The Lady Mayoress's Daughter (Part 1)

Jenni Harrington was bored, as was normally the case when she had to accompany her mother to yet another evening with the borough’s great and good. Jenni’s mother, Gillian, was the Lady Mayoress; due to her divorcing Jenni’s father two years previously when she had discovered that he had been having an affair with a young barmaid at their local pub, it had become incumbent upon her to stand in for him at the various civic functions the Lady Mayoress was duty bound to attend.

As usual, she had her mother on her right-hand side and an old duffer, Councilor Roberts this time, on her left at the head table during the dinner.

‘Why do I always get stuck next to a boring old fart?’ she lamented to herself as she half-listened to Councilor Roberts rambling on about his hobby of clay pigeon shooting as he tucked into his baked Alaska dessert.

Not that Jenni had the slightest interest in any of the Town Hall staff of her own age. Most of the young men who were invited to the civic functions were a rather dowdy bunch whose conversation in the bar after dinner revolved around their work. What few of them that could be regarded as talent were more likely than not already in a steady relationship, and Jenni knew from listening to their laddish innuendos that they merely regarded her as a potential ‘bit on the side’. The only exception had been Ray Johnson.

A few months back Jenni had dated Ray, who worked in the Borough Surveyor’s office and was a couple of years older than her, but the 21-year-old had let her down badly. After their fourth date, she had gone back to his flat and, because of the drink they had consumed earlier and the fact that she was in an amorous mood, she had allowed him to take advantage of the situation. It had been a bitter disappointment for Jenni, Ray had orgasmed less than thirty seconds after entering her, and shot his full load inside her when she had made him promise not to do so before she allowed him to fuck her.  He had at least had the grace to apologise to her, claiming that it was due to the tightness of her quim that he had shot his load so quickly.

It was not that Jenni was unaware of her tightness, all three of her previous sexual partners before Ray had commented on it, in a most complimentary manner; but they all had managed to hold on much longer than Ray.

Ray had offered to make it up to her by pleasuring her orally, but by then Jenni’s amorous disposition had passed; she had quickly dressed and left. Ray had texted her several times during the following days but Jenni hadn’t replied to any of his messages and he had finally taken the hint.

Taking a break from Councilor Roberts’ ramblings whilst she ate her baked Alaska, Jenni looked across the room and noticed a man on the side table to her left who appeared to be looking directly at her. She had seen him before at a Chamber of Commerce dinner but did not know his name. She took him to be in his late 40s / early 50’s. He was quite handsome for his age; his slicked-back hair was a shade darker than her own, which she kept styled in a shaggy bob cut; and he looked rather distinguished dressed in a dinner jacket replete with white shirt and black bow tie.

Pleased that she was the object of such a handsome man’s attention, when she had finished her dessert she had a quick glance over at her admirer to make sure he was still looking at her. Ascertaining that he was, she bided her time for a minute or so then without looking in his direction, she casually unbuttoned her cream coloured linen jacket and opened it to the extent that it gave him a discreet view of the white satin blouse she was wearing under it.

In alignment with her slender frame, Jenni’s breasts were on the small side; her bras were a 32C when she bothered to wear one; but they were round and firm, ‘like two tennis balls’ as one of her boyfriends had murmured appreciatively when he had first fondled them. This evening she wasn’t wearing a bra as her blouse was loose-fitting enough to prevent her nipples showing through, even though she could now feel them stiffening to the thrill of her provocative gesture.

Without acknowledging his gaze, she left her blouse exposed for a couple of minutes then re-buttoned it. She then stole a quick glance at her admirer; he was still looking at her, only now he had a broad smile on his face.

Having finished her own dessert, her mother turned to her, extracted a £20 note from her purse and proffered it to Jenni.

‘Would you get me a large gin and tonic, and a drink for yourself if you fancy?’ she asked.

Jenni took the money and walked off towards the bar.

Gillian was sitting next to Ron McGuin, the deputy Town Clerk who, along with his secretary, had planned the seating arrangements. Gillian and Ron had been having an affair for the past six months. Although nine years younger than herself, and married with children, Gillian felt no qualms nor guilt about their clandestine relationship. He satisfied her needs, and her his. She provided the spice that was lacking in his marriage and, in return, he treated her like the lover she could have only fantasised about before meeting Ron. She looked forward with relish to their occasional afternoon or evening drive to North Wales, where Ron had a holiday cottage.

At forty-five years of age, Gillian was slightly taller and possessed a much fuller figure than her daughter. Her breasts were a couple of sizes larger than Jenni’s and they had not yet started to sag. She considered her legs to be her finest attribute; there was no loose flesh on them and they were still as curvy as when she was as young as her daughter, thanks to her weekly workout at the gym.

Throughout the dinner, their conversation had consisted of mere chit-chat but now with the dinner over and Jenni away at the bar, their talk soon became rather more intimate.

Ron drew closer to her, lowered his voice a little and asked:

‘Is the Lady Mayoress wearing stockings, or tights, this evening?’

‘She is wearing stockings,’ Gillian replied. ‘It’s too warm an evening for tights.’

‘And your knickers, what colour are they?’

‘Have a guess,’ she said, a mischievous smile playing on her face.

‘Virginal white?’

‘Wrong!’ she replied, laughing as she did so. ‘They are ice-blue.’

‘Mmm, most appropriate for the warmth of the evening. Thong?’

‘Don’t be silly, they’re full briefs.’

‘Are they silky?’

‘Of course.’

‘I’d love to get into your silky knickers tonight. I can’t wait until next Saturday.’

‘Well, you’ll just have to, because the chauffeur will be here for Jenni and I at 11.30.’

‘Surely we can find a private spot somewhere for a quickie?’

‘Much as that would be quite exciting, I think I’m getting a little too old for that sort of caper. It’s a young women’s thing, you should know that,’ she replied.

‘All I know is that I’d rather fuck the Lady Mayoress than any young woman, no matter how alluring they might be.’

‘Well, I’m afraid you won’t be fucking the Lady Mayoress tonight – but I’m sure we will make up for that next Saturday.’

Before he had a chance to continue the conversation, Ron spotted Jenni returning with the drinks. He drew his head further away from Gillian, not wishing to give Jenni the slightest hint or impression that they were having an affair.

While Jenni had been waiting her turn at the bar, where there had been a large queue wanting to buy drinks now that the dinner was over, she had heard a voice behind her quietly say ‘Hello’. She turned her head to see who had spoken. It was her gentleman admirer. He stood a good six inches taller than her and had to bow down a little to speak to her.

‘You’re the Lady Mayoress’s daughter, if I’m not wrong.’

‘Yes, that’s right,’ she replied.

‘I’m Steven Holland,’ he said, holding out his hand to her.

‘Jenni Harrington,’ she declared, accepting his handshake.

‘Is that with an I or a Y?’

‘An I.’

‘Oh yes, that’s much more interesting than plain old Jenny with a Y.’

Jenni had been impressed by his smooth talk. She could have listened to more of it but she aware that her mother was waiting for her gin and tonic.’

‘I did notice you at the Chamber of Commerce dinner in June, but didn’t get a chance to talk with you,’ he continued as Jenni turned back towards the bar. ‘So technically we are not total strangers, and so I was wondering if you would let me buy you a drink?’

‘That’s very kind of you but I am getting drinks for my mother and myself,’ she replied.

‘That’s a pity. Perhaps later?’

‘I’m afraid we will be leaving early. The Bentley is coming to take us home at 11.30.’

Jenni finally managed to attract a barmaid’s attention, cutting short their conversation. She ordered and paid for the drinks, and turned to return to the head table.

‘I like your blouse by the way,’ Steven said quietly as she made to pass him. ‘Thanks for affording me a glimpse of it.’

Jenni felt her cheeks reddening on realising that he knew what she had intended to put across as an inconsequential action, as though she was unaware of him watching her when she had unbuttoned her jacket, had been a deliberate ploy to keep his attention.

She felt totally humiliated as she hurried back to the head table and put her mother’s drink down in front of her.

‘What’s the matter Jenni?’ her mother asked. ‘You look flushed.’

‘Having to wait so long at the bar has got me hot and bothered,’ she replied.

‘Perhaps you need some fresh air. Would you like me to accompany you outside?’

‘Yes, I think I do need a bit of fresh air, but you’ve no need to come out with me, I’ll be okay on my own. I’ll only be gone a couple of minutes.’

Jenni made her way to the hall’s main entrance where she stood outside the door. The evening was still warm although there was a welcome breeze in the air. After mulling over what Steven Holland had said she began to feel much better. Her sense of humiliation had dissipated and had been replaced by a warm feeling of satisfaction as her thoughts turned to the effect her showing off her blouse must have had upon him. She was about to go back inside the hall when who should come walking through the doorway but Steven.

‘Hello again,’ he greeted her.

Jenni snubbed his greeting and made to go back into the hall.

‘What’s your hurry?’ he asked. ‘I hope you aren’t angry at what I said at the bar.’

‘Well…’ she began to reply before thinking better of it.

‘Look, I didn’t mean to offend you. I just wanted to let you know I appreciated your flashing your blouse at me. Don’t worry, I’m well familiar with the whims and wiles of young ladies of your age and the lengths they’ll go to attract male attention.’

Jenni knew she ought to go back inside the hall, but she realised that he was only being honest with her and that it had been she herself who had brought her embarrassment upon her. Steven was no fool and he obviously knew when a woman was pretending that her provocative gestures were done inadvertently. She wondered how much more Steven knew about her: was he aware that when she was showing off her blouse to him it wasn’t that she was giving him an invitation to hit on her? She was a little frightened, but at the same time she was intrigued by his manly manner to the extent that she felt a familiar tingle between her legs – a tingle that increased in intensity when Steven broke her thoughts.

‘Open your jacket for me.’

Jenni felt her heart beating ten to the dozen as she stood stock still, unable to decide whether or not to comply with his request.

‘Let me assure you I have no intention of forcing you to do anything you wouldn’t want to do. You obviously enjoy attention, so indulge me and open your jacket.’

Jenni’s mind was spinning so fast she was almost in a trance.

‘Come on, we can go over there,’ he said gesturing to the alcove at the side of the doorway. No one can see us there, even if anyone were to come out for a smoke or whatever.’

Jenni moved towards the alcove, Steven followed her. She turned her back to the wall as Steven came to a standstill leaving a space of five feet or so between them. She raised her hands to the lapels of her jacket and slowly drew it fully open, exposing her blouse to his eager eyes.

‘Pull it tighter to your chest, I’d like to see the shape of your breasts.’

Jenni raised her hands and cupped them under her breasts, causing the lustrous fabric to stretch taut around them like a second skin. Her nipples were fully stiffened and poked out proudly against the white satin.

‘Exquisite,’ he declared, smiling at her. ‘I must admit that when you gave me that first tantalising glimpse of your blouse I suspected you were just a teaser, a hot little show-off who revels in the fact that she has only to open her jacket or part her legs slightly to garner male attention, with no intention of taking things any further. In doing as I asked, plus the added benefit of letting me see your cute perky nipples, I’m glad you’ve proved me wrong.’

Jenni dropped her hands from her breasts. She felt she ought to speak but was lost for words.

‘Take my card,’ Steven continued, fishing a small business card from his top pocket. ‘Phone me if you’d like to get to know me better. I’d certainly like to see more of you.’

Jenni accepted his card, and while she was reading it Steven turned and walked back into the hall. She put the card into her pocket, buttoned her jacket and followed him back inside.

Walking back to the head table she felt somewhat dazed and confused.

Her mind was torn between feelings of relief that Steven had kept his word by not demanded she go any further, and disappointment that he had not wanted to touch her when she was in such a highly emotional state that she would have welcomed his hands on her breasts stroking the lustrous fabric against her nipples. She couldn’t help feeling she had been used; manipulated and controlled; but she couldn’t hide the fact that she had actually enjoyed doing as Steven had asked her, the proof of which was the wet gusset of her nylon panties clinging to her quim as she walked back to the dinner table.

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I go on holiday with my stepmom and have fun in the sun with a religious family (part 2)

I meet twins on hoilday, i had fun with one in part one and know it is time for the other

Hello, all, I am Charlie. I have been on vacation for five days now and have had an unbelievable time with Cheryl my stepmom and a set of twins that had come with us. I had fucked Trish one of the twin sisters every time we got to be alone together.

Cheryl and I had fucked every night before going to sleep. Beth the other twin liked going out on her own to do her painting of the local area, which left Trish and me with plenty of time together.

I had just turned seventeen years old. I am six feet, one and have short black hair. I am 182lbs. I love to play tennis, go swimming, kickboxing and judo. I also play rugby and work out three to four times a week.

I keep my body in shape. I love that women like to stare at my muscular arms and legs. I also like looking in the mirror at my chest and abs.

Beth is nineteen. She is shorter than me at five feet, six inches tall. I would guess she weighs about hundred and thirty-six pounds. Beth has long blond hair with dark blue eyes. She has an amazing body that has all the curves in all the right places. I love her sun-kissed skin with beautiful long legs and a cute heart-shaped arse. The best part of her is her juicy big round tits that fit into 36 DD bra which I have seen in the laundry room. They are much larger than her twin sisters.

I did chat with Beth on the evening when we had our meals. Right away I could tell she was a little uptight and maybe a bit shy. I knew if I was going to have a shot at fucking her. I would need to let her know I was into art too. I thought that might open her up a little more.

I was in the living room one evening just playing my computer game killing time before I went to bed. I was looking forward to having my way with Cheryl. It was so peaceful at the villa, a big difference to what it was at home. I was playing my game. I paused the game for a moment to get a drink.

When I got to the kitchen door, I saw Beth was looking in the refrigerator. She was bent over all the way with one hand on the fridge door. The rest of her body disappeared behind the door. I couldn’t help but check out her hot round arse. I stood there for a moment wondering how it would feel to stick my fat cock in her arse.

Beth stood up and closed the fridge door. She then turned and saw me, as she screamed, “Charlie!” she jumped back in shock. She looked at me as she caught herself. “I’m sorry. I didn’t hear you come in.”

I smiled, “It is ok Beth, I just came to get a drink.”

Beth smiled and nodded, “Okay Charlie, I will see you tomorrow,” she headed for the back door.

I looked over Beth’s hot body and said, “Beth!”

Beth turned back and looked at me with a puzzled look, “Yes Charlie, what is it?”

I smiled, “I have been looking at some of your paintings,” I took a deep breath and continued, “They look incredible!”

Beth’s eyes beamed in the dark lit kitchen, “Really?” She paused and then asked, “You think so?”

I knew from the look on her face it wouldn’t take me too long to get what I wanted. I nodded back at her, “Of course,” knowing she liked the fact I loved her art. I took a breath and continued, “I love your art, you will make a great artist someday.”

Beth looked at me while shaking her head. “I didn’t think you would be into art Charlie.”

I nodded knowing that I had her in the palm of my hands. “Yes, I’m very into art. I am thinking of taking a class at my college back home. Maybe you could give me some tips sometime. “

Beth nodded her head with her adorable smile, “Well, I am going to do some painting tomorrow morning,” she took a deep breath and said, “Maybe you could come with me? I can give you a few tips then.”

I laughed, “Really?” I tried to act like I was shocked. “Are you sure?”

Beth just nodded, “Of course! I want to be an art teacher. It would be good practice for me.”

“Thanks, so much, it would mean a lot to me.”

Beth walked over to the back door, she had her hand on the doorknob when she turned. “I am heading out at seven, is that going to be too early for you?”

I shook my head, “No of course not. I will be up, where do you want me to meet you?”

Beth pushed open the back door, “Meet me by the pool, see you in the morning.”

“Yes, I will see you then Goodnight Beth.”

Beth walked out of the back door. I watched her through the back window and thought how much fun tomorrow was going to be. I opened the fridge door, grabbed my drink and headed back to the computer to turn it off.

I walked upstairs and thought should I go and fuck Cheryl before bed. I decided not to and went into my room. I set the alarm to wake me up early the next morning and then went to sleep.

Cheryl woke me up around an hour later, “Charlie,” she said waking me. “Why didn’t you come into my room? Is everything alright?”

I looked up at Cheryl half asleep. “Cheryl, I am going to sleep now so I can get up early tomorrow,” looking over at the clock a little pissed, “I’m going painting with Beth so that I can spend some time alone with her.”

Cheryl looked at me confused, “Why?”

I sat up and shook my head, “Why do you think Cheryl!”

Cheryl just looked at me with a long stare. “Really Charlie?” she stood up and shook her head, “Why, can’t you be happy, with the fact your fucking Trish?”

“As much as I love fucking Trish,” which I was truthful about, Trish was great in bed, or anywhere for that matter. “Beth is the one I want Cheryl!”

Cheryl shook her head again, “Fine, just be careful,” She smiled, “The last thing we need is one of them telling they parents about you, okay?”

“Okay, I will Cheryl,” I laid back down, “Now I am going back to sleep Goodnight! “

Cheryl smiled and kissed me on the cheek, “Goodnight Charlie.”

I turned back over and started to drop back off to sleep. My alarm went off about six and woke me up. I sat up and yawned. I stretched and got out of bed. I was still tired. I headed for the shower. I then walked back into my bedroom and got ready. I put on a t-shirt and a tight pair of shorts. I decided not to wear boxers so the outline of my cock would be visible to Beth.

I came out of my room and headed downstairs, grabbing a couple of bottles of water, some apples, a couple of bags of crisps and stuck them in a bag. I went out the back door to meet up with Beth.

Beth was already waiting for me as I walked out the back door. She was standing next to the pool. “Well, I have to admit, I didn’t think you would be up,” she smiled. “I am happy to be proven wrong.”

I shrugged with my usual smile, “I did tell you I am into art, didn’t I?”

“Yes, you did,” she nodded and looked me in the eyes, “To be honest Charlie, you seem too much of a jock, and they are usually not into art.”

I just shook my head and pretended to be offended, “Just because, I play rugby and workout a lot, it doesn’t mean, that I don’t enjoy art, Beth!”

Beth stepped closer with her smile, “I am sorry Charlie. You are right that was very judgmental of me.”

I stepped closer to her, “It is ok Beth!” I laughed, “I’m just laughing with you, don’t take me too seriously. I never do.”

Beth nodded. “Okay then. Are you ready?” as she took a deep breath, “I just want to warn you, the place I like to go is a good hour walk from here.”

I swung my bag onto my shoulder and looked at her, “I don’t mind Beth, it will give us time to get to know each other. That way you will not be too quick to judge me next time.”

Beth laughed at me, as she pushed me back, “Well at least you have a sense of humor to go with those looks.”

I knew at that moment that Beth liked me, “Well who knows maybe you can paint me.”

Beth looked at me. I watched her eyes go up and down my body, “Play your cards right and who knows, I just might!”

We began our walk off to the place Beth had been going to for the last couple of days. We had a good time laughing and joking with each other as we walked. I could tell Beth was checking me out but to be fair, I was checking her out too.

It took some time to get there with us stopping and looking at the views. It was a beautiful area with great views for miles around. We finally got to the site that Beth had picked to do her painting. It was this lush little valley at the bottom of this hill. It was beautiful there was an old oak tree just next to the fence of the riding school.

Beth turned and said to me, “We are here Charlie!” smiling as she looked around and said, “Isn’t it beautiful here?”

I looked around it was wonderful I could see why she picked it. I smiled at Beth and just said, “Yes, it is great,” as I just stared at her. I grinned and said, “No wonder your paintings always look so good, when you have this view,” I looked at the old oak tree and asked, “Is that the tree out of your last painting?”

Beth smiled, as she nodded her head and said, “Yes, it is,” she looked at me and said, “You have a great eye. I do love it here, it is so quiet and peaceful, apart from when the riders come around.”

I turned and looked at Beth and said, “Yes I can imagine. Have you talked to any of them?”

Beth shook her head then stopped, “Well, I did talk to one. Once he started hitting on me, I told him I wasn’t interested in him and walked away.”

I laughed, “Well, you are a good-looking woman, you can’t blame the guy for trying, can you?”

“Thank you, Charlie, that means a lot to me.” I saw her turning a little red, as she said that. “He wasn’t my type anyway he was too posh for my liking,” Beth then looked me up and down again, “I like my guys, to be a lot like you. With those good looks, those muscles and you know how to have a good laugh too.”

I slid my hand down onto Beth’s waist and said, “Really!” smiling as I pulled her closer, “Well, if you like what you see that much. I am not stopping you from having me.”

Beth took my hands off her hips and looked at my eyes. “If you hadn’t fucked my sister, I might have thought about it.”

I was shocked I had been caught off-guard, “How, did you know?”

Beth shook her head and just said, “I might not be one of the smartest girls in the world Charlie, but I’m not blind.” She took a deep breath and said, “I saw the way Trish was with you, and as much as I like you, there is no way, I could ever be with someone that has fucked my sister.”

I wasn’t sure what to say to her. I still wanted her even more now, “Okay, I understand, you are just not as much fun as Trish. I get it!”

Beth shook her head, “Come on Charlie, don’t be like that,” She was trying her best not to upset me, “We can still be friends, right?” She looked beyond me and to the landscape. “Now we come out here to paint, so let’s do that, okay?”

Beth set up the stands and got the canvasses out, so we could get to work on them. She also set up a foldaway table and put the paints in the middle, so we could both reach them easier.

We both started painting and to be honest; I couldn’t stop thinking about what would it take to fuck her and how much I wanted to see her naked.

I did notice that Beth was also looking at me when she thought I wasn’t looking. I started to wonder did she like me more than she was letting on.

We painted for about thirty minutes when Beth, finally broke the silence, “Okay Charlie!” she looked over at me and took a deep breath, “I know it is wrong and I shouldn’t, but I do want you!”

“It is ok Beth. I want you too,” I couldn’t help from smiling. “Don’t worry, I know how to keep a secret, no one has to know.”

Beth got from her chair and came over to me, “I shouldn’t Charlie, you’re with Trish!”

“Look, Beth, the last time I checked Trish has a boyfriend, so it’s not like we are a couple, don’t worry.”

Beth just shook her head and said, “I guess, I am just as bad as Trish!”

Beth throws her arms around my neck, pulling me close to her. She kissed me on the lips very passionately.

Beth was surprisingly aggressive she pushed me against the tree. We kissed again very deeply, her tongue pushed its way deep into my mouth.

Beth pulled off my top. She slowly moved down, kissing my neck, then my chest very slowly getting to my shorts. Beth slowly undid the button and pulled them down, exposing my fat nine-inch cock.

I was shocked as Beth didn’t even think twice about it. She just took my cock into her mouth and started sucking on the tip. She began to work at it getting more and more passed her lips.

I smiled as it was evident that this wasn’t the first time Beth had sucked a cock of my size before. I moaned hard as she worked my cock in and out of her mouth sucking it faster.

I looked down at her and smiled as I didn’t think a good religious woman like Beth would be so good at sucking cocks. I know I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. I grabbed hold of the back of Beth’s head and slowly started fucking her mouth hard wrapping my fingers through her blonde hair.

As I fucked her mouth harder and harder, I knew it was a matter of seconds before I came. I shoved my cock into her mouth as deep as it would go. Feeling it go to the back of her throat. I threw my head back and moaned out in pure pleasure, as I held her head tightly and shot cum down her throat.

I was breathing slowly, after having such an incredible orgasm, “Wow, Beth!” I said trying hard to catch my breath, “That was mind-blowing. Much better than your sister.”

Beth looked up at me. Licking the last of the cum from the tip and swallowing it. “I guess, you were wrong about Trish, being more fun than me Charlie!”

I nodded with a shrug, “Well, I am always happy to be proven wrong. Now I think it is my turn to take care of you.”

Beth smiled, as she stood up and said, “Yes, I believe, it is!”

I grabbed Beth pulled her close to me as we kissed again, this time much more passionately. I turned her around I pushed her up against the tree. I took hold of the bottom of her sundress and slowly pulled it up.

I looked at her and saw her in a cute little lace bra and a thong. I smiled and then went back to kissing her, as I slowly undid her bra her big tits swung freely. I throw her bra onto the grass, then moved down so I could take one of her nipples into my mouth. I sucked on one then the other. Then taking the two and squeezing them together so I could suck on both.

I could feel Beth’s hands on my shoulders pushing me down. I slowly slid down to my knees, as I pulled her cute little thong down to her ankles, she lifted her ankles as I threw it aside. I smiled at her as I lifted one of her legs up and put it over my shoulder and got to work on her pussy.

Beth moaned very loudly, as I slowly licked up her clit, “Oh my god Charlie, that feels amazing, keep going!”

I looked up and smiled, “I am just getting started!”

I went back to her pussy slowly licking it up and down along her clit she was getting wetter and wetter. I licked and rubbed her getting her more and more turned on as I teased her clit. She was getting turned on with every touch that I made.

I slowly worked my tongue back and forth then began to suck on her clit slowly. I pushed one of my fingers inside of her. Beth was even tighter then Trish, I couldn’t wait to fuck her tight pussy.

I couldn’t stop comparing Beth to Trish, knowing I wanted Beth more than Trish. I worked my tongue and finger harder, slowly sliding another finger into her tight pussy. She moaned louder as she squirmed and circled her hips.

Beth finally screamed out, “I am Cumming” as her hips buck wildly, she came on my fingers and face.

Beth breathed slowly. Her massive chest heaved up and down as she began to come down from her orgasm. Beth slid down the tree to sit down. She looked at me with a huge smile. “Wow, Charlie that was unbelievable. You were even better than Trish told me you were.”

I looked over at Beth a little shocked, “What?” I smiled with a huge grin. Thinking about the two twins talking about me. “You mean, Trish has spoken to you about me?”

“Yes, she did,” Beth said still catching her breath. “Why do you think I brought you out here? I wanted to see how good you were for myself.”

“Well, I am glad I could live up to her five-star review,” I smiled knowing that I could have her any way I wanted her, especially since she had set this meeting up herself. “Are you ready for more?”

Beth looked over at me with hunger in her eyes as she looked at my hardening cock. “Yes, I am Charlie,” she looked up at me as she laid back. “Show me what you can do with that big fucking cock! I have never had one so big inside me before.”

I smiled as I crawled on top of her, positioning myself between her legs. “Don’t worry Beth. I will go slow.”

I couldn’t believe how quickly Beth had given to me. She spread her lovely long legs nice and wide for me. I slowly rubbed my cock head on her wet pussy lips. I could tell Beth, was excited since she was soaking wet.

I took hold of my hard cock then I pushed it into Beth’s tight pussy. Beth winced a little as my fat cock pushed into her. To my surprise, she bit her bottom lip then grabbed my arse and pulled me in closer pushing my cock deeper.

I took it slow making sure Beth got used to my size before I pushed deeper. Beth looked me in the eyes and said, “It’s ok Charlie just fucking do it!” Those blue eyes looked at me as she nodded. “I want you so bad. I want you to fuck me hard with your big fat cock!”

I nodded with a smile. I looked down at Beth. Surprised to hear her talk dirty. Listening to her talk like that made me harder. “If you are sure Beth.”

I was only halfway inside of her. I grabbed her waist and rammed my cock in hard, forcing my cock almost balls deep inside her. I could see it hurt Beth as she closed her eyes and winced for a moment. But she had asked for it, and I was going to give it to her.

I slowly pulled my cock out, almost to the tip before ramming it back into her. Again, she winced and closed her eyes tight. I wanted to fuck her even more.

Beth screamed out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, as I fucked her harder. She pushed up onto her elbows as I leaned down. She kissed me on the lips. “Oh, fucking god yes!” she yelled out loud arching her back as I fucked her harder. “Come on fuck me, Charlie! Fuck me harder! Make me cum again and again!”

It turned me on a lot, seeing and hearing Beth scream and yell like this. She always seemed proper and prim. Now with wild lust in her eyes, she wrapped a hand around my neck and looked in my eyes. I knew she was mine. “With pleasure,” I smiled.

I continued to fuck Beth harder. Sweat dripped from our faces. I looked up for a moment. I noticed that a young girl was standing a short distance away. She was watching us fuck. The young woman was looking at us while was masturbating.

From what I could she had a lovely tight young body with beautiful tanned skin. She looked to be in excellent shape from what I can see through her clothes. I guessed she was five feet and nine inches tall. Her long blonde hair came down past her shoulders with dark blue eyes. As she moved her hand down between her legs, I could see her toned legs. Her tits didn’t look as big as Beth’s. I guessed there was a perky C cup.

I was getting turned on that this woman was watching us. I started fucking Beth much harder. I pulled her legs up and over my shoulders then started ramming her sweet pussy harder and harder as I watched the girl masturbate.

I looked down to make sure Beth wasn’t staring at me while I was looking away from her. She was too busy looking at my dick going in and out of her to care. I rammed my cock deeper and deeper, finally being able to feel myself get balls deep inside of her. My cock head hit the mouth of her cervix.

Beth screamed out in pleasure as she had a massive orgasm. “Oh my god!” she cried out throwing her head back, as her back arched again, “Charlie, please don’t stop fucking me it feels so fucking good!”

I looked down at Beth with a grin, “We have someone watching us.”

Beth looked up at me in total shock, “No,” she said shaking her head. “It isn’t your stepmom, is it?” Beth looked back around to see who it was.

“No Beth, it isn’t,” I loved it that we were being watched. I slowly slid my dick in out of her as she looked away. “Look over there. I think it is one of the girls from the riding school.”

Beth looked over still with my dick deep inside her. “I know her,” Beth smiled. “I have seen her before; she has been watching me while I paint.”

I smiled as an idea came to mind, “Well, maybe we should invite her over to join us?”

Beth looked at me a little shocked, “What? Do you want to fuck her too?”

I look down at Beth as I slid my dick out of her. “Well, if we play our cards right, we could both have her.”

Beth looked at me in disbelief, “What! You do know, I never been with another girl before, right?”

I laughed and said, “Would you like to change that?”

“I don’t know Charlie!” Beth’s head spun around as she looked at the girl, “Do you think, she would be up for that?”

“Only one way to find out!” I looked over at the girl and shouted, “Hello you there! Would you like to come and join us?”

The young woman looked around then figured out that I was talking to her. She quickly pulled her skirt down, “Are you talking to me?”

I laughed and shouted back, “Yes, I am, it is okay. I saw you watching us, do you want to join in?”

The woman looked nervous and unsure as she shouted back, “I wasn’t looking at you two,” I could tell she was embarrassed that she had gotten caught. “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

I looked at her and shook my head as I shout, “If you were not watching, how did you know there were two of us!” smiling, knowing I had her. The tree blocked most of Beth’s body. I shook my head. “You don’t have to be ashamed. You can come over and just watch if you want.”

The woman still looked nervous, but she started to walk over, “Well, I wasn’t watching both of you. I was looking at her.”

I smiled as she got closer to us. I could tell she was looking down at Beth with her legs still wide open and my dick still near to the entrance of her pussy. “I see, so you are into girls, are you?”

I pushed my cock into Beth’s pussy hard. Beth moaned out in pleasure.

The young woman looked down at Beth, “Hello, I am Sophia!”

Beth nodded slowly, biting her lip again. “I am Beth it is a pleasure to meet you,” she said before she moaned again. “I have seen you around.”

Sophia smiled, “I have seen you too, you are one beautiful woman!”

Beth smiled and said, “Thank you, so are you.”

Beth looked up at me, “Charlie, can you get off me!”

I smiled, “Sure, I will let the two of you talk.”

I slowly pulled my cock out of Beth. I looked at Sophia as she looked at it. I wondered if she was only into girls like she said.

Beth got up on her knees to look at Sophia kneeling beside her. Without warning, Beth began to kiss Sophia on the lips. Sophia returned her kiss, putting her arms around Beth and pushing her tongue into Beth’s mouth. It was a huge turn on watching them make out.

Sophia then broke the kiss and said, “Wow, I didn’t expect that!”

Beth just smiled with a shrug, “Why not? You were just watching me and Charlie have sex,” she kissed her again. “I figured that was the reason you come over, isn’t it?”

Sophia looked at Beth and nodded her head, “I did come over for you, but I am not into guys.”

Beth nodded, “I don’t mind being with you, but only if Charlie can watch.”

Sophia looked at Beth, “I am much more into girls than boys, but if you want Charlie to watch, then I guess he can.”

Beth just smiled and said, “Okay,” Beth looked Sophia up and down and said, “Well, come on girl let me see what you got!”

I could tell by the look on Sophia’s face she wasn’t happy about me seeing her naked. She started to strip in front of us. It was hot watching as Sophia took off her top and pushed her skirt down. She wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Beth was obviously looking forward to her first time with another woman her eyes looked upon Sophia’s body with lust. They both started kissing then Beth slowly pushed Sophia onto the ground. I would have thought Sophia would have taken control with it being Beth’s first time, but clearly, Beth had other things in mind.

They moved into a sixty-nine position with Beth being on top. She lowered herself down onto Sophia’s face. Beth started to grind and push her pussy onto Sophia’s face. Beth began moaning as Sophia licked her pussy.

I was getting turned on watching them. Beth looked at me and waved me over. When I got close, she whispered, “Get your cock up her.”

I looked at Beth completely shocked and whispered to her, “Are you sure, what about Sophia?”

Beth smiled, “Come on Charlie just do it,” Beth pulled Sophia’s legs open and smiled, “It will be so hot watching you have your way with her.”

I was shocked that the seemingly religious, uptight Beth had a wild streak inside her. She was so dirty minded. I did as she said and got on my knees between Sophia’s legs. I was shocked when I didn’t feel Sophia resisting me.

I slowly started pushing my cock inside of her. Sophia was extremely tight as the head of my dick pushed inside her. It felt amazing, feeling her tight young pussy stretching to take my cock.

I looked at Beth as she smiled up at me. She pulled me down so we could kiss. I only had half of my cock inside of her, and she was still tight. I slowly pulled it out to the tip and rammed it back inside of her hard, pushing even deeper. I began to fuck Sophia faster and harder, pushing deeper with every thrust.

I moaned louder as Sophia’s tight pussy gripped me. Beth smiled up at me with an evil grin. “Fuck her Charlie! Fuck her tight pussy!”

I took hold of Sophia’s legs then put them both on my shoulders, as Beth sat up on Sophia’s face. I fucked her hard. Slamming myself into her as hard and as fast as I could. Sophia was taking me deep all the way down to the base.

I split her legs open watching my dick go into her tight pussy and watching it stretch as I pushed inside. I could hardly hear Sophia’s moans as Beth pushed herself down on her face hard.

I started to feel Sophia buck her hips with mine as she tried to match my pace. I thrust hard pushing myself balls deep inside of her. I leaned forward and started sucking on Beth’s tits as I fucked Sophia. I began taking slow and long strokes. Wanting to last longer, I felt my balls tightening and knew I would last much longer.

Beth moaned, looking at me with wild eyes, “I can’t last much longer.”

I looked at Beth and shook my head, “Neither can I, she is so fucking tight!”

I began to pull my dick out fearing that Sophia was not on the pill. Beth shook her head, “Fill her Charlie! Cum inside her.”

It felt so good, so I rammed my cock inside Sophia, holding onto her legs as I began to shoot my cum inside her tight pussy. My body spasmed as I kept Cumming.

Beth looked wiped out as she was coming down from her orgasm. We both slid off to the side, “That was incredible,” Beth smiled.

Sophia looked at both of us, “I don’t know what to say,” she was still lying down with her face glazed with Beth’s cum, her pussy looked well fucked with my cum leaking out of it.

Beth smiled, “Come on Sophia, you can’t tell me you didn’t enjoy that?”

Sophia looked at Beth, “Yes I did enjoy it. I am still not into guys, “she said as she looked at me.

Beth just laughed, “Well, you didn’t seem to be trying to get his cock out of you, now did you?”

Sophia gave us both a smile, “I guess, I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.”

I smiled, “I am glad you liked it. It was a lot of fun.”

Beth looked over at me, “Don’t forget about me. You still need to fill my pussy.”

“Trust me, I didn’t forget about you,” I winked at her.

Beth came over to me. With a smile on her face. She took my cock into her mouth and began bouncing her head up and down. Instantly I began to harden, watching her as her eyes locked onto mine. She had better cock sucking skills than both Cheryl and Trish. Within moments I was rock hard again.

The moment I was hard Beth kneeled over my dick as she lowered herself onto me. I watched as my cock disappeared inside her. She started to ride my cock hard.

I pulled her forward, so I could suck on her big tits as she rode me. I took turns sucking on one nipple then the other. It was driving Beth crazy. She began riding my dick faster.

Sophia came over to us, first kissing me then Beth. It was hot watching them kiss and feel each other’s chest. Beth bounced up and down on my cock. The two girls made out, kissing and squeezing each other’s tits. My dick throbbed as I watched them.

Beth screamed out loud in pleasure as she arched her back backward. I watched my cock go in and out of her. She fell forward on top of me her hair wet with sweat. She began to grind back and forth on me as she looked down at me.

An idea popped in my head. I pushed Beth off me as I got up on my knees. I motioned for Beth to get on all fours. I looked over at Sophia “Lay on your back and let Beth clean you up.”

Sophia laid on her back in front of Beth. I knew Beth in her wild state wouldn’t disappoint. Her head lowered between Sophia’s legs as she began to lick what remained of my cum out of Sophia’s pussy.

I got behind Beth, positioning my cock at the entrance of her pussy. I pushed it deep inside her, grabbing her hips and pulling on them. I got my cock balls deep straight away. It was hot watching Beth lick and suck on Sophia’s pussy, knowing that just a few moments ago I had emptied myself inside of her.

The sight of both made me fuck Beth harder. Beth was Cumming hard on my dick over and over. I pulled on her and pushed my dick hard inside feeling for my cock head slamming against her cervix.

My cock started to throb inside of her, and I know it wouldn’t be long until I came. I rammed my cock as deep as I could into Beth’s pussy while gripping her hips tightly and pulling them towards me. I shot a huge and very thick load deep inside of her pussy.

I breathed hard as I sat backward. Trying to catch my breath. “Well, Beth, I have now filled your pussy too. Fucking you two will take a lot out of me today. I hope I can keep up.”

Sophia laughed, “I am sure, a young, fit lad like yourself is up to the challenge baby.”

Beth nodded in agreement, “Yes Charlie, you can’t complain. I mean you have us both here, so enjoy yourself.”

I laughed and shook my head, “Okay, but remember you two asked for it.”

The rest of the day was spent with the three of us fucking each other in various positions. I fucked both girls as much as I possibly could in almost every position I could think of and any position they would let me.

They also had sex with each other numerous times. We did take a couple of breaks to have something to eat and drink. We spent most of the day experimenting with each other, finding what turned each other on and fucking like we didn’t have a care in the world.

We didn’t even realize what time it was until it started to get dark. I grabbed my phone and saw it was getting close to eight o’clock at night.

I looked over at Beth as she was talking to Sophia. “Beth, we need to get going it is almost eight. I think we should start heading back, don’t you?”

“Fuck, I didn’t believe it was that late. Trish and your stepmom would be wondering what we are doing and why we aren’t back yet.”

Sophia shook her head with a panicked look on her face, “I can’t believe it’s eight already. What the hell happened to the day? I need to get back now. I am heading back home for a couple of weeks. I will be back in three weeks times. Will either you still be here?”

I shook my head as I began to put my clothes back on, “Sorry Sophia I am going back to the UK in two weeks, but it has been a fantastic time with you. Maybe when I come back on holiday, we can meet up?”

Beth shook her head. She was pulling her top on. “Sorry I have to go back to college in two weeks. It was lovely to meet you and sharing my first time with another woman with you. If I knew you were this much fun, I would have invited you over before today.”

Sophia looked disappointed but nodded her head. “Well, if you are both heading back home, there is nothing we can do about that. Hopefully, our paths will cross again. It would be great.”

We all picked up our clothes and started getting ready. We all kissed each other and said our goodbyes. We watched as Sophia run off into the darkness. Then Beth and I started heading back to the villa. It took us longer to get back as neither of us had brought a flashlight and the path wasn’t lighted. We were exhausted by the time we got back. Cheryl and Trish were waiting by the pool with drinks in their hands.

Cheryl looked over at me, “Well, hello, Charlie, where have you been all day?”

I looked at Cheryl and shrugged, “I told you, I was going to do some painting with Beth today. We got carried away with talking and painting that we lost track of time,” it was the story the two of us had decided to go with on the way back.

Cheryl shrugged, “It is ok Charlie. I was just starting to wonder if you were okay that is all.”

Beth smiled a, “It is my fault Cheryl. I got so focused on my painting that I didn’t want to leave. Charlie didn’t want me to have to come back on my own, so he stayed with me.”

I smiled at everyone, “It was a long day. I am going to go for a shower then to bed. I will see you all in the morning?”

I walked inside and opened the fridge to get some water. I finished it within an instant and tossed the bottle into the bin. I took a long hot shower to get all the sweat, cum and dirt off me. I felt a lot better once I was clean.

When I come out of the bathroom, Cheryl was sitting on my bed, “So, you had a fun day with Beth?”

I nodded with a huge grin, “Not just with Beth.”

Cheryl looked at me confused, “What do you mean?”

I told her everything. Trying not to leave any details out. From the time Beth and I walked down to her painting area. And how Trish had talked to Beth about me. I also told her about Sophia and Beth. Cheryl listened with a look of both bewilderment and disbelief.

When I finished, Cheryl just smiled and shook her head, “Well, you have fucked both twins now, I sure didn’t mean for it to happen, but I guess you are happy now?”

I laid back on the bed, “Yes I am, the best thing is that Beth knows I fucked Trish and still fucked me. I bet that means I can fuck both for the rest of the holiday. You must be happy too. You now know Steven’s daughters are nothing like him, they are both sluts.”

Cheryl laughed nodding her head, “That is true. I didn’t think of that. Sean tried to bring them up so that they would be good girls. What I wouldn’t see his face if he found out both his girls were dirty little sluts now.”

I smiled, then yawned, “I am wiped from being with those girls all day. I am going to get some sleep. We can talk tomorrow?”

Cheryl kissed me on the cheek, “Sure Charlie, I will see you in the morning.”

Sleep came fast for me. The light in my room barely turned off before I was in a deep sleep. It felt like only a few moments before the sunlight came blazing into my room through the window.

There was a knock on my door. I rolled over, cursing the morning sun. I opened the door to see Beth standing there.

“Morning Charlie, are you okay?”

“Yes, what’s up?” I said stretching.

Beth smiled, “I talked to Trish last night before we went to bed. I told her everything that happened yesterday.”

“Okay, what did she have to say about it?”

Beth leaned against the door post and smiled, “We have agreed to share you for the rest of our holiday and only our holiday. Mind you when we say share. We don’t mean that you will ever get us both together. We will both fuck you, but only one at a time. We are not willing to be in the same bed with a guy, is that okay with you?”

I laughed, “Hell yes, it is okay with me. I am more than happy to share you two. This is going to be a fun couple of weeks.”

Beth nodded, “Well, I am going to go do some painting this morning. Hopefully, I will see Sophia. You can have Trish. If you are still up for it when I get back, maybe the two of us can do something?”

I nodded, “Sounds like fun.”

Beth kissed me on the lips, “I knew you would see it our way. Trish is downstairs waiting for you. Maybe she can take care of that for you,” she said as she stared at my dick poking a hole in my shorts.

Beth walked off shaking her ass as she walked. I just smiled as I took a quick shower and brushed my teeth. I wanted to smell and feel good for Trish. I walked downstairs and peeked my head around the corner into the living room.

Trish was sitting on the couch with a tight white shirt and pink shorts. I winked at her, and she came running towards me, we both smiled and headed into my room.

For the next week, it was just madness. If I wasn’t with Trish, then I was with Beth. If I wasn’t with Beth, I was with Cheryl. It was incredible having three horny women just there all the time. They all wanted to take care of all my horny needs. I must admit sometimes I was finding it hard to keep up with all three of them, but I didn’t complain it was incredible.

It was an unbelievable week until I got some bad news from Beth. It turns out that while Beth was talking to her mother Sandra on the phone. She had told her that we had been sleeping together and Sandra freaked out. Beth thought it would be okay to tell her mother because they had shared everything. Sandra wasn’t happy about it at all. Now Sandra is on her way to the villa to deal with it, but that is a story for another time.

I would just like to say thanks for reading my story. I hope you have enjoyed it. Please leave any comment you want and tell me what you thought of my story.

Thanks again love Cheryl xx

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Camryn and the five Firefighters

Camryn has her first anal and double penetration.

My name is Jack, I am a New York City firefighter and this is the story of when my four firefighter friends and I met a girl named Camryn in a bar and changed her life forever.

I have been a firefighter for six years and in those six years my fire crew and I have had some amazing adventures, but none so amazing as the night a simple couple of beers down the local bar turned into so much more.

In our firehouse we have two crews and tonight, East Side, which is my crew made up of five firefighters had the night off. We got to the bar about half eight in the evening. It quite busy in there, so we got out drinks and sat down in a corner. After maybe an hour or so, my friend came back from the toilet and said he had seen this awesome chick at the bar and that she was on her own because her friends had gone off with some guys they met earlier. We told him to go get her and bring her back to our table.

After a few minutes, we spotted our mate walking towards us with this stunning, sexy woman. My friend introduced her to the rest of us guys. Her name was Camryn, I could see all of the guys perk up, she was way too stunning to be on her own. The minute she sat down next to us, Camryn seemed instantly flirty by nature, I wasn’t sure if it was because she was chatting to a group of five guys or maybe it was a nervous thing but she was very touchy-feely kinda girl.

Camryn was wearing a tight black dress that was short above the knee and very low cut. She had the most amazing tits from what we could see and under her dress, she looked to be wearing pantyhose or some kind of nylons.

Soon the drinks were flowing and the more Camryn was getting relaxed with us guys. As the evening wore on the more flirty she was becoming, which was something that seemed to spur us on more to ask her questions about her love life and the things she liked to get up to in the bedroom. She told us she loved being tied up and always wanted to try anal sex but not had the chance yet, also one of her all-time fantasies was to be fucked by a group of guys. The minute she said that, all the guys started cheering and clapping, you could say that was all the ammo we needed to take tonight further.

After three hours or so we asked Camryn if she wanted to come back to the firehouse with us and have a few more drinks. She jumped at the chance. The firehouse was only a few blocks from where we were so we all walked the few blocks back with Camryn.

As soon as we all got back to the firehouse we all headed for the dining area, Camryn kicked off her heels and sat on one of the tables as the rest of us guys got some more drinks and joined her. We all chatted and drank until the early hours of the morning and then something happened that changed the course of the evening.

We probed Camryn some more about her desire to have a gangbang and this is when she really opened up about it and told us in graphic detail how she would like to be treated to a tied up, rough sex session by a group of guys.

“Lucky you have got five guys right here, if you want?” one of my friends said with a huge grin on his face.

Camryn nodded and teasingly bit her lip while she looked at every one of the guys with her beautiful eyes.

I watched from the corner of my eye as two of my buddies walk over to Camryn and moved either side of her and started to tease her and kiss her. She instantly responded and started to kiss the two guys back. Their hands were now finding her tits through her dress and started to grope them really hard.

After seeing what was happening, the rest of us joined Camryn over at the table she was still sitting on. It was not long before all our hands were all over her body. Her tits were firm as every one of us tried to grope and rub her tits through her dress. One of the guys had gone round the back of Camryn and cupped her tits out of her bra and that’s when two guys put both her tits in their mouths and started to suck hard on her perfect nipples.

Camryn was loving it and had hardly noticed that hands were now wandering up each of her thighs, her legs were slowly being pulled apart and it was not long before her dress was up around her waist. Camryn was wearing black pantyhose and lucky for us she had no panties on underneath. All us guys cheered when we first got a look at her pussy through her pantyhose.

In between of kissing a random number of guys, she told us that she never wore panties when she wore pantyhose. The guys wanted a proper look at her pussy so two guys moved either side of Camryn and opened her legs up wide for the rest of us guys. Hands and fingers were now buried between her legs and rubbing her pussy through her hose. Already her pussy was soaking wet as a couple of guys knelt between her spread legs and started to eat her pussy.

“What the fuck, this crazy!” Camryn yelled as her pussy was being munched on by my two friends.

We could not believe what Camryn said next, she told us to tie her wrists to the table and make her cum. A few of the firefighters carry handcuffs and lucky the guys had them on them tonight. A set of handcuffs was placed around one of Camryn’s wrists and another set was put on her other wrist then the guys slide her up to the end of the table and lifted her arms above her head and handcuffed each of her wrists to each of the table legs.

All five of us surrounded her she was unable to move her arms from above her head. The guys really went for it, her tits were sucked hard by two guys at a time. Her legs were pulled apart wide so another two guys could lick her pussy and I put my cock inside her mouth and started to fuck her face.

Camryn was loving every minute, by now we had ripped a hole in the gusset of her hose and all the guys were stripping out of their clothes and leaving them in a heap on the floor.

Camryn took one look at our cocks and shouted at us to fuck her hard as she was still handcuffed to the table. The first guy got between her legs and slowly at first eased his cock into her soaking wet pussy. He told two of us to take her ankles and lift her legs high. He didn’t take long before he was fucking Camryn’s pussy really hard.

Camryn was about to have her first orgasm of the night, she was moaning louder and louder, the guys holding her ankles tightened their grip and really pulled them apart. Camryn was being fucked so hard, the table was moving back and forth across the floor.

“Fuck I’m cumming!” She screamed.

As soon as she started to buck and shake the guy fucking her was instantly replaced by another guy. Camryn had no time to recover from her orgasm as the next guy fucked her hard.

After maybe five minutes or so, Camryn was ready to cum again, this time the guy fucking her pussy could tell when she was about to cum and instead of fucking her harder he pulled his cock out of her pussy and stuck his finger up her butt hole, cum squirted out of her pussy and all over floor.

“Fucking hell, that’s the first time anything has been up my ass,” She yelled.

She could see us guys laughing. We quickly took the handcuffs off her wrists and told her to turn round so she was now bent over the table. The guys handcuffed her back up and asked if she wanted to try a cock up her ass. Camryn looked slightly shocked as this would be the first time she had tried anal, but she couldn’t resist an offer like this and turned to us guys and told us to fuck her ass like a dirty slut she is.

Camryn could not move as again she was handcuffed to the legs of the table. Her ass looked amazing bent over the edge of the table. One of the guys walked over to her and ripped the hole in the gusset of her hose bigger, to get at her butt hole. He told me to grab some lube from one of the dorms and when I returned I put the nozzle of the tube of lube up Camryn’s ass and squirted it inside her.

“Oh fuck, that’s cold!” She moaned as my friend was ready to enter her ass for the first time.

We all watched from around the table as my mate pulled both her ass cheeks apart and slowly tried to work the tip of his cock into her butt hole.

“Fucking hell, this is tight!” He yelled as the tip of his cock finally was inside.

Camryn let out a yelp and closed her eyes tight as further and further his cock went inside her. With her legs slightly open and standing on tiptoes as she was bent over the table, the rest of us started cheering and egging our friend on to fuck her ass hard.

Within a minute or so his cock was balls deep up Camryn’s ass, her hands gripped the edge of the table as he started to slowly pumped his cock in and out of her tight bum hole.

“Oh god, oh god!” Camryn kept repeating every time his cock went deep inside her.

It was not long before he picked up speed and really started pumping her harder and harder. Another guy walked over to Camryn and put his cock in her mouth because she was moaning so loudly. The rest of us watched her take her very first spit roast. Both guys fucked her hard and fast for maybe ten minutes or so before we could see she was about to have her next orgasm.

Again the table was being moved around the floor with every thrust of their cocks inside her. We could see Camryn’s body stiffen as a huge orgasm took over her body. Her toes curled up tight in her pantyhose and her hands gripped the table hard as the guy in her ass fucked it harder and harder.

Finally, the guy pulled out of her ass and cum covered the floor. Camryn looked exhausted but her night was still not over.

“You ever wanted to have a cock in your pussy and one in your butt at the same time?” I asked her.

A huge grin came across her face.

“Always wanted to try it but never thought it was possible,” Camryn replied.

“Let’s untie her wrists and take her to one of the dorms,” I told the guys.

With Camryn untied, we carried her through to one of the dorms. The rooms are quite large with a king size bed in the centre of the floor. We placed Camryn on the bed and instantly two guys got on the bed with her, the rest of us watched as the guys went to work on her.

Hands were again groping every inch of her body, they both sucked her nipples and had their fingers in her pussy. One of the guys told Camryn to climb on top of him and sit on his cock. Camryn eased herself down on his huge cock, slowly rocked back and forth, the rest of us watched her riding his cock with her beautiful tits swinging with every thrust.

It was not long before the second guy had climbed behind her and put both hands on her hips. He whispered in her ear if she was ready for her first double penetration. She nodded yes and easing the helmet of his cock against her butt hole he slowly forced it inside her. She let out a really low pitched grown as both guys fought to get inside her. Camryn could hardly handle both cocks and kept bucking and shaking her body.

“God this feels amazing!” She screamed, as now both guys were almost inside her.

“Hold her tight while we fuck her!” The guy in her pussy shouted.

And that’s what we did. I had hold of her left wrist and left leg and the other two guys had hold of her right wrist and right leg. Camryn couldn’t move a muscle as now both guys in her pussy and ass picked up speed and started to really pound her holes.

The noise that Camryn made was so loud I thought she would wake the neighbours three blocks from our firehouse. Already she was about to cum, her body stiffened up and she started to pant really loud as both guys fucked the living daylights out of her holes.

The guy in her butt had both hands on her shoulders and was now raised up on his feet so he could really pound her ass. The guy in her pussy was bouncing her up and down on his cock. Camryn was loving every minute and just as she was about to cum again both guys pulled out of her and left her a shaking wreck on the bed.

Instantly another two of us got on the bed. This time the guys lifted her up and placed her on top of one of the guy’s cocks so she had her back to him with a cock up her ass, while another guy got between her spread legs and put his cock in her pussy. Her legs looked stunning as they swayed back and forth high in the air as both guys wasted no time in fucking both her holes hard and fast.

We watched from the edge of the bed as these two guys fucked her so hard. By now Camryn and managed to wrap her legs around the guy’s waist on top of her. She could hardly hold on for dear life as she was sandwiched between the two guys.

They fucked Camryn like this for what seemed like ten minutes before she had one almighty orgasm that nearly woke the entire neighbourhood. Camryn screamed and moaned louder than ever as both guys fucked her to her final and biggest orgasm of the night.

When it was all over we left Camryn on the bed to recover. We pulled her pantyhose off her and told her we would hang them in the firehouse as a memento of her first gangbang. All she could do was smile because her body was exhausted.

Finally, she recovered enough to find her clothes that were flung all over the floor. She thanked all us guys for one hell of a night and made her way back home. We all noticed how she as walking slightly differently from when she arrived at the firehouse.

We suppose that’s what taking five cocks in a night does to you.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Towards an Advanced Degree – Part Two

Cari seduces a handsome but dominant man.

So it began. My next official act as Daddy’s submissive slut was about to begin. I was strapped by ankles and wrists into the sling. The sensations of complete helplessness had me even harder than I’ve ever been. I was lit up with an acute awareness of my sensuality and the need to surrender my body completely to him. My surrender was like some kind of strange relief in my heart. I was his and I was soon getting fucked furiously. My reflection in the mirror on the ceiling seemed incredulously unreal as I could voyeuristically watch as in moments his huge hard cock slammed into my ass in rapid fire thrusts that were taking me to places I had never dared go in the past!

Roger’s intensity was stunning as his groans echoed in the room. The sling rocked wildly as my hands held the straps to which I was fastened. The sounds of my exploitation and my desperately loud wails in the room was so raw and unbelievable. I sensed he was near as my ass was so hot from the thorough reaming yet it seemed my lover was tireless. As the ceiling chains holding the sling shook and my body helplessly swayed mercilessly from the rapid pounding thrusts Roger drove into my depths. I looked up at is face and realized he was in quite a state himself!

Soon Roger’s orgasm ignited me into my own madness. The pulsing intensity of my anal orgasm rocked me throughout my entire body. The circumstance of being collared and strapped into a sling that had allowed my new wonderful Daddy to fuck me in every way imaginable as I lay helplessly at his mercy had what was clearly an unforgettable effect! I was his and I so loved it. How had this man made me surrender so easily?

The concept and practices in which I was expected to surrender, submit, and serve suddenly held meaning far beyond what I had ever comprehended. I felt a sense of relief and comfort that was new and incredibly joyous. My old fears of who I was or what I might be no longer existed. I had been taught and discovered a piece of my heart and soul in which I was never more at peace with. When Roger said I was his I not only believed him but I realized that I wanted more than anything to be his. It did not bother me how or why either.

As long as I was “his” I seemed so happy and so filled with joy. I wanted him to use me and allow my body or body parts to delight him in any way he deemed fit. Pleasing him made me thrilled to make him want me and it so pleased my heart to know I would give of myself fully to him. Daddy was very pleased with my actions and behavior and simply that is all I wanted to do. The simplicity of pleasing him and serving his wants and needs had me in a state of rapture and bliss that had me feeling both elated and happy beyond words and description.

I soon learned that there were clear ground rules and expectations for a submissive. Daddy spoke while I listened attentively. I even asked Daddy if I should take notes on his words. (I’m a good student!) Roger smiled while shaking his head to indicate a no but seemed to love my enthusiasm and focus. He began to explain some basics to me. He told me that it was OK for me to orgasm with him but never to orgasm before him. He further explained that the man must always be pleased first. I found myself easily agreeing with that. Each word seemed to articulate a simplicity and role that I seemed to almost drool over and being number his number two or submissive was quite all right with me!

I was now told to call him Daddy only and that made my heart flutter! He also wanted to take me out for brunch. That usually would have caused me great fear and trepidation as being a transvestite – the day time meant a greater possibility that my reality may be discovered. With Daddy though I seemed to fear nothing. I would be with him and I knew that I was going to be both safe and protected. If Daddy thought I would pass as a girl at the place he would be taking me to, then I knew that I would. His confidence in me so brought personal confidence to myself!

In the shower I shaved my legs, face and arms to a pure smoothness. I was so excited that he wanted to be seen in public during the day with me. Daddy soon joined me. With my make-up gone and looking very much like the boy I was in real life, I was affectionately hugged, kissed and held. Beneath the warmth of both the water and our coupling I was blissful and joyous. Never once did I feel like a boy in his arms. The reality of a boy being hugged and kissed in the shower by a mature man is perhaps a purely homosexual act. I saw this all from a feminine perspective. Whether I was in denial or that I just believed myself to be his girl was all that mattered to me.

I was so moved I found myself going to my knees. I washed his cock and tasted him getting him hard again. Daddy was very pleased but perhaps even more, so was I! I was reminded though that I needed to ask permission to suck his cock, and I was told to stand as I got five wet spanks for being so naughty. We dried each other off and even as my male self I felt completely comfortable with Daddy.

I soon got my night bag and in front of the mirror did my make-up. It felt great to get all dressed up again soon I was both over dressed and under dressed for a Sunday brunch. All I had was my naughty tight dress and five inch heels. Thank goodness I had a black jacket as a cover up. I was always concerned with my shoulders and arms though I was told by Daddy that I simply looked like an in shape woman in reality.

I felt so comfortable in the restaurant that we walked to. Being in this area of the city like he lived in took the edge off of my fear. The area was known for its accepting and progressive philosophy being upscale and neighborhood like. Having a handsome man that I was crazy about on my arm made the walk that much more enjoyable in spite of the loud click of my oddly high heels.

Inside Daddy treated me to several delights from the brunch buffet. As we sat at our table I realized that I had a smile on my face that I could not get rid of. My panties were getting wet from my own excitement! I was getting an erection realizing that I was this handsome man’s girl and that my still warm, well spanked ass was leaking his own genetic fluids while we were eating! He asked me why I was smiling so much and he loved every word of my very honest confession.

I felt so coy and so happy with Daddy. The fact that he so accepted me, my honesty and my persona whether as a boy in the shower, or as his girl in his home and bedroom made me realize that at this time in my life I had found the closest thing to perfection that I could find. Daddy was perfect for me and I was possibly just as perfect for him. It was then in the restaurant after my first confession that that my honesty again escaped my lips. I looked Daddy in the eye and it just slipped out.

“I love you Daddy!” I said with a sincere and yet coy smile.

“Daddy loves his girl too!” he said warmly.

Daddy smiled and seemed genuinely pleased. My admission was not toxic as I had feared after those words slipped out. Daddy seemed to feel the same way about me that I felt about him! I was never more comfortable with any person. He accepted me for who I truly was and I was so thankful that he had helped me find just who I was and could be! For the rest of the day I served Daddy and the smile never left my naughty face. A new dawn in my life had turned as beautiful as any sunrise but in a quite twisted but ever so real way.

The following Friday night was even more memorable. At his door I was told to surrender my car keys, my pocket book and all of my clothing! Standing just inside his still ajar door naked in only my high heels had me shivering not so much from the cool air as much as anticipation. Daddy said my valuables and clothes would be locked away until 6:00 P.M. on Sunday and if I wanted to stay I needed to sign a special contract. It was on Legal paper and was signed on one line by Daddy. The three paragraph document stated from this date forward I was releasing my body and soul to him! I barely bothered to read it. I signed it enthusiastically because I was already in such a state of excitement and in such want to please him.

Daddy informed me of the evening’s expectations including explaining that I had to experience the beginnings of my new training regimen. I was to be placed in “chastity”. This was a completely new concept to me. It wouldn’t be until later that I would actually see the device that was being placed onto my cock and balls and fastened tightly around both at the base. The sensation felt odd and my cock was already so hard it fit incredibly tightly. It took Daddy quite a bit of time to get it onto me securely.

I was locked into Pink leather wrist restraints, ankle restraints and a thick Pink leather collar. I was told that I would be posing for him on my hands and knees on his coffee table in the living room. I would be disciplined – and as his girl and servant, I was to be obedient to him. Daddy then explained that he would be testing my limits. He said that a good dominant needed to fully train and understand all about the likes, dislikes and most importantly the resilience of his submissive.

I was immediately taught to be very aware of my posture while posing. Daddy guided me with his hands to lift my bottom and always display my ass openly for him in this position. I was happy to kneel for him on my hands and knees as Daddy helped tweak my position having me further arch my back and spread my derriere widely. It was then that I was blindfolded. I will never forget my level of awareness while unable to see. I was both in want to please him and experiencing the strange drama of the unknown. I felt breathless and yet I was thrilled, eager to please him and motivated beyond any time I could ever recall.

Just the act of surrender and being blindfolded has an amazing affect. When Daddy placed me into the chastity device it barely fit perhaps because I was already stimulated and hard. This was crazy but it was so new and exciting to me. The anticipation and drama of my circumstance already had me in a state of alertness, attentiveness and stimulation that had me aroused beyond any time I could recall. Next I being spanked by his bare hand and was made to count each spank and thank Daddy for each whack. After ten spanks my ass was hot and so was I! I then felt Daddy kindly rubbing my bottom. Soon Daddy explained that I was to wear something that would hurt at first. My growing costume of unusual apparel would now include submitting to adding nipple clamps to my breasts for him.

Apparently the clamps were attached together by a chain and when he gently placed the first clamp onto my nipple I squealed in the shock of the initial pain. The discomfort was at a shock and agonizing but it became tolerable. Both my nipples throbbed at first, but when Daddy added what I’d learn was a weight to the chain, the stretching caused a mild burning sensation. Wearing these caused my next discipline session to turn rather uncomfortable to say the least!

Shivering in discomfort and yet excitement, Daddy had me touch a leather paddle style strap with my hand. Then he rubbed the leather strap gently on my bottom. I braced for it but it didn’t happen. When I heard a clap I actually jumped. Daddy had clapped his hands and he was laughing. He asked me if the blindfold was powerful and I admitted that it sure was!

Finally without warning I felt the leather smack both of my ass cheeks. I squealed again only there was a second pain as the weight holding my nipple clamps bounced making me cry out again. After another quick thwack my bottom stung. Being reminded that I had forgotten to count resulted in a very quick and hard fast smack that had me reeling for a moment before I composed myself enough to utter the count and my thanks to my Daddy. I had to start over at the count of one. I was learning about discipline fast!

Daddy soon fed me his huge cock and I found myself amazingly excited and willing to please him. I was staggered by how I could now take his entire cock with so much less effort than in the past. It seemed easy while in a state of such complete helplessness and focus. When Daddy stopped and began licking my anus I was a complete mess. The mixture of pain, pleasure and near exhaustion had me in a state of heaven like confusion and yet I was experiencing this inexplicable needy and lustful madness. The only thing that put out the fire was feeling his huge thick eight inch member being shoved deeply into my ever so willing ass.

My session ended after forty-five minutes and as my blindfold was removed I was given a drink of water and then I was led by the leash attached to my collar and told to sit on the couch next to Daddy. My bottom was red hot as he kissed me on the cheek telling me that I had done well. I smiled broadly and was thrilled when he told me he was very pleased at how quickly I learned. He turned on the huge flat screen television and there was a girl being disciplined on the screen. The girl was clearly me and we were now reviewing my discipline session which had obviously been recorded.

I must admit I was more than moved by what I was viewing on the huge television screen. This documentary – drama was real and not some pornographic and poorly acted scene. I was dutifully blindfolded and on my hands and knees all during the session. In the scene in which Daddy takes my head and uses me for his oral pleasure is amazing. The side view show my capable ability to swallow all of his huge thick eight inch member. Just seeing his huge mushroom shaped head disappear into my mouth was amazing enough. Taking every inch of that enormous cock to his balls seemed incredible and almost like some kind of magic trick. He used my mouth and throat frantically and forcefully. I couldn’t believe anyone could be on the receiving end of such a fucking of the mouth and throat and yet clearly as day it was I!

In the next scene Daddy shoves his huge cock into my ass and fucks me wildly, gripping me by my waist. The weights on the chain of my nipple clamps stretch my tits with each powerful strokes. The in rapid, bouncing of the weight causes incredible physical stress magnifying my endlessly frazzling helplessness. The weight is a burr as it bounces and dances on the chain. My eyes must have been half popping out of my head as I watched this scene because Daddy found my expression priceless. All of my duress at this point in the scene must have ironically just brought me closer to the need for relief.

I could see from my wails and actions during my fucking that I was half crazed being so fraught in the pain pleasure mix of Daddy’s doing. Eventually the miraculous happened. Daddy spilled his seed deep into my ass and my body and soul responded in the most uncontrollable and powerful orgasm that I had ever experienced. Daddy knew things about myself and how to pleasure me even by using pain as a device and means to the end. This all seemed crazy and Daddy paused the video to look at and point to my chastity device.

For the first time I could see the clear, hard plastic sheath like device. I was still erect inside of it and even though the clear plastic device surrounded and encased my cock and balls, it was filled and had been clouded by my own milky white cum. Daddy said he had never heard of anyone overcoming a chastity device! Daddy suggested that I clean myself up and handed me the key to the lock on it to release my cock and balls for my clean up. He told me that I needed more discipline as his lover but also smiled and told me that I was a pretty incredible and yet a very lustful servant! Words can be the most powerful thing in making a girl’s day.

Sunday evening I would go home but only after kissing him so many times that I found myself making excuses for more. I just didn’t want to leave. Daddy loved my devotion and behavior towards him! I was crazy and in multiple levels of love with this incredible man. I was now fully ready be Daddy’s property serving him as his weekend live in sex servant, his submissive and so much more. I just let it happen and I would look forward to the so magical world of life with a man who I so simply and naturally delighted in pleasing. Literally my pleasure giving came in any and specific manner that he so desired. Incredibly nothing in my young perhaps rather naïve life ever pleased me more than simply being the person that lived in his home on Saturday and Sunday for the simple perfect purpose of being there as his and for the simple purpose of being his pleasure girl.

At college my mind all too often drifted to my thoughts of him. I was so helplessly hooked by his spell and his controlling effect on me – yet I loved it. The magic of being a cared for personal submissive to him in exchange for my pleasure giving services seemed like the perfect arrangement for me. Every Monday morning in college class I would feel his genetic fluids trying to leak out of my bottom and the welts on my bum from a lesson inspired caning would make sitting in class uncomfortable but also quite stimulating! I was naughty but very proud and felt so lucky about who I had become.

My first class was Psychology and I so often smiled to myself wondering if my professor would ever talk further about the kind of abnormal behaviors that might shed light on why I was the way I was. Even though down deep I feared and perhaps knew that our Daddy and submissive arrangement was not going to last forever, I think that just helped me stay in the moment. I knew that I should relish every minute of being “Daddy’s – because it was just so incredulously perfect. The next weekend was even more magical and unforgettable. I would not worry about just how perfect it was for me! In my skimpy French Maids costume the next Saturday morning serving him coffee in bed was as exciting and as delightful as the day that was to come.

That same weekend my precious Daddy had a surprise for me. Knowing I worked four days a week after my classes and sometimes on Saturday, Daddy decided to hire me as his maid so I could afford to take every Saturday off. Daddy was much more generous than my other employer. My compensation for the cleaning and other details I took care of at his home equaled what I made during the four week nights that I worked. I really loved cleaning his home and doing so in the beautiful, frilly French Maids costume was a highlight of my work. I left his entire home spotless. My energy and enthusiasm for perfecting my professional work was equal to my want to please as his pretty little girl and submissive.

The next Monday in class my mind drifted off again. My college education was going well enough. Ivy League life was definitely overrated as I hardly hung around my dorm to even get to know my roommate. Classes were challenging but I did manage a 3.5 grade average for the first semester.  Ironically I was more interested in earning my best grades with my weekend instructor!  Daddy taught me so much more about life than I learned in all of my freshmen classes!

First period Psychology class always had me wondering about explanations for my own behaviors. With a sore slightly marked bottom, I had a very funny thought. Now I was being paid to be a man’s house maid and yet my Daddy would often pull down my panties and do a little cleaning and polishing of his own during my work hours. It would always seem to end in my being bent over the couch, or table, or some unique place so as for me to take his wondrous member deep into my sexy bottom. Just the thought made my well spent penis swell again in heated lust. Had I become his whore or had I even become his call girl? I knew that my twisted but clear mind that I liked the idea of both. I liked to keep things simple and fortunately for me so did my wonderful Daddy! For now I would major in two very different areas of study. I had to admit my weekend lessons had virtually all of my attentions and focus for now!

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Grandpa's Weakness: Part 2

“I’d heard that sex with older men was better, but I never imagined it would be that good.” she said as she reached for my no longer stiff, cum covered member. Curling up, she kissed my still leaking prick, painting her lips with my sperm before sucking my flaccid member into her mouth and sucking off the dregs of our union from it. I just laid back, my eyes shut, enjoying the sensations caused by her lips on my manhood.

When she was done she snuggled up against me, whispering in my ear, “Gramps! I’m still horny!”

I smiled at her. “Mickey!” I said, “I’m not twenty one years old! I can’t do this all night long!”

“I’m not asking for all night.” she replied, wrapping her hand around my re-animated shaft. “Just right now! Please?”

Crawling on top of me, an evil grin on her pretty, young face, and her still oozing cunt lips straddling my cock, she added, “You’re not gonna tell me no, are you?” She rocked back and forth, my re-animated cock sliding along her cum coated slit.

I looked down at her lap, the head of my cock peeking out from under the hood of her clit. “What do you think?” I said as I shifted my hips, my prick sliding effortlessly up inside her. Grabbing her hips, I pulled her down onto me, feeling every inch of her cunt swallow me. “Is that what you want, Mickey?”

Mickey is the sixteen year old, precocious, step daughter of my only son. Cinnamon colored hair, an infectious smile, small but full breasts, capped by the most delicious looking puffy nipples. How could I resist? Living under the same roof for several months now, constantly bombarded by visions of her sexiness, I had finally given in to my baser instincts.

As my crown bumped her cervix, she gasped, her mouth open in a near silent “O”. My left hand curled around her, grasping at her ass cheek, my middle finger worming its way into her sphincter. My hips tried to buck her off, letting her rise almost free of me before landing with a slap and another “O”.

“Ohh fuck Gramps! That feels so good!” she groaned as she leaned back, making my cock grind against her g-spot.

“Just wait!” I grunted back, reveling in the tightness of her young womanhood, my right thumb drawing circles around her well greased clit.

Throwing her head back, her mouth slack, her pretty pointed nipples dancing on her chest, she rode me until, panting from the exertion, she came. I could feel the flood of viscous liquid as it washed over my rampant prick, leaking out onto my lap, soaking my balls with her essence. She collapsed on top of me, her left nipple pressing against my lips. “Oh shit!” That….. was wonderful!” she panted, her hands wrapped around my head.

Opening my mouth, I took in her areola and nipple and began sucking, while my hips re-started riding in and out of her wetness. Both hands were kneading the soft flesh of her butt cheeks as I pounded in and out, our bodies slapping together in a crude symphony of sexual sounds. Rolling her over, still buried balls deep, she came twice more, begging me to stop.

 “I need to cum, too, Mickey!”

Smiling up at me, her eyes still slightly glazed over from her orgasm, she said, “Lay down Gramps! I’ll take care of it!”

Rolling off her, I landed on my back, my juice slickened cock, glistening, laying on my stomach. She grasped the shaft, pointing the helmet to her lips and kissed it, opening her mouth, gliding her tongue all around the dark pink skin. I watched intently, as she devoured my manhood, moaning as it slid into the back of her throat. “Ohhh! God! That feels good!” I moaned back, seeing her eyes twinkle with delight as my shaft slid out from between her lips. Her hand jacked the shaft when her lips weren’t surrounding it, slurping all over, her moans urging me to spill my seed on her needy tongue. My hips rose and fell, meeting her lips, as she drove me closer and closer. My hands dropped to her head, pushing her down until her lips mashed my pubic hair.

“Unhh Unhh!” she groaned shaking her head back and forth, slapping my hands away as she continued to suck the fleshy pole, her tongue massaging the under side. Sucking, slurping, her hand jacking, her eyes dancing. she hummed on my prick until I couldn’t handle it any more.

“Ohhh Mickey! I’m gonna cum!” I groaned, arching my back, wanting to feed her every inch of my dick.

Her mouth curled up in a smile as I felt my sperm rocket into her sweet, young mouth. My cum leaked out the sides, dripping over her hand and onto my balls. I closed my eyes as the last drops of warm cum spit from the slit in the head of my cock, and I collapsed onto the bed. When I reopened them. She was hovering over me, lowering her spermy lips to mine. Her tongue slipped out from between closed lips and slid into my mouth. Still warm and salty, I opened my lips, allowing her to pour my essence into my mouth, before sucking it back out again.

She offered me her fingers to lick, then sucked on my tongue, swallowing it and smacking her lips in delicious appreciation. “That was yummy! Feel better now Gramps?”

“I sure do. Mickey!” I answered, licking a drip of cum from her chin. “Why don’t we clean up, before Gramma gets home?”

We showered together, taking our time, carefully washing each other, caressing, massaging, kissing. Feeding each others hunger. In a surprise move, she grabbed a razor. soaped up my re-hardening cock, and started to shave my testicles. When I asked why, she said, simply, “I don’t want any stray hairs to spoil the experience!” then adding, “You can shave me, if you like!”

Carefully drawing the razor over the loose skin of my sac, she made short work of the hairs, leaving me smooth to the touch. Rinsing me off, she knelt down in the shower and sucked my balls into her mouth, showing me why she had done it. Needless to say, it made me hard again!

My turn came and I trimmed her hairs, forming a little arrowhead pointing to her luscious young pussy, gently removing the stubble and making her as smooth as the day she was born. Admiring my handiwork, I kissed her lips, ran my tongue all around, and tasted her after I was done.

She asked if she could call a friend to spend the night. She said that she and her friend Keely would spend the night in her room, if that was okay with me.

“Sure! Why not?” I said, a smile crossing my face as I thought of the two of them entwined in each others arms. “as long as your not up all night making a lot of noise! You know Grama would not approve.””

“Thanks gramps! I owe you one!” she said as she dialed her phone. “And I’ll be sure to pay you back!” An evil grin spread across her face as she arranged for her friend to come over.

We dressed and waited for her grandmother to come home, talking about my frustration with the lack of sex. “That’s okay Grampa!” she said, “I’ll keep you from getting too horny!” She smiled as her hand rode over the re-formed bulge in my pants.

The phone and the doorbell rang simultaneously, startling us both. Mickey picked up the phone while I went to the door.

As I opened the door I was greeted by, “Hi Mr. Foxx!” Of course, it was Keely, a chubby sixteen year old, brunette with Liz Taylor looks and the most amazing pair of tits, straining to get out of her tee shirt. I invited her in. As we walked into the living room Mickey was just hanging up.

“That was Gramma calling to tell us she’s pulling a double and wouldn’t be home until tomorrow morning.” A sly smile crossed her face as Mickey rose from the couch, greeting her friend with an open mouthed kiss, that seemed to go on long enough to dispel the notion that these two were just school friends.

They wandered up stairs giggling and chatting and I settled down to read a book. The sound of teen laughter drifting down to me every so often. Then it got quiet for a while. I thought nothing more of it, continuing my reading, until I heard moaning, or at least I thought I did. No longer able to concentrate on my book, I listened intently, catching snatches of conversation. There it was again! “Yes! There! Right there!”

I put down the book and padded up the stairs. Mickey’s door was to the right, and it was half open. Peering in from the shadows, I could see Keely, naked on the bed with Mickey’s face pressed into her crotch. Keely’s head was lolling back and forth, mouth open in a silent scream, her hands pulling on her breasts, her hips rising and falling as Mickey’s head dove and rose.

Mesmerized, I stood silently watching as Keely let go of her nipples, both hands grabbing Mickey by the hair and pulling her up. Mickey’s face was glistening with her friends wetness, a smile on her face as she crawled up her friend’s prone body. Keely began licking the viscous liquid from my step-grand-daughter’s face before sinking her tongue deep in Mickey’s mouth. Both girls moaned. I could see Mickey’s hands, mashing Keely’s breasts as the two girls continued their Sapphic dance.

I was frozen in place, not at all concerned that either girl would see me satisfying an urge to watch them play. Keely broke the kiss and said it was her turn, as they rolled over, trading places on Mickey’s queen size bed. I watched as Keely grabbed something out of her bag and began to put it on.

It was a long, fat, black strap-on dildo. An absolute monster! Mickey’s eyes were glued to it, a slight smile crossing her lips, as she spread her legs in anticipation of its invasion.

Both girls seemed to notice me at the same time. Keely smiled as she turned toward me, her breasts wobbling in tune with her black phallus. “Don’t just stand there gawking! Come on in, get naked, and join the party!” she said, hands on hips. I wasted no time, shedding my clothes in the doorway.

Turning her attention to Mickey, she said, “How do you want it?”

“Like a dog! Fuck me like a bitch in heat!” She patted the pillow in front of her in invitation to me as she turned and raised her ass to her friend. To me she added, “Wanna watch up close as she fucks me with her toy?”

I nodded as I slipped underneath her, inches from her well lubricated cunt.

I was also the same distance from the oversized cock firmly strapped to Keely’s torso. Not daring to blink and miss anything, I watched as the glistening black crown nudged Mickey’s lips open, stretching the pink flesh as it slid effortlessly, completely, up inside my grand-daughter’s eager, moist birth canal. Mickey gasped in pleasure-pain as she was instantly filled with the hard rubber schlong. “Ohh! Fuck yeah!” she cried as Keely began her slow, rhythmic violation with her toy penis.

Being this close to the fucking, made my cock twitch in jealousy, as I watched the dildo slip easily into Mickey’s sixteen year old cunt, only to emerge a second later, covered with a sheen of my girl’s warm, aromatic juices.

I could feel Mickey’s lips and tongue as they enveloped my hardness into a nest of warm wetness. Lifting my hips off the bed, I eagerly fed her as much of me as she could handle.

Keely’s hips lurched forward and pulled backward, peeling the inner lips of Mickey’s pussy with it. I lifted my head until my tongue came in contact with the hooded nub of Mickey’s clit. Mickey moaned around the knob of my cock, her tongue swirling around the mushroom head.

I felt Keely’s hands as they mauled Mickey’s breasts, kneading and twisting the lust swollen orbs as she continued her assault on Mickey’s leaking womanhood. More constant now, Mickey’s moans were signaling the closeness of her orgasm. Between the battering of the strap-on, the frenzied pulling on her nipples, and my tongue lashing on her clit, Mickey was about to explode!

“Mff! Mmfff! Ahhhmmm!” emanated from her cock filled throat as she shook, her orgasm rippling through her body. Keely answered, “Not yet, girl!” as she sped up the thrusts, her thighs slapping against her friends. “Cum for me, Mickey! Cum for me!”

“MMMFFFF! MMMMMFFF!” she screamed, unable or unwilling to lift her mouth off my dick as she continued to cum, her fingernails digging into my legs. Finally spitting my manhood out, she cried, “Enough! …Stop!….Please!”

Keely maneuvered the shiny black plaything out of Mickey’s ravaged cunt, waving it playfully in front of me. “Wanna suck my cock. Mr. Foxx?” she teased.

Mickey rolled off me and curled up in a ball, a sheen of sweat covering her breasts, neck and forehead. Her orgasm fading slowly as she panted from the exertion of her strap-on fuck.

I turned to Keely and answered, “No, but I do want to fuck you, Keely!”

Peeling off the dildo and licking it clean, replied, “I thought you’d never ask!”

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