to me Jim.” “Did you see Kendra? She is hot, isn’t she?” “Maybe I should add her to the story. I know you like girls too.” “Oh, you are a naughty man Jim.” I continued with my story and Dani continued to let me watch her masturbate right there in the booth. I reached my hand over to her pussy, slid her panties aside and inserted a finger. She moaned and her hand went for my dick. She managed to get it out and began jacking me as I fingered her clit. I inserted two fingers deep into her pussy and Dani rocked and gyrated her hips as she fucked my hand. Kendra returned with the drinks and stood watching us masturbate each other. She moved to the end of our booth and raised her mini skirt showing us her soaked white cotton panties. She looked side to side to make sure no one was watching. The she inserted a finger in her pussy pulled it out and sucked it. “That’s so hot. I get off in fifteen minutes and would love to join you two.” I looked at Dani for some direction and she smiled then nodded as she released my dick. Dani reached for Kendra’s hand and pulled it to her open mouth then inserted it and tasted Kendra. I fished out a Ben Franklin along with a card-key to my room. I put it in Kendra’s hand and made sure Dani’s juices had soaked both the bill and card. Kendra put the bill and card to her nose. She smiled and then licked her hand tasting Dani. I tried to stuff my dick back into my slacks with no luck. So, I pulled out my oxford shirt tail and let it cover my raging hard on. Dani left a trail of wetness as she slid to the end of the booth. It was a good thing her dress was black because she surely would have had an obvious darkening of material on her dress from her pussy juice. Kendra stepped back letting me and Dani slid out of the booth. As I passed Kendra I kissed her lips. “Don’t be long Kendra.” “Yes, don’t be too long or we might have to start without you.” Danielle teased. The elevator closed and Dani swung her arms around my neck and mounted me locking her legs around my waist. I yanked the hem of her dress up around her middle back almost ripping it two. My hands squeezed her buttocks then pushed her ass down onto my dick as it forced its way deep into her pussy. Dani screamed, “Oh, Fuck. Yes, Jim fuck me now, fuck me hard.” I thrusted in and out only a few times before the elevator door opened. An elderly couple stood in the doorway mouth open speechless. The door closed almost as quickly as it opened. “I guess they wanted to go down. Well maybe not down on us but with us.” “Shut up and fuck me Jim.” I swung her around and into the corner. I pounded her pussy like a dog in heat humping a leg. Thud, thud was the sound of her butt as I banged her against the wall of the elevator. When the elevator door opened I carried her down the hall, her riding me like a cowgirl on a bronco. I fumbled with the key and we rolled down the wall of the room making it to the bed. I tossed Dani on the bed and started unbuckling my slacks. Dani twirled around and off the bed. She bent over and placed her hands on the bed. “Fuck me Jim. Fuck me doggie style. I need to cum again so bad. Yes, Jim fuck me hard.” Just as my slacks and boxers hit the floor my dick was again deep inside of her soaking wet pussy. Kendra opened the door and without saying a word made her way to us. She pulled my shirt up over my head without even unbuttoning it. My undershirt was next. I had Dani’s dress hiked up around her waist when Kendra grabbed the hem and up over her head it went. I was still driving my dick in and out. Kendra kissed Dani on the lips. A hard-passionate kiss that lasted for at least six or seven minutes. Their tongues twirled while they sucked mouth. Fingers found every erogenous point possible as Kendra tried to pull Dani off me. I withdrew out of Dani with a slurping sound of juices and reached for Kendra’s arm. I pulled her up and began to strip her. Dani stood and removed her bra and thong. Now Dani was completely naked. I kicked my slacks and boxers off completely. Dani and I had Kendra naked in no time. Dani and Kendra fell onto the bed entwined like they were playing the game Twister. I grabbed my phone and began videoing the two as they licked and slurped each other’s pussy. I took close-ups and caught their juices in rivulets hanging from their chins and lips. I saw traces of my own cum in Dani’s mouth as she swapped it with Kendra. They snowballed my warm cum back and forth as I videoed away like I was directing a porn movie. Kendra was on top so I mounted her from the rear. My dick slid right in with no resistance. I spat on her anus and rubbed circles with my thumbs. Dani continued her assault on Kendra’s pussy now filled with my dick. Kendra bucked and begged for me to insert my thumb deep in her ass. We fucked and fucked in every combination conceivable. I laid on the bed spent. Dani and Kendra never let up. I must have dozed off because when I opened my eyes they both had stopped and were watching porn on the television. Dani asked if it was okay that she ordered room-service. “Sure, whatever you two want to order is fine with me. I’m going to rinse off and freshen up in the shower.” I heard voices and giggling when I got out of the shower. I stepped into the room and there I found Dani, Kendra and a young man from room service. Kendra knew him and she and Dani had him up against the wall both rubbing on his now growing member. “Damn Devon, I heard you were big, but my god this is huge! Dani look at his dick snake down the leg of his pants. I bet it’s a foot long.” “Oh, Kendra let’s both ride him. You on his face and I want that dick buried in my pussy.” “Well looks like you two have some fresh meat from room service. Mind if I join too?” I interjected. Devon’s dick measured at least eleven inches. It wasn’t thick but long and a huge mushroom head and throbbed. I again grabbed the phone and videoed the hole thing. Devon was fighting his way out the door as both girls clanged to him. He screamed something about getting fired if he didn’t get back soon. Dani and Kendra let him go as they laughed and told him to come back later for more. They weren’t finished with him just yet. He did later that night or should I have said early in the morning. Dani was right when she said the ending just might be re-written a few times.  

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